Rob Mazurek Reviewed and Profiled

Source: Jazz da Gama discussed the music of Rob Mazurek through his two most recent releases.

Almost all the discs of Rob Mazurek in recent memory will draw you into a journey most magical and unforgettable whether with his duo recordings, or with the Sao Paulo Underground, as well as in larger ensemble settings. In these two discs under review, the multi-dimensional artist appears in the latter – group called the Exploding Star Orchestra, featuring such luminaries as flutist Nicole Mitchell – as well as in with a smaller group called Black Cube SP. Voices- spoken and sung in sinewy tenors and profoundly grumbling basses collide with mercurial brass, reeds, woodwinds in counterpoint with stammering and stuttering percussion. Through the sorjourn the language of music evolves in proverbial leaps and bounds; today incorporating even the dramatic manipulation of electronics to broaden the spectrum of sound. As with the language of music, so also with its literature, which is why to these artistic gems of polyphony become what must surely be regarded as must surely be the magnum opus of one of today’s most gifted voyagers in the realm of sound.