Final Two Crow with no Mouth Concerts of 2015

Toshimaru Nakamura (performing with John Butch...

Source: St. Paul’s crow with no mouth concert series.

October 28
Konus Quartett // Tomas Korber

cwnm promotions is honored to present the Swiss-based Konus Saxophone Quartet and electronicist/guitarist/composer Tomas Korber in their Minnesota debuts.

I became aware of the scope of the Konus Quartett in 2014 with the release of two radically disparate works – Jürg Frey’s beautiful ‘Komponisten-Portrait’, and Tomas Korber’s ‘Musik für ein Feld’. The Frey release includes the quartet’s realization of his exquisite Mémoire, horizon (2013/14). Jürg was my house-guest for a week during the crow / Wandelweiser festival in the Fall of 2014, and gave me a preview of Mémoire, horizon just prior to its release. I was, and continue to be with each listen to this piece, deeply moved by the Konus Quartett’s stunning embodiment of the composer’s spirit and intentions.

7:30 doors // 8:00 music
$12 @door (cash only)

November 7
Tetuzi Akiyama / Toshimaru Nakamura / Jason Kahn / Bryan Eubanks

The final concert of our 2015 season is, fittingly, an extraordinary one. Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Bryan Eubanks and Jason Kahn perform at Studio Z, 7:30 doors / 8:00 music, $12 at the door. Akiyama and Nakamura rarely perform in the U.S.

Nakamura is an artist I warmed to only gradually when I began listening to him a decade ago; at some point I experienced that archetypal admixture of insight and pleasure, the aha, hearing his work thereafter in a new way. I am very excited to bring him for his Minnesota debut (Nakamura rarely plays in the United States) Nakamura will be heard in this quartet with two crow alumni, Bryan Eubanks and Jason Kahn, as well as with his long-time collaborator Tetuzi Akiyama.