Nate Wooley at the Stone Preview

Source: Nate Wooley.

I am lucky enough to have a week’s residency at The Stone in Manhattan at the end of October. It has already been a wonderfully absorbing experience, just in preparation. There are concerts with established groups like Battle Pieces, Nate Wooley Quintet, and my duo with Paul Lytton in which we are expanding into new territories, but also some slightly frightening first meetings with Tim Berne, Matthew Shipp, Gerald Cleaver, and Joe McPhee thrown in for good measure.

Beyond all the improvising, I’ll also present new compositions for Battle Pieces, the full-length premier of Psalms from Hell for soprano voice, trumpet, and cello quartet, and the most recent iteration of a work for solo trumpet using phonetic mechanics, called For Kenneth Gaburo.

I’m pleased to also be doing a benefit for the Stone with John Zorn, Paul Lytton, and members of the quintet. On this set, all proceeds will go to keeping this last lighthouse of experimentation open in Manhattan.

Tuesday October 20:
8 pm Battle Pieces with Ingrid Laubrock, Sylvie Courvoisier, and Matt Moran
10 pm Battle Pieces Meta with special guest Tim Berne

Wednesday October 21:
8 pm Psalms From Hell World Premiere with Megan Schubert, Shanda Wooley, Mariel Roberts, Christopher Hoffman , Carolyn Jeselsohn
10 pm For Kenneth Gaburo (solo trumpet with tape)

Thursday October 22:
8 pm Ryan Sawyer, C Spencer Yeh, Jeremiah Cymerman, Nate Wooley
10 pm Duo with Joe McPhee

Friday October 23:
8 pm Duo with Matt Shipp
10 pm Duo with Gerald Cleaver

Saturday October 24:
8 pm Zeena Parkins, Joe Morris, and mystery British dentist playing drums
10 pm same drummer with Ben Vida and C. Spencer Yeh

Sunday October 25:
8 pm STONE BENEFIT CONCERT! with John Zorn, mystery Brit, Josh Sinton, Harris Eisenstadt, and Eivind Opsvik
10 pm Record Release party for the NW5 plays the music of Wynton Marsalis: featuring Josh Sinton, Harris Eisenstadt, Eivind Opsvik, and Matt Moran