AMN Picks of the Week: John Luther Adams and Glenn Kotche / Kid Millions / Yarn/Wire / Allseits

Glenn Kotche

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

John Luther Adams / Glenn Kotche – Ilimaq (2015)
Kid Millions – The Sanguine Cadaver (2015)
Yarn/Wire – Currents Vol. 3 (2015)
Allseits – Chimare (2015)

Rob Mazurek Interview

Source: PopMatters.

Ken Vandermark worked tirelessly to put Chicago improvisers on a global map,” said guitarist Nels Cline of the windy city’s saxophone all-star. He was lamenting the fact that his new home turf of Los Angeles did not have its own Ken Vandermark.

It’s true that the recipient of a 1999 MacArthur fellowship has worked in a bewildering number of ensembles to make Chicago synonymous with adventurous jazz, but he certainly isn’t acting alone. While Vandermark goes about his business with fellow reedists, Chicago boasts yet another musician who has been doing the same thing from the brass section of the family: Rob Mazurek.

The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Paal Nilssen-Love

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Paal Nilssen-Love & Ken Vandermark – The Lions Have Eaten One Of The Guards (Audiographic, 2015) ****
SLD Trio – Anfitrion (s/r, 2015) ****
The Alliteration – The Alliteration (Creative Sources, 2014) ****
Cecil Taylor – The Complete in Berlin ’88 (FMP, Destination-Out, 2015) *****
Dead Neanderthals – Worship The Sun (Relative Pitch, 2015) ****½
Luís Lopes / Jean-Luc Guionnet – Live At Culturgest (Cleanfeed, 2015) ****
Pierre Dorge – Blui (SteepleChase, 2015) ****

ReR Megacorp New Releases

English: Fred Frith, moers festival 2010

Source: ReR Megacorp.

FRED FRITH: Propaganda.
Written for theatre in 1987 using a host of avian and mammalian voices, snippets of unidentified musical material and electroacoustic noise- sculpting, as well as invented and real instruments played by Fred.

FRED FRITH: Field Days.
14 pieces originally written for dance and other practical situations, here reassigned and reconstructed for choreographer Amanda Miller and the Nederland Dans Theater.These are loop-based, textural, mood pieces, and invocations of spaces and landscapes, with some fine steel guitar playing.

RAVENSTINE, ALLEN: The Pharoah’s Bee.
Allen Ravenstine, erstwhile eminence grise of classic-era Pere Ubu, was one of the best-integrated and least predictable pioneers of analogue synthesis in rock until, in the late 1980’s, he quit both the public and the musical arena to pursue entirely different interests.