Aum Fidelity Releases from William Parker and David S. Ware Coming in November

AUM Fidelity

Source: Aum Fidelity.

On November 6, AUM Fidelity will release outstanding albums from two of the label’s foundational artists. Birth Of A Being presents the essential first recordings of David S. Ware as a leader -&- Great Spirit reveals another luminous collection of songs created by William Parker‘s Raining On The Moon ensemble.

Birth Of A Being presents the essential first studio recordings of incomparable tenor saxophonist David S. Ware as a bandleader. This work was created in New York, in April 1977, when Ware was 27 years old. The first disc features material originally released on LP in 1979 by the Swiss label, hat Hut Records, and has been out of print for over 30 years. The second disc is a full additional album of top-shelf material from those same sessions that have never been released in any form. This definitive edition was sourced from the original analog 8-track tapes, and was newly mixed & mastered in 2015.

Great Spirit once again makes abundantly clear William Parker’s multi-faceted talents as bassist, composer, poet, bandleader and songwriter. Raining On The Moon is the extraordinary group vehicle which seamlessly fuses all of these prodigious gifts: his long-standing Quartet with drummer Hamid Drake, alto saxophonist Rob Brown, trumpeter Lewis Barnes is exquisitely augmented by pianist Eri Yamamoto on expert chordal support, and singer Leena Conquest breathing further compassion & dignity into William’s lyrics.