Vijay Iyer Interview

English: The Vijay Iyer Quartet performed an i...

Source: Innerviews.

To say Vijay Iyer has experienced a positive trajectory as a composer, pianist and educator is a dramatic understatement. In recent times, he’s emerged as one of the most important and exhilarating voices in jazz and new music. His elastic compositions, infused with manifold influences from across the history of jazz, minimalism, the South Asian diaspora, hip-hop, and electronica, have endeared him to aficionados of immersive music.

His recent album, Break Stuff, explores the modern possibilities of the acoustic jazz trio. Together with longtime collaborators bassist Stephan Crump and drummer Marcus Gilmore, Iyer’s latest works extend and distend jazz forms, and stretch time to thrilling effect. The album frequently arrives at intersections in which listeners are uncertain which way the musicians will turn and proceeds to deliver the sound of surprise.

AMN Picks of the Week: Troum & Raison d’Etre / Elliott Sharp / Bambi Kino Duo / Set Self on Fire / Gurrisonic Orchestra

English: Elliott Sharp live at Saalfelden 2009...

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Troum / Raison d’Etre – De Aeris in Sublunaria Influxu (2015)
Elliott Sharp – The Boreal (2015)
Bambi Kino Duo – See Heat (2015)
Set Self on Fire – To Bathe in Embers (2015)
Gurrisonic Orchestra – Three Kids Music (2015)

The Free Jazz Collective Blog

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden – Frictions/Frictions Now (NoBusiness, 2015) ****½
Desert Sweets – A Place Meant for Birds (Balance Point Acoustics, 2015) ***½
Jacob Garchik – Ye Olde (Yestereve Records, 2015) ****
Stirrup – A Man Can’t Ride On One (Whistler, 2015) ****
Mazarella/Haker-Flaten/Ra – Azimuth (Astral Spirits, 2015) ***½
Matt Mitchell – Vista Accumulation (Pi Recordings, 2015) ****½
Hu Vibrational – Epic Botanical Suite (Meta Records, 2015) ****½
Scott Tinkler & Greg Sheehan – Federal (Bandcamp, 2015) ****
Variable Geometry Orchestra – Lulu auf dem Berg (Creative Sources, 2015) ****

Interpretations Fall / Spring Schedule

Source: New York’s Interpretations.

Interpretations Season 27
Fall 2015 // Spring 2016

Thursday, December 10, 2015
AACM50: Wadada Leo Smith // Douglas Ewart & Quasar

A salute to the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians on it 50th Anniversary. Composer and trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith presents a new collection of works for chamber ensemble, including “Voice, Strings, & Vibraphone Looking For The Most Refined Beauty” and “Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience, 1849, Six Ideas.” Featuring the Secret Quartet, Thomas Buckner, Bobby Naughton, Amina Claudine Myers, Joseph Kubera, Thurman Barker, & Miriam Parker. Composer, improvising multi-instrumentalist, conceptual artist, & sculptor Douglas Ewart & his ensemble Quasar present “AACM the Sonic Progenitor”, with Mankwe Ndosi, Mary Oliver, J.D. Parran, Thomas Buckner, Adegoke Steve Colson, & Steve Goldstein.

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Lori Freedman: The Virtuosity of Excess // Morton Subotnick & Lillevan

Canadian musician Lori Freedman will be performing solo bass and contrabass clarinet music, including three world premieres by Paolo Perezzani, Paul Steenhuisen, and Lori Freedman, as well as slightly older works by Brian Ferneyhough, Richard Barrett and Raphael Cendo. Influential electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick and live video artist Lillevan will present the NY premiere of the 2015 version of “From Silver Apples of the Moon to A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur:VII”

Thursday, March 10, 2016
Alvin Singleton 70th Birthday Celebration

A musical tribute to American composer Alvin Singleton on the occasion of his 75th birthday. Featuring the US Premiere of “Argoru IV”, a virtuosic work for solo viola, performed by Stephanie Griffin, and two works for string quartet, “Somehow We Can” and “Secret Desire to Be Black”, performed by the Momenta Quartet, as well as three of Singleton’s works for solo piano: “Baked In The Cake”, “Argoru I”, & “In My Own Skin”, performed by pianist Joseph Kubera, and “Be Natural”, for three string players, with Stephanie Griffin, Meaghan Burke, and James Ilgenfritz.

Thursday April 14, 2016
Marek Chołoniewski // Adam Rudolph: Music for Strings

Krakow-based composer Marek Choloniewski presents a retrospective program of interactive solo and ensemble works for involving video, brainwaves, facial movements and other re-imaginings of musical performance. Composer and percussionist Adam Rudolph presents new works for percussion ensemble and string quartet, as well as solo music, including the New York premiere of “Orbits” (2014) for percussion quartet, and the world premiere of his “String Quartet No. 2” (2016).

Thursday, May 5, 2016
Thomas Buckner Performs Bun Ching Lam, Karen Power, “Blue” Gene Tyranny, & More

An evening of new works, presented by baritone Thomas Buckner, with premieres, including Bun Ching Lam’s “Canzoniere CXXVI” for voice, flute, and therobo (based on Renaissance poet Francesco Petrarca’s most famous poem to Laura), Karen Power’s “Quack Moo Sigh” for voice and tape, and an epic new work from “Blue” Gene Tyranny, “Solving Scriabin’s Chord (Love, Consider, Imagine)” , for voice and piano.

All concerts start at 8PM unless otherwise noted.

577 Records Forward Festival

English: Photography of William Parker at Jazz...

Source: 577 Records.

577 Records is proud to announce the 577 Forward Festival at Scholes Street Studio December 12th, 13th and 14th. With a roster that includes many of the fantastic musicians from our catalogue, we will be celebrating the creative career of Daniel Carter on the month of his 70th birthday.

As a vibrant and truly original presence on the New York City avant-garde music scene for decades, Daniel has brought together and inspired countless others with his lyrical playing, political leanings and his inclination to unite musicians and musical genres of every type. His playing, which can range from delicately melodic to unparalleled ferocity, is absolutely not to be missed.

We hope you will join us for three days of live music from some of the best of the downtown music scene!


“The First Third” Todd Capp (drums) Stephen Gauci (saxophone) Reuben Radding (bass)

Eri Yamamoto (piano)

Federico Ughi Quartet” David Schnug (saxophone) Mike Irwin (trumpet)
Jeff Snyder (electronics) Federico Ughi (drums)

Steve Dalachinsky (poetry)

Daniel Carter (winds, piano) William Parker (bass) Federico Ughi (drums)

“David Schnug Trio” David Schnug (saxophone) Kim Cass (bass) Max Goldman (drums)

Steve Swell (trombone)

“EXTRA MOON” Daniel Carter (winds) Connie Crothers (piano)
Adam Caine (guitar) Federico Ughi (drums)

G. Calvin Weston (drums) and Lucas Brode (guitar)
“Flying Kites” album release concert

Gabriele Meirano (China/UK) (piano) and Federico Ughi (drums)
“Coordinate Orientali” album release concert

Daniel Carter (winds) Matthew Putman (piano) Federico Ughi (drums) with guests

James Brandon Lewis (saxophone) and Chad Taylor (drums)

“The Listening Group” with Daniel Carter (winds) Claire de Brunner (bassoon)
Stelios Michas (guitar) Jonah Rosenberg (piano) Zach Swanson (bass) and others TBA

Scholes Street Studio
375 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Advance ticket sales start November 20th.
For more information please call (718)577-1218.

New York’s Roulette in November

Adam Rudolph and Moving Pictures in 2006.

Source: Roulette.

Eric Wubbels & Mivos Quartet: “being time” Mivos Quartet is thrilled to present the New York premiere of being time by Eric Wubbels, a new large-scale composition for string quartet and quadraphonic electronic sound…

[RESIDENCY] Peter Evans Solo

[GENERATE] Iktus Percussion vs. Paul Pinto

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2015 @ 9:00 PM
Erika Vogt: Performa 15 Los Angeles-based visual artist Erika Vogt has convened a bevy of like-minded collaborators including Math Bass, Shannon Ebner, and Adam Putnam, to imagine a new iteration of her Artist Theater Program: an exhibition conceived for a black box theater….

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2015 @ 9:00 PM
Erika Vogt: Performa 15 Los Angeles-based visual artist Erika Vogt has convened a bevy of like-minded collaborators including Math Bass, Shannon Ebner, and Adam Putnam, to imagine a new iteration of her Artist Theater Program: an exhibition conceived for a black box theater….

Tri-Centric Orchestra Commissioning Series presenting works by Michael Attias, Dan Blake, Joseph Daley, Jessica Pavone

CD RELEASE CONCERT: TURNING TOWARDS THE LIGHT GO: ORGANIC GUITAR ORCHESTRA Music composed and improvisationally conducted by ADAM RUDOLPH For this, the debut of Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra, Adam Rudolph called upon 11 of New York City’s finest and most adventurous guitarists. These extraordinary musicians are each composers and bandleaders in their own right; their collective experience reads like a who’s who of contemporary music – from Wilco to Cassandra Wilson to Ornette Coleman….

Wayne Horvitz “Some Places Are Forever Afternoon (11 Places for Richard Hugo) Combining musicians from Wayne Horvitz’s two long standing quartets, The Gravitas Quartet and Sweeter Than the Day, “Some Places are Forever Afternoon” is a suite of instrumental songs based on 11 poems by iconic Northwest poet Richard Hugo….

Wayne Horvitz: The Westerlies Play Horvitz // Duos w/Yukio Suzuki and Briggan Krauss // Cristina Valdes Solo Piano/Electronics The Westerlies Play Horvitz (Solos for amplified piano, Duos w/Yukio Suzuki and Briggan Krauss)

October Tzadik Releases

English: Larry Ochs live at Saalfelden 2009 It...

Source: Tzadik.

John Zorn
James Moore Plays The Book Of Heads – CD and DVD of a film by Stephen Taylor

Composed 1976–8 and now studied by guitarists the world over, The Book of Heads is one of Zorn’s most popular and oft-performed compositions. Utilizing an hermetic language of meticulously notated sounds inspired by contemporary classical extended techniques, the idiosyncratic guitar languages of free improvisation, cartoons, film noir, world music, philosophy and more, they receive a virtuosic reading by James Moore, founding member of the Dither guitar quartet. This special edition contains both a CD and a beautifully produced DVD of a film by Stephen Taylor showcasing the eclectic techniques involved in all its insane glory. An essential CD/DVD release that gives an in-depth view into some of the most gonzo music ever created for solo guitar. Vexing and endlessly entertaining, you have to see it to believe it!

Larry Ochs
The Fictive Five

Founding member of the Rova Sax Quartet, Larry Ochs has worked with many of the greatest musicians in Creative Music—Steve Lacy, Fred Frith, Wadada Leo Smith, Terry Riley, George Lewis, John Zorn, Derek Bailey and countless others. His newest ensemble is an update on the classic New York Contemporary Five and features Larry’s Shepp-tinged tenor sax along with some of the best young players out of New York’s Downtown scene. Ochs is particularly excited by both the ensemble sound and the music here, a set of pieces he considers to be among his strongest and most successful blendings of composition and improvisation. Fabulous and soulful, The Fictive Five is a tremendous achievement by this West Coast master of surprise!

The Stone in November

English: Zeena Parkins performing with Cosa Br...

Source: NY’s Stone.

11/1 Sunday (KRIS)
3 pm
Mary Halvorson, Miles Okazaki (guitars) John Hebert (bass) Tomas Fujiwara (drums)

8 pm
Ron Anderson, Max Jaffe, Brandon Lopez
Ron Anderson (guitar) Max Jaffe (drums) Brandon Lopez (bass)
This will be the premiere performance of this mega intense super power trio.

10 pm
Vintage Korg MS-20 Synthesizer Duet
Ron Anderson, Lawry Zilmrah (synthesizers)
Two Korg MS-20 Synthesizers! Raw Analog Power.

11/3 Tuesday (HW)
8 pm
Thomas Dimuzio, Richard Teitelbaum and Nick Didkovsky
Thomas Dimuzio, Richard Teitelbaum (electronics) Nick Didkovsky (tabletop guitar)

10 pm
Thomas Dimuzio, Michael Lytle, Chuck Bettis, Nick Didkovsky
Thomas Dimuzio (electronics) Michael Lytle (bass clarinet) Chuck Bettis (voice, electronics) Nick Didkovsky (guitar)

11/4 Wednesday (SK)
8 pm
Samuel Smith (guitar) Kevin Hufnagel (guitar) Tomas Ulrich (cello) Nick Didkovsky (guitar)

10 pm
The Guidonian Hand Trombone Quartet with Samuel Smith and Nick Didkovsky
William Lang, Mark Broschinsky, Matt Melore (trombones) Samuel Smith (bass) Nick Didkovsky (baritone guitar)

11/5 Thursday (MJC)
8 pm
LOADBANG with Mary Rowell and Geoffrey Burleson play the music of Vomit Fist
William Lang (trombone) Jeffrey Gavett (voice) Andy Kozar (trumpet) Carlos Cordeiro (bass clarinet)
Premiere and commissions.

10 pm
Zinc Nine Psychedelic
Kevin Norton (percussion) Dave Ballou (trumpet, electronics) Nick Didkovsky (guitar)

11/6 Friday (ICS)
8 pm
Kathleen Supove and James Moore play Didkovsky
Kathleen Supove (piano) James Moore (guitar)
Premiere of a new composition by Nick Didkovsky.

10 pm
Colin Marston, Prester John, Amy Mills, Jon Diaz, Nicholas Liivak, Dylan DiLella, Jon Ehlers, Chris Cochrane, Sean Walsh, Toby Driver, Keller (guitars)
Hosted by Nick Didkovsky. Guitarists Colin Marston, Prester John, Amy Mills, Jon Diaz, Nicholas Liivak, Dylan DiLella, Jon Ehlers, Chris Cochrane, Sean Walsh, Toby Driver, and Keller: each will have 3 or 4 minutes to perform with it and pass it on to the next player.

11/7 Saturday (BAL)
8 pm
Häßliche Luftmasken
Josh Lopes (guitar) Nick Didkovsky (guitar) Jesse Krakow (bass) Jon Lango (drums)

10 pm
Vomit Fist with guest Todd Colby
Nick Vürdoth Didkovsky (guitar) Leo Lurkrot Didkovsky (drums) Malcolm Skrag the Screecher Hoyt (vocals) Todd Colby (voice)

11/8 Sunday (VPSV)
3 pm
Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Liberty Ellman (guitar) Trevor Dunn (bass) Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

8 pm
Alice Cooper “Pretties for You”
Paul Bertolino (vocals) Adam Minkoff (keyboards) Nick Oddy, Nick Didkovsky (guitars) Max Johnson (bass) Glenn Johnson (drums)

10 pm
DITHER Guitar Quartet with special guest Nick Didkovsky
Josh Lopes (guitar) Nick Didkovsky (guitar) Taylor Levine (guitar) James Moore (guitar)
Includes a Premiere.

11/10 Tuesday (KR)
8 pm
Den Svarta Fanan
Joe Merolla (bass) Nonoko Yoshida, special guest Chris Pitsiokos (saxes) Ron Anderson (guitar) Weasel Walter (drums)
Noise punk free improvisation. TEN DOLLARS

10 pm
The 4th Familiar Genetic Saxophone Trio
Adam Robinson, Dean Buck (tenor saxes) Nonoko Yoshida (alto sax)
New sax trio! Compositions and improvisation. TEN DOLLARS

11/11 Wednesday (KR)
8 pm
Nonoko Yoshida Solo Works
Nonoko Yoshida (sax, loop station)
28th birthday. TEN DOLLARS

11/12 Thursday (DDT)
8 pm
Tom Zlabinger Quartet
Nonoko Yoshida, Dave Schnug (saxes) Tom Zlabinger (bass) Dave Miller (drums)
Free improvisation unit, playing together since 2006. TEN DOLLARS

10 pm
Jamison Williams, Steve Swell, Nonoko Yoshida, Brandon Lopez, Dave Miller
Jamison Williams (soprano sax) Steve Swell (trombone) Nonoko Yoshida (alto sax) Brandon Lopez (bass) Dave Miller (drums)
New free improvisation group—rare appearance of free jazz sax player, Jamison Williams from Florida!

11/13 Friday (HM)
8 pm
Red Triangle
Chuck Bettis (electronics) Nonoko Yoshida (sax) James Ilgenfritz (bass)
Compositions by Bettis, Ilgenfritz and Yoshida, and improvisation. TEN DOLLARS

10 pm
Eishin Nose plays Nonoko Yoshida
Eishin Nose (piano)
Creative jazz pianist, Eishin Nose plays solo piano of Yoshida’s early compositions with Yoshida sitting in with the soprano sax for a few pieces. TEN DOLLARS

11/14 Saturday (BS)
8 pm
Pet Bottle Ningen
Nonoko Yoshida (sax) Dave Scanlon (guitar) Dave Miller (drums) Chuck Bettis (electronics)
Plays new compositions. TEN DOLLARS

10 pm
Pet Bottle “Mega” Ningen
Nonoko Yoshida (alto sax) Adam Robinson (tenor sax) Dave Scanlon (guitar) Mikey Coltun (bass) Dave Miller (drums) Chuck Bettis (electronics)
Special extended version of Pet Bottle Ningen with guest players—Robinson and Coltun. Plays Yoshida’s compositions for large ensemble and more. TEN DOLLARS

11/15 Sunday (ISSV)
3 pm
Uri Caine (piano) John Medeski (organ)

8 pm
Pet Bottle Ningen
Nonoko Yoshida (sax) Dave Scanlon (guitar) Dave Miller (drums) Chuck Bettis (electronics)
Plays old hits and new works! TEN DOLLARS

10 pm
Rothenberg x Yoshida Duo
Ned Rothenberg (reeds) Nonoko Yoshida (sax)
Duo improvisation with Yoshida’s honorable teacher, Ned Rothenberg. TEN DOLLARS

11/17 Tuesday (HW)
8 pm
Duo with Nate Wooley
Zeena Parkins (electric harp) Nate Wooley (trumpet)

10 pm
Zeena Parkins with White Out
Zeena Parkins (electric harp) White Out: Tom Surgal (drums) Lin Culbertson (keyboards, electronics, harp)

11/18 Wednesday (KR)
8 pm
Phantom Orchard
Zeena Parkins (electric harp) Ikue Mori (electronics)
A set featuring pieces from their Tzadik release Through the Looking Glass plus brand new works.

10 pm
Phantom Orchard with special guests Erik Friedlander and Cyro Baptista
Zeena Parkins (electric harp, keyboards) Ikue Mori (electronics) Erik Friedlander (cello) Cyro Baptista (percussion)

11/19 Thursday (KR)
8 pm
Trio with Zeena Parkins, Jim Black, Nels Cline
eena Parkins (electric and acoustic harps) Jim Black (drums) Nels Cline (electric guitar)

10 pm
Duo with Okkyung Lee
Zeena Parkins (electric harp) Okkyung Lee (cello)

11/20 Friday (SC)
8 pm
Zeena Parkins composes for TILT Brass Sextet
Gareth Flowers (trumpet) Tim Leopold (trumpet) Mike Gurfield (trumpet) Jen Baker (trombone) Will Lang (trombone) Chris McIntyre (trombone)

10 pm
Zeena Parkins collaborates with UllU
Chris McIntyre (trombone, tapes, synths, drums) Dave Shively (feedback, drums, tapes, combo organs, siren) Zeena Parkins (electric and acoustic harps)

11/21 Saturday (VP)
8 pm
New works for strings, percussion and electronics
Maggie Parkins (cello) Sara Parkins (violin) Zeena Parkins (harps, electronics) William Winant (percussion)

10 pm
Duo with William Winant
Zeena Parkins (harps) William Winant (percussion)
Duo with percussionist extraordinaire William Winant!

11/22 Sunday (VPJB)
3 pm
Anthony Coleman (piano) and many others

8 pm
insitu: corner of Ave C and East 2nd street
Zeena Parkins (piano, acoustic harp, electric harp) Brian Chase (drums)

10 pm
Impossible Tasks
Zeena Parkins (acoustic harp) Matty Ostrowski (live processing)

11/24 Tuesday (DDT)
8 pm
ITT (Improvising Trombone Trio)
Dick Griffin (trombone) Joe McPhee (trombone) Steve Swell (trombone)

10 pm
Dragonfly Breath
C. Spencer Yeh (violin, electronics) Paul Flaherty (tenor saxophone) Weasel Walter (drums) Steve Swell (trombone)

11/25 Wednesday (BAL)
8 pm
Kende Dreams: Hommage to Bela Bartok
Rob Brown (alto saxophone) Connie Crothers (piano) Chad Taylor (drums), William Parker (bass) Steve Swell (trombone, compositions)

10 pm
Leaf Peeping in Poland
James Ilgenfritz (bass) Steve Swell (trombone, compositions)

11/27 Friday (SC)
8 pm
Nation Of We
Sarah Bernstein (violin) Jason Hwang (violin) Jake Sokolo (cello) Stephanie Griffin (violin) Rosi Herlein (violin)

10 pm
Steve Swell, Chad Taylor, Larry Ridley, Jason Kao Hwang (violin)
Steve Swell (trombone, compositions) Chad Taylor (drums) Larry Ridley (bass) Jason Kao Hwang (violin)

11/28 Saturday (JB)
8 pm
Steve Swell (trombone) Ned Rothenberg (clarinet) Marty Ehrlich (clarinet) Brian Floody (timpani)
Trombone Solo (Swell) / Trombone Rebellion for Trombone & Timpani (Howard Lew) / Clarinet Piece (Steve Swell) / Composition # 10 for Alto, Trumpet & Tromone (Swell) / Improv with all the musicians.

10 pm
TPP (trombone, piano, poetry)
Connie Crothers (piano) Steve Dalachinsky (poetry) Steve Swell (trombone)

11/29 Sunday (HMHM)
3 pm
Mark Feldman (violin) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano)

8 and 10 pm
From Norway—Frode Gjerstad Trio with Steve Swell
Frode Gjerstad (alto saxophone, clarinet) Steve Swell (trombone) Jon Rune Strom (bass) Paal Nilssen-Love (drums)