Frank Rosaly Profile and Interview

Source: burning ambulance:

Percussionist Frank Rosaly is a busy guy. He’s just released his second solo album, and is featured on the latest discs from the Rempis Percussion Quartet and cornet player Josh Berman‘s trio. Malo, released on the Utech label like its predecessor, 2013’s Centering and Displacement, is made up of five discrete pieces ranging from just under four minutes to nearly 14, creating haunting/haunted moods that mix percussive eruptions with carefully deployed interludes of silence. Rosaly strikes, rubs and scrapes a wide variety of drums, small objects, and other surfaces, and brings in subtle electronics as well. The results are noisy, at times furious, but also dark and brooding; the CD absolutely lives up to its title (“evil” in Spanish). It’s easy to recommend it to fans of dark ambient music, noise, modern composition/New Music, or avant-garde metal, not quite so easy to encourage jazz fans to check it o