Jason Stein on Opening for Amy Schumer 

Source: NYTimes.com.

Last Friday, Jason Stein, a bass clarinetist ensconced in the Chicago jazz avant-garde, found himself in a familiar situation: playing a gig with his trio, Locksmith Isidore. But where they were playing was out of the ordinary: to a crowd of about 14,000 people at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, home of the Milwaukee Bucks.

The following night, they did it again at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, where the Penguins play. They’ll be working on comparable stages this weekend — and a handful of other dates, including June 23 at Madison Square Garden — as an opening act for Amy Schumer, the stand-up comedian, writer-producer and “Trainwreck” star.

Momenta Festival Reviewed

Source: I Care If You Listen.

As the old saying goes, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” From September 30 through October 4, 2015, the increasingly busy and well established Momenta Quartet lived this proverb in near excess, having organized the first ever Momenta Festival to celebrate the release of the ensemble’s debut recording, Similar Motion, now available from Albany Records.

Each night of the festival was programmed variably by one of the quartet’s members, drawing from their personal experiences and inspirations in both the traditional canon and newly commissioned works. While the scale and breadth of programming seemed somewhat daunting, there remained a kind of fundamental unity in these explorations, rooted in the question, “What is the Momenta Quartet?”

Vital Weekly Reviews 1010

logo2Source: Vital Weekly.

Akira Rabelais – The Little Glass (2cd, Private) *
Midnight Doctors – Through a Screen and into a Hole (Cd by Ourodisc)
Tandaapushi – Fire Disposal (Cd by Jvtland)
Frantz Loriot – Reflections on an Introspective Path (Cd by Neither/nor)
Sekhmet – Te Shii Es Tah.. (Cd by Veto Records)
Jeremie Mathes – Fallow Memory (Cd by Unfathomless) *
300 Basses – Tria Atoma (Cd by Moving Furniture Records) *
Bernard Gal – Zwischenbrücken (Dvd/book by Edition Sp Ce/gromoga Records)
Christian Rønn – Time Charged Maneuvres (Lp by Insula Music/flinc Music)
Ingenting Kollektiva – an Anatomy of Melancholy (Lp by Invisible Birds)
Asphodel – Aokigabara, the Black Sea of Trees (Lp by Invisible Birds)
Dead Edits – Present Stefan Weisser’s Editeditions &Amp; Contexts: a Forgery (7″ Lathe Cut &Amp; Cdr by Ballast) *
Morgan Evans-weiler – Violin/sine (Cdr by Individual Lines) *
Darius Ciuta & Slavek Kwi – Airbell 21/f-s1(2)a1t-02 (Double Cdr by Tentacles of Perception) *
Fergus Kelly & David Lacey – Quiet Forage (Cdr by Room Temperature) *
Ogni Videniy & Svetlo111 – Synapse (Cdr by Zhelezobeton) *
Ogni Videniy – Skeleton in the Closet for God (Cdr by Zhelezobeton) *
Six Dead Bulgarians – Distributive for Installation (Cdr by Zhelezobeton) *
Téléplasmiste/aas – Radioclast E.r.a. (112hz)/the Cult of Sonic Affect (Cassette by Holoctics)
Maven Cx – Oveburnt Afterdrive (Cassette by Dream Fader)
Alexandra Atnif – Session 1 (Cassette, Private)
E.m.i.r.s. – End of Splicing the Panned and Re-emerging

Matthew Welch at the Stone Reviewed

Source: The New York Times.

The music of Matthew Welch, who began a weeklong residency at the Stone on Tuesday, draws on a world of influences. His opening set, performed by the ensemble Cantata Profana, packed in references to Highland bagpipes, Balinese funerary rites, Minimalism, Borges, Beckett and Buddha. Yet much of the resulting chamber music is exquisitely ethereal, made up of delicate, transparent textures that hum with expressive tension. If Mr. Welch were a chef, he’d be the kind who pushes the boundaries of molecular gastronomy, transforming earthy ingredients into translucent beads of pure flavor.

Éliane Radigue Profiled

Source: Red Bull Music Academy.

Eliane Radigue’s life has been marked by decisive encounters that “occurred effortlessly, without anything being forced.” The first pivotal meeting was as a child with her music teacher, Madame Roger, whose lessons captivated her. “She taught me everything, from music notation to theory… Without her, my music would probably never have come into being.” Nonetheless, as a teenager, Radigue tried the harp and the piano, but without much conviction. Already, there loomed the desire within her to make sounds beyond “playing an instrument.”