Vital Weekly Reviews 1013

Source: Vital Weekly.

Dikeman/Parker/Drake – Live at LA Resistenza (Cd by El Negotico Records)
Schroeder/Campello/Godoy – Barely Cool (Cd by Pfmentum)
Splashgirl – Hibernation (Cd by Hubro Music)
Geir Sundstol – Fur U Lund (Cd by Hubro Music)
Mindvoid – Thundernoisespell (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Sad Parade – Tapes Analogue (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Arsenne & Cisak & Oleksinski (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Astrowind – Semikarakory (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Astrowind – Kedr (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Low Cave Sounds – Voices in the Ground (2cd by Frozen Light) *
Moloch – Abstrakter Wald (Cd by Frozen Light) *
Old Man of the Desert – Untitled Compilation (Cdr by Frozen Light) *
Marc Barreca – Tape Recordings 1977-1983 (Lp by Vinyl on Demand)
K. leimer – – Tape Recordings 1977-1980 (Lp by Vinyl on Demand)
Toy Bizarre – Kdi Dctb 180 (10″ by Substantia Innominata)
Highway Issue 2 (Book by Ademas)
Writing Around Sound (Magazine by the Auricle)