Vijay Iyer Interview

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Source: Innerviews.

To say Vijay Iyer has experienced a positive trajectory as a composer, pianist and educator is a dramatic understatement. In recent times, he’s emerged as one of the most important and exhilarating voices in jazz and new music. His elastic compositions, infused with manifold influences from across the history of jazz, minimalism, the South Asian diaspora, hip-hop, and electronica, have endeared him to aficionados of immersive music.

His recent album, Break Stuff, explores the modern possibilities of the acoustic jazz trio. Together with longtime collaborators bassist Stephan Crump and drummer Marcus Gilmore, Iyer’s latest works extend and distend jazz forms, and stretch time to thrilling effect. The album frequently arrives at intersections in which listeners are uncertain which way the musicians will turn and proceeds to deliver the sound of surprise.