Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 26/2015

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

septych: Bram De Looze piano / Lester St-Louis cello / Daniel Levin cello / Flin Van Hemmen drums / Bo Van Der Werf baritone saxofone / Robin Verheyen tenor and soprano saxofone / Gebhard Ullmann tenor saxophone, bass clarinet & bass flute

bury my heart: Cameron Ralston double bass / Jason Scott saxophone / Bob Miller trumpet / Scott Clark drums + JC Kuhl bass clarinet & Bryan Hooten trombone on “Broken Treaties”

solo trumpet: Dave Ballou Bb trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet & mutes

di lontan: powertrio-Eduardo Raon harp, electronics & idiofones / Joana Sá piano & idiofones / Luís José Martins classical guitar, electronics & idiophones

Oi Dialogoi: Stefano Maltese: saxello, flute, bass clarinet. Ferdinando D’Urso: alto sax, baritone sax. Lorenzo Paesani: piano. Federico Sconosciuto: cello

zero brane: Matteo Tundo – guitar, compositions (except for nr.6 by Bill evans) Piero Bittolo Bon – alto sax, clarinet Emanuele Parrini – violin, violaSimone Graziano – fender rhodes Matteo Giglioni – drums Alessio Riccio – electronics

cups glasses and tanks: Nicola Guazzaloca – piano Pablo Montagne – electric baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, harmonica Giacomo Mongelli – drums, percussions

el negocito
live at the resistenza: John Dikeman – alto, tenor saxophone William Parker – bass Hamid Drake – drums

richard nelson
deep river: richard nelson aardvark jazz orchestra

leo records
pow bee: andrea buffa, ts, as/ stefano battaglia, p/ fiorenzo bodrato, b/ dario mazzucco, dr

kasper tom
i do admire things that are what they are: Rudi Mahall, clarinet + bass clarinet Tomasz Dabrowski, trumpet Petter Hängsel, trombone Jens Mikkel Madsen, bass Kasper Tom, drums + composition

barely cool: schroeder, sax/ campello, g/ godoy, dr

Three New Releases From Cyclic Law

Source: Cyclic Law.

ONUS “Proslambanomenos” CD (83rd Cycle)
New joint project from the master minds behind SOPHIA / ARCANA and EMPUSAE. Peter Bjärgö and Nicolas ‘Sal-Ocin’ Van Meirhaeghe’s long term friendship culminates in this unique collaborative project, ONUS. Based on recordings created by Peter over some years, Nicolas then worked to transform them into a perfect symbiosis of both musician’s respective projects. Ethereal and introspective, Onus transpires with the burden of life yet offers a far away glimpse of hope.

THE HUMAN VOICE “Silent Heart” CD (82nd Cycle)
NORTHAUNT’s Herleif Langas unveiled in 2008 new work under the name THE HUMAN VOICE. Now the much anticipated follow up to his first album is finally here as “Silent Heart”. Where his work as Northaunt primarily focuses on rendering barren landscapes aurally, The Human Voice dives within, to the emotional turbulence and confusion of a lost soul. Melodic piano passages and intricate field recordings like only he can capture fuse with sparse atmospherics. “Silent Heart” is a deep personal plunge into the aching heart of man.

ALLSEITS “Chimäre” CD (80th Cycle)
Now 6 long years after the acclaimed “Hel” album, Germany’s Nina Kernicke returns with “Chimäre”. Inspired by the seeming duality most of us carry, the fight between what one desires to be and one’s current state. A look at the illusory world constructed by the mind and the fact that everything is relative and a matter of perspective. Chimäre is a metaphor for doubt and subsequent questions. No one truth exists. A surreal journey submerged in profound guitar drones and hypnotic rhythmic pulses, “Chimäre” sees the grand return of a true musical force.