Lustmord January Shows

Source: Lustmord.

Lustmord will perform two shows in Sweden in January 2016.

The first at Inkonst, Malmö on January 16th. Time: 23:00, on stage 24:00. Rooms: Club. Admission: 150: – Advance booking: 150: – at the Culture Centre.

The second at Art’s Birthday at Södra Teatern, Stockholm on January 23rd.

Lustmord manipulates and arranges intensive subwoofer, field recordings and other acoustic phenomena, to evoke feelings of fear and mayhem while he creates an experience of temporary escape, renewal and rebirth.
Welsh-born, now more California-based Brian Williams, was born during a time that a member of the influential industrial band SPK. As a solo artist Lustmord created classics like Heresy (1990), The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (1994) and Stalker (1995). He has often been cited as a prominent figure in the genre of “dark ambient“, but it would be fairer to say that Brian’s music often goes deeper and further than what is standard for the genre. His last major work, The Word As Power was released on Blackest Ever Black 2013.