Vital Weekly Reviews 1001

logo2Source: Vital Weekly.

John Lake – Strange Gods (Cd by Mik Music) *
Toy Bizarre – Kdi Dctb 278 (Cd by Semper Florens) *
Thibault Jehanne – LA Cabane DE Beton (Cd by Kaon) *
Keith Rowe & John Tilbury – Enough Still Not to Know (4cd by Sofa Music) *
Troum and Yen Pox – Mnemonic Induction (Cd by Transgredient Records)
Game of Patience – Trial and Error (Cd by Herbal International) *
Goh Lee Kwang & Julien Ottavi – Pukul Berapa? (Cd by Herbal International) *
Jean-luc Guionnet – Lac [Lake] (Cd by Herbal International) *
Abbildung – all Demons Are Horned (Cd by Winter Light) *
Kod-b – Postec (Lp by Gex) *
Werktag/chessex/buess (Lp by a Tree in a Field)
Monomono – Tva Portätt (Lp by Firework Edition Editions)
Sylvain Chauveau – Un Autre Decembre (12″ by Minority Records) *
Alinoe – Station (Cdr by Eta Label) *
Ryoko Akama – Hermit (Cdr by Caduc) *
Steerage – Entropy Is What the State Makes of It (Cdr by Caduc) *
Ragamatic – Umbilicus (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Displasia – Mnnu Rvvrsu (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Michael Trommer – Berlin Anamnetic (Cdr by 3leaves) *
Orphax – Dream Sequence #1 (3″cdr, Private) *
Bibletron Studies (9 X 3″cdr by Ballast)
Think of a Name (Cassette by Vacancy Records) *
Konakon – Ars Magna (Cassette by Vacancy Records) *
Vajagic &Amp; Bates – Early Works (Cassette by the Dim Coast)
Jeff Surak – all Gold (Cassette by Staaltape)