Vital Weekly Reviews 1004

Source: Vital Weekly.

Pseudo Code – Remains to Be Heard Vol. 1 & 2 (2cd by Ee Tapes) *
Indigo Kid – Fist Full of Notes (Cd by Babel)
the Last Hurrah!! – Mudflowers (Cd by Rune Grammophon)
Daniel Barbiero & Cristiana Bocci – Nostos (Cd Acustronica)
Harvest Rain – Nightwave (Cd by Opn)
Nihiltronics – Curiosités (Cd by Opn)
Stilllife – Archipelago (Cd by Ftarri) *
Irmler & Einheit – Bestandteil (Cd by Klangbad) *
Philippe Petit – Ear Me in (Cd by Monotype) *
Noah – Sivutie (Cd by Flau) *
Rayons – the World Left Behind (Cd by Flau) *
Echoes of Yul – the Healing (Cd by Zoharum) *
Maciek Szymczuk – Music for Cassandra (Cd by Zoharum) *
Hati – Metanous (Cd by Zoharum) *
Marina Fages – Dibujo DE Rayo (Cd by Panai)
Sebastian Zangar – Children of M (Cd by Lantern) *
Drekka – Unbeknownst to the Participants at Hand (Lp by Dais Records)
Denki Udon – in Zdb (Lp by Three-four) *
Ex You – Ex You (Cdr by Ex You)
Ruhe – Patriarchs (Cdr by Eilean Records) *
Cdr – Acid Waltz (Cdr by Adaadat) *
Venta Protesix – Anni Di Masturbazione (Cdr by Adaadat) *
Karmiciel Wszy – Isdalskvinnen (Cdr, Private) *
Pina Bounce – Trumpetancy (Cassette by Orila/paraphernalia/noise-below)
Amk/howard Stelzer (Cassette by Noise-below)
Hübeblo Geneva (Cassette by Hidden Temple)
T. morimoto – Crit Reflex (Cassette by Junk Mnemonic) *