Simulacrum Interviewed

Source: burning ambulance.

John Zorn‘s latest group, Simulacrum, has come out of the gate fast and hard. They’ve released three albums so far this year—a self-titled debut in March, The True Discoveries of Witches and Demons in August, and Inferno in September. November will be the group’s busiest month to date; they’re recording their fourth album, The Painted Bird, and made their live debut on Halloween in Brooklyn, with a short tour, including a show at the Village Vanguard, to follow, after which they’ll record their fifth album before year’s end.

The core ensemble consists of John Medeski on organ, Matt Hollenberg of the art-metal band Cleric on guitar, and Kenny Grohowski of avant-garde black metal band Infernal Triumphant on drums. The music is essentially a high-powered organ trio not unlike Tony Williams Lifetime, but much thrashier and more aggressive, with frequent prog-rock overtones and highly complex melodic structures.