Ensemble Dal Niente in New York Reviewed

Source: The New York Times.

Here’s all you need to know to grasp the whimsical character of Ensemble Dal Niente, a superb contemporary-music collective: In its hometown, Chicago, it runs a concert series called Hard Music, Hard Liquor. No spirits were involved in the New York leg of the group’s Neue Musik tour, which had already passed through Boston on its way to an ingenious evening at the DiMenna Center on Thursday presented by Permutations, a bicoastal performance series. Except, that is, for the spirit of the composer Helmut Lachenmann, whose influence could be found all over this program. That’s unsurprising given that the ensemble’s name is a homage to Mr. Lachenmann’s own piece “Dal Niente (Interieur III),” — “dal niente” meaning “from nothing” in Italian.