AMN Reviews: Evan Woodle – Nth (2015; Bandcamp)

Evan Woodle is of Seattle’s Table & Chairs label. In addition to being a member of that city’s Chemical Clock, he has now released Nth, a solo drum album. Coming in at 21 minutes, Nth is not an extensive piece time-wise, but manages to cover a broad swatch of percussiveness nonetheless.

The album’s single track begins with brushing, scraping, and striking rather than drumming, evocative of recent Andrew Drury works. But the intro soon transforms into a repetitive beat, and Woodle slowly evolves this base pattern over the next several minutes before breaking out into a more aggressive polyrhythmic motif. The remaining half of Nth provides even more in this regard, as he explores dynamics and tempos for various structures, often bass-heavy.

This is not what some would expect from a solo drum release. There are no heroics or showboating. Woodle is all about control, piling layers of relatively simple ideas on one another before stripping them off. The result is a compelling listen.

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