Muhal Richard Abrams Interview

English: Muhal Richard Abrams, moers festival 2009

Source: Dialogue Talk.

I started a band, I call it the Experimental Band. And the reason I started the band is because in my self-studies of different approaches from different sources, technical studies, I needed a place to perform my composition; my new compositions, my original compositions. So, I formed, I organized what I characterize as the Experimental Band. And I attracted musicians who were of a like mind. They wanted to pursue their individualism in the same sense. And we were not playing standard type things in this particular orchestra. The idea was to — for myself to compose and perform the original music based on many things that I had learned from study.

Vital Weekly Reviews 1001

logo2Source: Vital Weekly.

John Lake – Strange Gods (Cd by Mik Music) *
Toy Bizarre – Kdi Dctb 278 (Cd by Semper Florens) *
Thibault Jehanne – LA Cabane DE Beton (Cd by Kaon) *
Keith Rowe & John Tilbury – Enough Still Not to Know (4cd by Sofa Music) *
Troum and Yen Pox – Mnemonic Induction (Cd by Transgredient Records)
Game of Patience – Trial and Error (Cd by Herbal International) *
Goh Lee Kwang & Julien Ottavi – Pukul Berapa? (Cd by Herbal International) *
Jean-luc Guionnet – Lac [Lake] (Cd by Herbal International) *
Abbildung – all Demons Are Horned (Cd by Winter Light) *
Kod-b – Postec (Lp by Gex) *
Werktag/chessex/buess (Lp by a Tree in a Field)
Monomono – Tva Portätt (Lp by Firework Edition Editions)
Sylvain Chauveau – Un Autre Decembre (12″ by Minority Records) *
Alinoe – Station (Cdr by Eta Label) *
Ryoko Akama – Hermit (Cdr by Caduc) *
Steerage – Entropy Is What the State Makes of It (Cdr by Caduc) *
Ragamatic – Umbilicus (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Displasia – Mnnu Rvvrsu (Cdr by Attenuation Circuit) *
Michael Trommer – Berlin Anamnetic (Cdr by 3leaves) *
Orphax – Dream Sequence #1 (3″cdr, Private) *
Bibletron Studies (9 X 3″cdr by Ballast)
Think of a Name (Cassette by Vacancy Records) *
Konakon – Ars Magna (Cassette by Vacancy Records) *
Vajagic &Amp; Bates – Early Works (Cassette by the Dim Coast)
Jeff Surak – all Gold (Cassette by Staaltape)

A Celebration of Christian Wolff at Dartmouth

Source: A Celebration of Christian Wolff.


Emeritus Dartmouth music and classics professor Wolff is a seminal new music composer, having collaborated with artists like composer John Cage and choreographer Merce Cunningham and devising approaches that have influenced generations since. Featuring the protean new music ensemble ICE and more than 10 international guests, this festival explores Wolff’s body of work and the joyful invention, committed social activism and tireless curiosity that has animated it.


Exhibition–Christian Wolff: beginning anew at every ending
Sep 1–Dec 10 • Baker Library Main Hall
Celebrating the composer’s long association with Dartmouth College as a professor of music, classics and comparative literature, this exhibit highlights key aspects of Wolff’s work: indeterminacy, politics and collaboration. Sponsored by the Dartmouth Library.

Exhibition Reception
Oct 22 • 4 pm • Baker Library Main Hall

Panel Discussion–Christian Wolff: In Performance
Fri • Oct 23 • 4:30 pm • Faulkner Recital Hall, Department of Music
Wolff’s six decades of music are discussed by musicologist Amy Beal, composer/visual artist David Behrman; Hartt School of Music Composition Program Chair Robert Carl; composer Alvin Lucier; and composer/performer/writer Michael Parsons. Moderated by UC Santa Cruz Prof. Larry Polansky.

Yarn/Wire in New York Reviewed

Source: The New York Times.

Yarn/Wire’s concert on Tuesday ended without Yarn/Wire. It speaks to this unusual, insightful ensemble’s self-effacing focus on composers and their music that after playing Mark Fell’s “core, self, oscillation,” the four members — two pianists and two percussionists, celebrating the start of their 10th season together — left the stage and listened along with the audience to an electronic version of the same piece.

Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

Source: New York’s ISSUE Project Room.

THU, OCTOBER 1, 2015 – 8PM
FRI, OCTOBER 2, 2015 – 8PM
Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda
Emily Harvey Foundation: 537 Broadway #2, NYC 10012
Japanese sound artists Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda have been collaborating extensively in recent years. They perform with self-made instruments, analogue tape machines and radios, wood pieces, nails, hammer, and daily objects, by responding to the architecture, acoustics and energy of the performance space.

TUE, OCTOBER 6, 2015 – 8PM
Lonnie Holley
Artists Space Books & Talks: 55 Walker St., NYC 10013
For decades, Lonnie Holley has devoted his life to improvisational creativity. Born out of struggle, hardship, and more importantly, out of furious curiosity and biological necessity, his practice has recently manifested in sound. His deeply layered, fully improvised music and lyrics morph and evolve in each event.

TUE, OCTOBER 13, 2015 – 8PM
Malcolm Goldstein
Artists Space Books & Talks: 55 Walker St., NYC 10013
Malcolm Goldstein has extended the sonic boundaries of improvisatory practice and the violin since the early 1960s. Tonight, he presents a 4-part solo program dedicated to Ornette Coleman, including Coleman’s 1986 composition “Trinity”, a modular suite of solo pieces dedicated to the performer.

MON, OCTOBER 19, 2015 – 8PM
Andrew Lampert: The Scream House, Compositions 2015
Artists Space Books & Talks: 55 Walker St., NYC 10013
Andrew Lampert presents a collection of new and recent pieces from his deep back catalog of films, videos, and performances. This evening is built around a number of new instruction-based performances, combining elements of predetermined structure and improvisation.

Upcoming New York Concerts 

English: Marc Ribot

Source: Jazz Right Now.

Concert Listings for October 2015

October 1 (Thursday)
Denman Maroney, Robert Dick, Michael Lytle; Start Again Ensemble: Nick Jozwiak,
Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, Brandon Lopez, Charlotte Munn-Wood, Lester St. Louis,
John Welsh, Jon Lipscomb, Zachary Pruitt
Spectrum 7, 8:30 pm

October 2 (Friday)
Rallidae: Angela Morris, Alex Samaras, Dustin Carlson, Scott Colberg, Jason Nazary;
Stephen Harms, Westbrook Johnson, Dave Miller, Angela Morris
Ibeam Brooklyn 8, 9:30 pm $10
Wilfrido Terrazas, Stephanie Griffin, Chuck Verstraeten, Peter Zummo
Soup & Sound 8 pm $20

October 3 (Saturday)
Quinsin Nachoff’s Pyramid Project with Ralph Alessi, John Clark, Ryan Keberle,
Marcus Rojas, Mark Ferber Cornelia Street Café 9, 10:30 pm $10
CONCERT PICK! Esoteric: James Brandon Lewis, Adam Lane, William Hooker, Jinah Parker
The Firehouse Space 8 pm $10
Steve Dalachinsky; Vincent Chancey/Ken Filiano; Joe McPhee/Michael Bisio
6BC Garden 12 pm

October 4 (Sunday)
Nicole Peyrafitte, Connie Crothers, Michael Bisio
Bowery Poetry Club 8:30 pm
Rob Wilkerson Trio with Matt Pavolka, Tommy Crane; Peter Brendler Quartet with
Rich Perry, Peter Evans, Vinnie Sperrazza; Michael Foster Trio with Henry Fraser,
Connor Baker Threes Brewing 7 pm $15
CONCERT PICK! Warchester: Nathaniel Morgan, Anna Webber; Rallidae: Angela Morris, Alex Samaras,
Dustin Carlson, Scott Colberg, Jason Nazary
WhyNot Jazz Room 7, 8:30 pm $10
Bob Bellerue/Ed Bear; Public Speaking Quartet: Jason Anthony Harris, Johnny Butler,
Valerie Kuehne, Jeanann Dara JACK 8 pm $12
CONCERT PICK! Jason Kao Hwang/Anders Nilsson; Steve Swell/Chad Taylor; Whit Dickey/Daniel Carter
6BC Garden 2 pm
John Zorn’s Bagatelles: Josh Rubin with Dan Lippel, Mike Nicolas, Cory Smythe
The Stone 3 pm $20

October 5 (Monday)
CONCERT PICK! Nate Wooley Quintet with Josh Sinton, Matt Moran, Eivind Opsvik, Harris Eisenstadt
Threes Brewing 8:30, 10 pm $10
Phase Reader: Sam Weinberg, Jake Henry, Andrew Smiley, Jason Nazary; PascAli: Sean Ali/Pascal Niggenkemper
Delroy’s Café and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10

October 6 (Tuesday)
John Zorn Improv Night—A Stone Benefit; Miya Masaoka, Peter Evans, Jon Rose
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15-25
Color Wheel: Sebastien Ammann, Michaël Attias, Noah Garabedian, Nathan Ellman-Bell; Northern Spy: Michael Bates, Michael Blake, Jeremy “Bean” Clemons Korzo 9, 10:30 pm

October 7 (Wednesday)
Evolver Records Presents: Matthew Shipp; Lola Danza; Fung Chern Hwei; George Spanos; Ben Stapp Roulette 8 pm $20
Audrey Chen, Mark Dresser, Jon Rose; Chuck Bettis/Jon Rose
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Michael Bates Chamber Group Project; Miranda Seilaff Chamber Group with Amie Weiss, Nicola Barbieri, Jacob Sacks
SEEDS 8:30, 10 pm
Bop Kabbalah: Ty Citerman, Josh Sinton, Ben Holmes, Adam D. Gold; Zion80
Littlefield 7:30, 8:30 pm $15-20
Anna Webber, Michaël Attias, Simon Jermyn, Sam Ospovat; Danny Gouker’s Dog & Pony Show with Joe Moffett, Nick Grinder, Darius C. Jones, Dustin Carlson, Sam Ospovat Rye 9, 10:15 pm
Odd Times: Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, Kevin B. Clark, Chris Carroll
Bar Chord 9 pm

October 8 (Thursday)
Thomas Morgan Trio with Pete Rende, Dan Weiss
Cornelia Street Café 8:30 pm $10
Terrence McManus Trio with John Hébert, Billy Mintz
Spectrum 8 pm
Party Pack ICE: Adam Hopkins, Patrick Breiner, Duston Carlson, Nathan Ellman-Bell,
Eric Trudel; Myk Freedman solo Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30, 9:45 pm $10

October 9 (Friday)
Michael Bisio Accortet with Kirk Knuffke, Art Bailey, Michael Wimberly
Zürcher Gallery 8 pm
John Zorn Mini-Festival: Madrigals: Lisa Bielawa, Jane Sheldon, Sarah Brailey,
Melissa Hughes, Rachel Calloway, Kirsten Sollek; Asmodeus Plays John Zorn’s
Bagatelles: Marc Ribot, Trevor Dunn, Tyshawn Sorey
National Sawdust 8, 10 pm
CONCERT PICK! The Horns Band: Matt Pavolka, Kirk Knuffke, Loren Stillman, Jacob Garchik, Mark Ferber Cornelia Street Café 9, 10:30 pm $10
Hans Tammen, Andrew Drury, Jon Rose; Tyshawn Sorey, Denman Maroney, Jon Rose
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Adam Caine Quartet with Nick Lyons, Adam Lane, Billy Mintz
WhyNot Jazz Room 8 pm $12

October 10 (Saturday)
CONCERT PICK! Shayna Dulberger solo; Patrick Breiner’s Red Metal with Anaïs Maviel, Emily Lesbros, Sana Nagano, Chris Hoffman; Nate Wooley solo
New Revolution Arts 8, 9, 10 pm
John Zorn Mini-Festival: John Zorn, Wadada Leo Smith, Milford Graves;
Cobra: Mark Feldman, Okkyung Lee, Ikue Mori, Sylvie Courvoisier, Brian Marsella,
Eyal Maoz, Marc Ribot, Trevor Dunn, Cyro Baptista, Ches Smith, Kenny Wollesen
National Sawdust 8, 10 pm
Connie Crothers/Ursel Schlicht The Firehouse Space 8 pm $10
Stephan Crump’s Rhombal with Ellery Eskelin, Adam O’Farrill, Tyshawn Sorey
Cornelia Street Café 9, 10:30 pm $10
Kirk Knuffke/Karl Berger; Bill Cole/Lisette Santiago; Yoshiko Chuma
First Green Community Garden 2 pm

October 11 (Sunday)
CONCERT PICK! Sylvie Courvoisier/Jon Rose; Ikue Mori, John Medeski/Jon Rose
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Chris Welcome Quartet with Jonathan Moritz, Shayna Dulberger, Mike Pride,
Dustin Carlson and guests JACK 8 pm $12
Stephanie Griffin, Catherine Sikora, Ursel Schlicht, Francois Grillot, Lou Grassi
WhyNot Jazz Room 7, 8:30 pm $10
Terri Hron/Paula Matthusen; Dan Blake/Josh Sinton
The Firehouse Space 8, 9 pm $10
Ricardo Arias, Alex Waterman, Andrew Drury
Soup & Sound 7 pm $20
John Zorn’s Bagatelles: Kris Davis with Mary Halvorson, John Hébert, Tom Rainey
The Stone 3 pm $20
Fay Victor Trio with Sam Newsome, Reggie Nicholson; JD Parran’s Harlem Reunion with Sharif Kales, Baba Donn Eaton, Alexi Marcelo, Brad Jones; Resurrection Revolution: Patricia Nicholson, Jason Jordan, Michael T.A. Thompson, Jason Kao Hwang; Zak Sherzad solo
First Green Community Garden 2 pm

October 12 (Monday)
CONCERT PICK! Tomas Fujiwara Trio with Ralph Alessi, Brandon Seabrook
Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30 pm $10
Jaimie Branch, Paul Giallorenzo, Wolfgang Reisinger; The Ghost: Michael Foster,
Henry Fraser, Connor Baker Delroy’s Café and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10

October 13 (Tuesday)
Miya Masaoka, Thomas Heberer, James Ilgenfritz; Theresa Wong, Steve Swell, Paul Giallorenzo, James Ilgenfritz The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
CONCERT PICK! Trio Hornito: Oscar Noriega, Brandon Seabrook, Tom Rainey; Mat Maneri, Okkyung Lee, Stephan Crump Korzo 9, 10:30 pm
The Four Bags: Brian Drye, Jacob Garchik, Sean Moran, Mike McGinnis
Barbès 7 pm $10
Darius Jones Rendall Memorial Presbyterian Church 12, 1 pm $15

October 14 (Wednesday)
CONCERT PICK! BRIC JazzFest: Travis Laplante’s Battle Trance with Matthew Nelson, Jeremy Viner,
Patrick Breiner BRIC Arts Media House 7 pm
CONCERT PICK! Out Louds: Mary Halvorson, Ben Goldberg, Tomas Fujiwara;
Simon Jermyn 4tet with Mat Maneri, Ingrid Laubrock, Tom Rainey
SEEDS 8:30, 10 pm
The Anagram Ensemble: Anne Rhodes, Megan Schubert, Nick Hallett, James Ilgenfritz,
Ty Citerman, Eyal Maoz, Denman Maroney, Julianne Carney, Meaghan Burke,
Jay Rozen, Sam Kulik, Dan Blake, Robbie Lee, John O’Brien, Andrew Drury,
Vinnie Sperazza, Nicholas DeMaison; Forever House: Meaghan Burke, James Moore,
James Ilgenfritz, Pete Wise The Stone 8, 10 pm $15

October 15 (Thursday)
Elliott Sharp, Joe Hertenstein, James Ilgenfritz; Bhob Rainey, Carl Testa,
James Ilgenfritz The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Boss Tenor: Oscar Noriega, Chris Speed, Matt Pavolka, Nate Radley, Jesse Quarrto
Barbès 10 pm $10
Sayun Chang, On Ka’a Davis, Ben Stapp, Simone Weissenfels
The Firehouse Space 8 pm $10

October 16 (Friday)
CONCERT PICK! AACM 50th Anniversary Celebration Festival: Wadada Leo Smith Quintet with Bobby Naughton, Yuko Fujiyama, Brad Jones, Thurman Barker;
Thurman Barker Quintet with James Emery, J.D. Parran, Noah Barker, Dean Torrey
Community Church of New York 8 pm $30
Denman Maroney, Steve Olson, Oscar Noriega
Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30 pm $10

October 17 (Saturday)
CONCERT PICK! Tony Malaby’s Tubacello with Chris Hoffman, Bob Stewart, John Hollenbeck
Cornelia Street Café 9, 10:30 pm $10
MiND GAMeS: Denman Maroney, James Ilgenfritz, Andrew Drury, Angelika Niescier;
Hypercolor: Eyal Maoz, James Ilgenfritz, Lukas Ligeti
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Nick Fraser Trio with Ingrid Laubrock, Aruán Ortiz; Lina Allemano Four with
Brodie West, Adam Downing, Nick Fraser
Ibeam Brooklyn 8, 9:30 pm $10
Fire Maidens From Outer Space: Bonnie Kane, Dave Miller, Reuben Radding;
Sandra Sprecher The Firehouse Space 8 pm $10

October 18 (Sunday)
Tony Malaby’s Apparitions with Ben Gerstein, Michael Formanek, Billy Mintz,
Randy Peterson Cornelia Street Café 8:30 pm $10
CONCERT PICK! Sean Ali Mudbath String Orchestra with Franz Loriot, Fung Chern Hwei, Joanna Mattrey, Leila Bordreuil, Erica Dicker, Valerie Kuehne
JACK 8 pm $12
John Zorn’s Bagatelles: Marty Ehrlich/Mike Formanek
The Stone 3 pm $20
Loren Schoenberg solo; Kelly Green solo; Ursula Oppens Trio with Allen Lowe,
Ken Peplowski; Shayna Dulberger, Ava Mendoza, Allen Lowe, Miki Matsuki; Allen Lowe, Ray Suhy, Jake Millett and guests; Allen Lowe, Kirk Knuffke, Paul Austerlitz, Kevin Ray, Lewis Porter, Jeremy Carlstedt; Meditations on Disintegration: Lou Grassi, Allen Lowe, Kevin Ray, Hayes Greenfield, Paul Austerlitz, Randy Sandke, Bobby Zankel, Christopher Meeder, Lewis Porter Ibeam Brooklyn 3 pm $10

October 19 (Monday)
CONCERT PICK! Lester St. Louis; Natura Morta: Frantz Loriot, Sean Ali, Carlo Costa
Delroy’s Café and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10

October 20 (Tuesday)
CONCERT PICK! Battle Pieces: Nate Wooley, Ingrid Laubrock, Sylvie Courvoisier, Matt Moran, Tim Berne
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Anna Webber Quartet with Jonathan Goldberger, Adam Hopkins, Jeff Davis;
Double Double: Patrick Breiner, Will McEvoy, Adam Hopkins, Flin Van Hemmen
Korzo 9, 10:30 pm

October 21 (Wednesday)
CONCERT PICK! Psalms from Hell Cycle: Megan Schubert, Nate Wooley, Christopher Hoffman, Mariel Roberts, Shanda Wooley, Eleanor Norton; For Kenneth Gaburo: Nate Wooley
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Dana Lyn Mother Octopus with Jonathan Goldberger, Mike McGinnis, Clara Kennedy,
Vinnie Sperrazza; Rema Hasumi’s ITAK Ensemble with Sean Conly, Randy Peterson
SEEDS 8:30, 10 pm
Curriculum Quintet: Josh Sinton, Danny Gouker, Sam Weinberg, Will McEvoy,
Max Goldman; Vilray Rye 9, 10:15 pm
Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, Lena Bloch, Gernot Bernroider
Bar Chord 9 pm

October 22 (Thursday)
CONCERT PICK! Baring Teeth Burning: Nate Wooley, C. Spencer Yeh, Ryan Sawyer;
Nate Wooley/Joe McPhee The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Daniel Owen; Moonheart; Julius Masri Solo; Crispy Butter Kitchen Muchmore’s 8:30 pm

October 23 (Friday)
CONCERT PICK! AACM 50th Anniversary Celebration Festival: George Lewis Impromptus with Thurman Barker, Eli Fountain, Tyshawn Sorey; Steve and Iqua Colson
40 Years In the Moment with Marlene Rice, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille
Community Church of New York 8 pm $30
CONCERT PICK! Nate Wooley/Matthew Shipp; Nate Wooley/Gerald Cleaver
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15

October 24 (Saturday)
CONCERT PICK! Nate Wooley, Zeena Parkins, Joe Morris, P.A.L. Ytton; Nate Wooley, Ben Vida, C. Spencer Yeh, P.A.L. Ytton The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Karl Berger Orchestra The Firehouse Space 8 pm $10

October 25 (Sunday)
CONCERT PICK! Patrick Breiner’s Double Double JACK 8 pm $12
John Zorn Improv Night—A Stone Benefit with Nate Wooley, John Zorn, P.A.L. Ytton,
Josh Sinton, Matt Moran, Eivind Opsvik, Harris Eisenstadt; Nate Wooley Quintet with
Josh Sinton, Matt Moran, Eivind Opsvik, Harris Eisenstadt
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15-20
Terrence McManus, Ellery Eskelin, Billy Mintz; Tim Hagans/Joe Hertenstein with
guest Thomas Helton WhyNot Jazz Room 7, 8:30, 10 pm $10
Thomas Helton/William Parker Downtown Music Gallery 6 pm
John Zorn’s Bagatelles: Peter Evans with Steve Lehman, John Hébert, Tyshawn Sorey
The Stone 3 pm $20

October 26 (Monday)
CONCERT PICK! Nate Wooley, P.A.L. Ytton, Mat Maneri; Bass vs. Bass: Ed Rosenberg/Adam Hopkins
Delroy’s Café and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10

October 27 (Tuesday)
Jacob Garchik’s ye Olde with Vinnie Sperrazza, Brandon Seabrook, Mary Halvorson,
Jonathan Goldberger Bowery Electric 8 pm
CONCERT PICK! Ron Anderson/Ava Mendoza; Ron Anderson, Chris Pitsiokos, Max Johnson, Mike Pride
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Dan Weiss Trio with Jacob Sacks; Knuckleball: Daniel Levine, Edward Johnson,
Devin Gray Korzo 9, 10:30 pm
Billy Martin/Brian Drye Duo; Albrecht Maurer, Mat Maneri, Lucian Ban
Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30, 9:30 pm $15

October 28 (Wednesday)
CONCERT PICK! Ron Anderson, Chris Cochrane, Brian Chase, Michael Evans;
Ron Anderson/Brian Chase Duo The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Stephan Crump solo; Judith Insell solo; Patricia Lopes with Paula Mirhan, Ohad Talmor
SEEDS 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 pm
Jaimie Branch, Shayna Dulberger, Gino Robair; Ben Cohen Group with Aaron Quinn,
Deric Dickens Rye 9, 10:15 pm

October 29 (Thursday)
Briggan Krauss The Firehouse Space 8 pm $10
Ron Anderson, Robert L. Pepper, Amber Brien, Al Margolis, Chuck Bettis,
Michael Evans; Ron Anderson, Elliott Sharp, Zachary Pruitt, Kevin Shea
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15

October 30 (Friday)
CONCERT PICK! AACM 50th Anniversary Celebration Festival: Reggie Nicholson solo; AACM All Star
Ensemble: Muhal Richard Abrams, LaRoy Wallace McMillan, Amina Claudine Myers,
Leonard Jones, Reggie Nicholson Community Church of New York 8 pm $30
Urs Leimgruber, Jacques Demierre, Barre Phillips
Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30 pm $15
Jason Rigby Detroit-Cleveland Trio with Cameron Brown, Gerald Cleaver
Cornelia Street Café 9, 10:30 pm $10
Ron Anderson, Anthony Coleman, Shelly Hirsch, Sarah Bernstein, Michael Evans;
Ron Anderson/Steve Buchanan The Stone 8, 10 pm $15

October 31 (Saturday)
PAK or Not: Ron Anderson, Stuart Popejoy, Sarah Bernstein, Nonoko Yoshida,
Lucas Collins; Ron Anderson, Victor Poison-Tete, Tim Dahl, Keith Abrams,
Robert L. Pepper The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
CONCERT PICK! Urs Leimgruber, Jacques Demierre, Barre Phillips
Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30 pm $15
Katie Bull with Jeff Lederer, Landon Knoblock, Ratzo Harris, George Schuller
WhyNot Jazz Room 6 pm $12