Bonnie Kane Profile

Source: Jazz Right Now.

Dedicated improvisor and electro acoustic pioneer, Bonnie Kane’s music is formed from equal exposure to the avantgarde, hard core and the psychedelic.

Integrating saxophone, flute, feedback and electronics, her solo and group work traverse the genres of noise, free jazz and improvisation, psych rock, jam band, and bio-composition. She brought her “Fresh Sound Guarantee” to her first show at the Rochester Planetarium, performances at a Bosnian refugee camp, outdoor festivals, art spaces, rock, jazz, and punk clubs. She has toured nationally and worldwide, performing extensively throughout her Eastern USA base.

A bandleader since the 1990s, with over 30 releases, those she has performed and recorded with include: John Spencer, Tatsuya Nakatani, Chris Forsyth, Kevin Shea, Shayna Dulberger, Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut, Blaise Siwula, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Chris Welcome, and Federico Ughi. New collaborations are continually evolving.

Newsbits: NY Venues / Richard Kamerman, Steve Swell, Ross Hammond, and Frank Zappa Releases

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The Guardian writes about the best and worst of U.S. classical music, the best focusing on New York venues and Tyshawn Sorey.

Avantwhatever has released Richard Kamerman’s Now it seems that even the scar has faded away in its series of online releases of live recordings.

Steve Swell has released a solo trombone album entitled The Loneliness of the Long Distance Improviser on Bandcamp.

Also on Bandcamp, guitarist Ross Hammond has released an album of holiday music.

Another Zappa DVD release – this one of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, entitled The Lost Broadcast: The Beat Club ’68.

This Heat Reunion, February in London

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Source: Cafe OTO.


On the 13th February 1976 the seminal experimental rock band This Heat played their first gig. After a Peel session, two albums, an EP and a cassette tape collaboration they disbanded in 1982 leaving an undeniable legacy that has only continued to grow in stature and relevance.

While December 2001 saw the three band members begin tentative rehearsals, any hope of the band reforming ended with the death of Gareth Williams in the same month.

THIS IS NOT THIS HEAT, a two day residency at Cafe OTO, will mark exactly 40 years to the weekend of that first gig in 1976. This Heat founder members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward will come together for the first time since 1982 to publicly perform new interpretations of their influential music in collaboration with an impressive ensemble of music luminaries of the past 50 years.

More information on this rare two day residency will be released in due course.

Setola di Maiale New Releases

Source: setola di maiale.

NEU MUSIK PROJEKT (Guido Mazzon, Marta Sacchi, Stefano Giust)

Neu Musik Projekt (born in 2015) is focused on some aspects of contemporary music and free improvisation, with words and written music scores by Guido Mazzon, historical exponent of the first Italian avant-garde, founder of the Gruppo Contemporaneo (1969) and Italian Instabile Orchestra. He has played among others with the gotha of the avant-garde jazz as Lester Bowie, Andrew Cyrille, Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Andrea Centazzo and Globe Unity. Marta Sacchi is first clarinet at the G. Nicolini Conservatorio Orchestra (2003-2005), first clarinet at the Soncino Orchestra (2000-2003) and first clarinet at the Orchestra Camerata de Bardi (2002-2003). She has also a master in chamber music and in music composition as well as a degree in music therapy. She lives in Pavia and London. On Giust we have already said much on this site, just add here that, on this recordings, he don’t plays drums but only some components that comprise it, plus cymbals and gongs.


This quartet represent, in relation to other works of flutist De Mattia on this catalogue, the most “traditional” in terms of idiom, in term of jazz music but anyway, there are also abstract directions. The quartet sees the presence of pianist Claudio Cojaniz, prolific and historical musician of the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia and beyond; Franco Feruglio, master of double bass at the Conservatory Tomadini of Udine, who is artistically divided between jazz and classical music (especially of the XX century); finally Alessandro Mansutti, talented drummer who works in a wide range of combos.


New solo album by drummer and percussionist Paolo Sanna – after the previous “Oggetti Smarriti” of 2011 (SM1970) – which focuses on sound and timbre as the central subject of his acoustic exploration. Mastering by Simon Balestrazzi; music dedicated to Kazuo Hono.

GAMRA (Paed Conca, Patrizia Oliva, Eugenio Sanna, Stefano Giust) – POW

Gamra is an Italian-Swiss ensemble that plays free improvisation, where decades of experiences of the musicians create an unique soundscape. The quartet have published the first album on Setola di Maiale in 2011 (SM1940); in December 2015 they release “Pow”, recorded live in concert at Chilli Jazz Festival 2014 (Austria). The music here is impetuous, edgy, nervous and full of vitality.



December 18, 2015
Jagged Spheres, IBeam
Devin Gray Teddy Klausner Anna Webber

December 18, 2015
Adam Hopkins Sextet, IBeam
Jonathan Goldberger Devin Gray Adam Hopkins Ed RosenBerg III Josh Sinton Anna Webber

December 17, 2015
Ron Stabinsky, Brian Marsella, Cory Smythe, Teddy Klausner, JACK
Teddy Klausner Brian Marsella Cory Smythe Ron Stabinsky

December 17, 2015
Ron Stabinsky & Brian Marsella, JACK
Brian Marsella Ron Stabinsky

December 15, 2015
Mary Halvorson Octet, The Jazz Gallery
Susan Alcorn Jonathan Finlayson Jacob Garchik Mary Halvorson John Hébert Jon Irabagon Ingrid Laubrock Ches Smith

Rob Mazurek Reviewed and Profiled

Source: Jazz da Gama discussed the music of Rob Mazurek through his two most recent releases.

Almost all the discs of Rob Mazurek in recent memory will draw you into a journey most magical and unforgettable whether with his duo recordings, or with the Sao Paulo Underground, as well as in larger ensemble settings. In these two discs under review, the multi-dimensional artist appears in the latter – group called the Exploding Star Orchestra, featuring such luminaries as flutist Nicole Mitchell – as well as in with a smaller group called Black Cube SP. Voices- spoken and sung in sinewy tenors and profoundly grumbling basses collide with mercurial brass, reeds, woodwinds in counterpoint with stammering and stuttering percussion. Through the sorjourn the language of music evolves in proverbial leaps and bounds; today incorporating even the dramatic manipulation of electronics to broaden the spectrum of sound. As with the language of music, so also with its literature, which is why to these artistic gems of polyphony become what must surely be regarded as must surely be the magnum opus of one of today’s most gifted voyagers in the realm of sound.