Birmingham New Music Festival Schedule 

Source: artsBHAM.

BIRMINGHAM NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL, Oct. 8-11, 2015 (free admission to all events)

Thursday, Oct. 8, 7:30 p.m., Samford University, Brock Recital Hall

Ronald Clemmons, “Phases” (Adam Bowles and Kathryn Fouse, pianists)
Robert Patterson, “The Soldier’s Ale” (Craig Hultgren, cello/amplification)
Lori Ardovino, “Eloquence II” (Katie York, clarinet)
Monroe Golden, “Vestiges” (Seth Noble, vibraphone/fixed media)
Melissa Grey, “I understand you perfectly” (Craig Hultgren, e-cello/fixed media)
Robert Voisey, “Harmonic Explorations” (Craig Hultgren, e-cello)
Kenneth Kuhn, “Two Nostalgic Melodies” (Katie York, clarinet; Laurie Middaugh, piano)
James A. Jensen, “… towards the pebbled shore” (Kathryn Fouse, piano; Craig Hultgren, cello)

Friday, Oct. 9, 7:30 p.m., The Dance Foundation (formerly Children’s Dance Foundation, 1715 27th Ct. South, Homewood)

Marvin Johnson, “Eldorado” (Craig Hultgren, cello; Doff Procter, narrator; Rita Snyder, choreographer; dancers TBD)
Rusty Banks, “Liquid Fire” (Craig Hultgren, e-cello)
David Morneau, “Shoemongering” (David Morneau, gameboy)
Andrew Raffo Dewar, “Presto Variations” (Andrew Raffo Dewar, modular synth and found recordings)
Davey Williams, “Opus 9.10.15” (Davey Williams, electric guitar)
Holland Hopson, “Glacial Erratics” (Tim Feeney, percussion; Wendy Richman, viola/voice)
Charles Norman Mason, “American Prisoner” (Tim Feeney, percussion; Wendy Richman, viola/voice)

Saturday, Oct. 10, 1 p.m., Alabama Piano Gallery; Jacob Mason, pianist

William Price, “A Southern Prelude”
Mark Lackey, “Piano Sonata: Lasker”
Matthew Scott Phillips, “Trio for Piano Alone”
Dorothy Hindman, “Forward Looking Back”

Saturday, Oct. 10, 4 p.m., Richard Arrington Jr. Auditorium, Birmingham Public Library-Central

Sarah Nordlund Dennis and Pei-Ju Wu, violinists; Wendy Richman, violist; Laura Usiskin, cellist
Ron Wray, “for to catch a whale” (string quartet)
Thomas Reiner, “Tempus Fugit” (string quartet)
Joseph Landers, “A Dream in Winter” (Hillary Tidman, flute/viola/cello)
Michael Coleman, String Quartet No. 1
Cynthia Miller, “Bird Quartet”
Alan Goldspiel, “Slippery Slope (Pei-Ju Wu, violin, Alan Goldspiel, guitar)
Raphael Crystal, “Ye spotted snakes: a Shakespeare song cycle” (string quartet; Emily Herring, mezzo-soprano)
Brian C. Moon, “Lines and Curves” (string quartet)

Saturday, Oct. 10, 7:30 p.m., Hulsey Recital Hall, UAB

Mark Lackey, “Particles” (Brian Viliunas, Nathan Howard, Alina Pitman and Will Featherston, clarinetists)
Jessica Meyer, “Getting Home (I Must Be…) / Hello / Into the Vortex / Touch / Source of Joy” (Jessica Meyer, viola and electronics)
Joe L. Alexander, “Dialog #4” for Euphonium & Tuba (Joe L. Alexander, tuba; Cody Ford, euphonium)
William Price, “Triptych: Three Studies in Gesture and Noise” (fixed media)
Rick Nance, “Ti(gh)tan” (fixed media)
Gene Pritsker, “Modified #2” (Gene Pritsker, electric guitar and Samplestra) / “Sonnet #55 ReMix” (Gene Pritsker, solo Di.J.)
Dorothy Hindman, “Sound/Water” (Craig Hultgren, cello/fixed media)

Sunday, October 11, 3 p.m., Hill Recital Hall, Birmingham-Southern College

Joel Scott Davis, Duet for Guitar and Violin (Sarah Nordlund Dennis, violinist; Alan Goldspiel, guitarist)
Christopher Steele, Suite No. 1 (Jim Zingara, trumpet; Denise Gainey, clarinet; Chris Steele, piano)
Drew Pendergrass, Sonata in G (Adam Bowles, piano)
Ed Robertson, “Music for Cello and Piano” (Anthony Pattin, piano/Laura Usiskin, cello)
Bryan Page, “Blackout In Eden” (Charles Woods, baritone/Adam Bowles, piano)
Matthew Scott Phillips, “The Socratic Problem” (Michael Fernandez, viola/Adam Bowles, piano)
Aurelia Gooden, “Avalanche (Aurelia Gooden, piano)
Michael Angell, “Prig and the Pig (Caroline Nordlund, violin/Chris Steele, piano)