The Spectrum in October

Rocco Di Pietro

Source: New York’s Spectrum.

– Acoustic Frontiers curated by Michael Lytle, Denman Maroney & Robert Dick (Oct. 1)

– Nico Letman’s Spectral Interzone (Oct. 1)

– Karl Larson & Ashley Bathgate’s Album Fundraiser (Oct. 2)

– Nathan Peck’s Top Dead Center Album Release show (Oct. 2)

– Marco Cappelli (Oct. 4)

– Vox Temporum curated by Brian Erickson & Lester St. Louis (Oct. 4)

– Carlton Vickers (Oct. 5)

– Terrance McManus, John Hebert & Billy Mintz (Oct. 8)

– Xue Yang Liu curated by Michael Vincent Waller (Oct. 9)

– Mick Rossi’s Outliers series returns with Music for Four Musicians: Rossi, CJ Camerieri, Michael Bates & Jeff Davis (Oct. 10 )

– IDN (Oct. 10)

– Jay Rozen: Album Release show for Naked Singularity (Oct. 11)

– Dan Lippel (Oct. 11)

– Groupmuse: Album Release show for Conrad Tao (Oct. 12)

– Columbus/NYC New Music Exchange with Rocco Di Pietro, Larry Marotta, Robert Dick & Andrew Drury (Oct. 15)

– Derek Piotr (Oct. 15)

– Se-Hee Jin and friends present a Composer Portrait of Louis Karchin (Oct. 16)

– Hoos-Foos: DJ Sparr, Craig Morris & Todd Matthews (Oct. 16)

– Tentative: Lars Graugaard & Keisuke Matsuno (Oct. 17)

– John King’s Born into Flames Series with Dorian Wallace (Oct. 17)

– Ramin Arjomand’s Reinterpretations Series (Oct. 18)

– Guy Barash’s Eavesdropping Series returns with Guy and the Graphics (Oct. 18)

– Elisabeth Valletti’s Album Release show (Paris) (Oct. 22)

– Jessica Meyer (Oct. 22)

– Saara Wallraf (Berlin) (Oct. 23)

– Alessandra Novaga (Milan) (Oct. 23)

– Matthew Anderson (Oct. 24)

– Late Night with The Brothers Balliett (Oct. 24)

– Tentative: Evan Johnson Composer Portrait (Oct. 25)

– Ann Cleare & Timothy McCormack duo portrait (Oct. 25)

– Zach Seely’s (con)temporary (in)sights series featuring Richard Craig (Oct. 26)

– Apotheosis of Virginity: John King & Jorge Chikiar (Argentina)(Oct. 26)

– Simon Jermyn (Oct. 28)

– Kristin Norderval/Frances White Album Release party (Oct. 28)

– Sophia Vastek/sTem: Schoenburg’s Erwatung (Oct. 29)

– Richard Warp presents Audio Engineering Society Concert (Oct. 29)

– Spectrum Friday Prog featuring Ricky Graham (Oct. 30)

– Elan Sicroff (Oct. 30)

– Elan Sicroff Lecture Recital (Oct. 31)

– Spectrum’s Fourth Annual Acoustic Candlelit Halloween Concert (Oct. 31)

Creative Music in DC

Events at Union Arts DC
Every Monday @ 7pm
Creative Music Workshop
The Creative Music Workshop brings together some of DC’s most dedicated Creative Musicians together. Each session features an opportunity to explore various aspects of improvised music and experimentalism.
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE

Every 2nd Sunday of the Month
CapitalBop’s DC Jazz Loft
The DC Jazz Loft showcases and stimulates the talent and forward-focused creative thought that is occurring in the DC Jazz community. On the second Sunday of every month, at Union Arts DC, a variety of idioms and approaches to Jazz are presented by members of the diverse local scene.
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE

Saturday, October 3 @ 8pm
In the Sea w/Tristan Honsinger :: Noah Getz/Bobby Muncy Duo
Tristan Honsinger started improvising in Montreal more than forty years ago, prior to his decisive move to Europe, where he’s been at the centre of improvised music activity ever since. So this group represents an oblique sort of homecoming, as well as an introduction to some of this city’s finest players today, some born after his departure in the seventies. Their rapport is obvious, the results a satisfying mixture of musical empathy and creative conflict. Tristan plays with characteristic daring from his reserves of readymade tune fragments and shards of poetry and into the protean unknown that is the foundation for the best group improvising. Josh Zubot, Isaiah Ceccarelli, and Nicolas Caloia don’t merely follow him there, but provoke him – and each other – in ways that are, by turns, subtle, assertive, and irreverent. A superb encounter.
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE

Sunday, October 11 @ 7:30pm
Igmar Thomas & The Cypher :: Donvonte McCoy & the 3rd Floor
Igmar Thomas & the Cypher, featuring DJ Raydar Ellis and vocalist Chris Turner is one of the most exciting bands around today, with a masterful blend of hip-hop and jazz that is all its own. Igmar Thomas has played with some of the biggest names in jazz and hip-hop, and he’s currently overseas on a tour with Ms. Lauryn Hill. He’ll get back to the States just in time to bring his stew of big band jazz and hip-hop aesthetics to D.C. Fans of acts like The Roots might just lose it upon exposure to the intense power of the Cypher, a seven-piece group that carefully gels Golden Era hip-hop and contemporary jazz into a neo-jazz sound that’s entirely of the present moment.
1901 Mississippi Ave SE
Located next to the Southern Ave metro stop on the Green Line

Sunday, October 11 @ 7pm
Lucien Ban & Matt Maneri Duo
New York-resident Romanian pianist Lucian Ban and American violinist and viola-player Mat Maneri offer a compelling union of sounds and approach. Maneri’s melancholy sound and imaginative phrasing have been guided by the philosophies of his microtonalist sax-playing father Joe, Ornette Coleman‘s free-jazz, 12-tone and baroque music – though he retains a clear affection for old-school jazz-violin swing. Ban suggests Keith Jarrett, Monk and early Abdullah Ibrahim with 20th-century classical infusions.
Bohemian Caverns
2001 11th Street NW
Located on the corner of 11th and U Streets NW

Thursday, October 15 @ 8pm
Audrey Chen/Flandrew Fleisenber :: Garrett/Scheible/Stewart/Tucker
AUDREY CHEN (voice/cello)
Fleisenberg is a player of objects. Drums only fall peripherally into his spectrum, while he is mostly fascinated in coaxing out the inherent material characters of “mundane things”. These wide manipulations of external implements draw an aural architecture around Chen’s internally driven sonic language. Her own deeply personal yet unconventional uses of the voice and cello, in combination with Fleisenberg’s material conjuring, creates a wordless discourse inside of a constantly breathing tactile space.
LAYNE GARRETT (electro-acoustic objects)
NATE SCHEIBLE (percussion/tapes)
LUKE STEWART (bass/electronics)
JENNY TUCKER (sax/objects)
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE

Friday – Sunday, October 16 – 18 @ 8pm
Pharoah Sanders
Bohemian Caverns Legends of Jazz Series
Pharoah Sanders was born into a musical family. Sanders’ early favorites included Harold Land, James Moody, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Parker, and John Coltrane. In 1961, Sanders moved to New York. Unable to make a living with his music, Sanders took to pawning his horn, working non-musical jobs, and sometimes sleeping on the subway. During this period he played with a number of free jazz luminaries, including Sun Ra, Don Cherry, and Billy Higgins. In 1964, Coltrane asked Sanders to sit in with his band. The following year, Sanders was playing regularly with the Coltrane group. Coltrane’s ensembles with Sanders were some of the most controversial and groundbreaking in the history of jazz. Their music represents a near total desertion of traditional jazz concepts, in favor of a teeming, irregularly structured, organic mixture of sound for sound’s sake. Strength was a necessity in that band, and as Coltrane realized, Sanders had it in abundance. Pharoah Sanders possesses one of the most distinctive tenor saxophone sounds in jazz. Harmonically rich and heavy with overtones, Sanders’ sound can be as raw and abrasive as it is possible for a saxophonist to produce. As a result, Sanders is highly regarded to the point of reverence by a great many jazz fans.
Bohemian Caverns
2001 11th Street NW
Located on the corner of 11th and U Streets NW

Robert Rich Interview

Source: Innerviews.

For composer Robert Rich, writing and recording music are acts of communion. Since the dawn of his career, an era captured in a recent vinyl box set titled Premonitions 1980-1985, Rich has focused on infusing his expansive electronic works with deep personal meaning, drawing from realms such as philosophy, biology, astrophysics, and spirituality.

Rich’s output is frequently classified as space music, ambient, electronica or soundscapes. Depending on the project, one or more of these descriptions may have a potential resonance. But the San Francisco Bay Area native prefers listeners put preconceptions aside and explore the larger narrative being communicated and the emotions they inspire.

The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Raphael Rogiński – Plays John Coltrane and Langston Hughes. African Mystic Music (Bôłt, 2015) ****½
Darius Jones Quartet (featuring Emilie Lesbros) – Le Bébé de Brigitte (Lost In Translation) (AUM FIDELITY, 2015) ***½
Otomo Yoshihide – Guitar Solo 2015 LEFT (Doubtmusic, 2015) ****
Ben Goldberg – Let’s Cool One
Evan Parker, Joe Morris and Nate Wooley – Ninth Square (Clean Feed, 2015) ****
Fred Frith/Evan Parker – Hello, I Must Be Going (Victo, 2015) ****½
Evan Parker/Peter Jacquemyn – Marsyas Suite (El Negocito Records,2015) ****
Evan Parker/Motoharu Yoshizawa – Two Chaps (Chap Chap Records,2015) *** ½

Music Unlimited in Wels, Austria

Source: KV Waschaecht.

Friday, Nov. 6

7pm @ Schl8hof
Harmolodic Affection
Joe McPhee, Isabelle Duthoit,
Michael Zerang, Christof Kurzmann

Duo Marinare
Enza Prestia,
Cristina Vetrone

Irene Schweizer & Louis Moholo

Tobias Delius Quartet
Tristan Honsinger, Joe Williamson,
Han Bennink

Solo Concerts by
Katharina Klement
Kaja Draksler
Susanna Gartmayer

Saturday, Nov. 7

2pm @ Medien Kultur Haus
Werner Dafeldecker, Hilary Jeffery

3pm @ Im Pavillon
Leonel Kaplan & Klaus Filip

7pm @ Schl8hof
Scanning Grisey
Gerald Preinfalk, Ernesto Molinari,
Uli Fussenegger, Christof Kurzmann

The Pitch
Michael Thieke, Boris Baltschun,
Koen Nutters, Morten J. Olsen

Sidsel Endresen

Alfred Harth “Hope”
Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Nasuno Mitsuru, Chris Cutler

Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger, Michael Lahner,
Katharina Ernst, Conny Zenk

Solo Concerts by
Elisabeth Harnik
Manon-Liu Winter
Didi Kern
Irena Tomazin
Sunday, Nov. 8

2pm @ Stadttheater Wels
Les grandes répétitions:
Cecil Taylor ou la découverte du free jazz
Film, Luc Ferrari, 45 Min., F 1968

3pm @ Im Pavillon
The International Nothing
Kai Fagaschinski, Michael Thieke

7pm @ Schl8hof
Christian Fennesz & Burkhard Stangl

Anna Högberg Attack!
Malin Wättring, Elin Larsson, Lisa Ullén, Elsa Bergman, Anna Lund

“Songs about Love and other Relationships”
Michael Zerang Solo & Carla Bozulich Solo

Sophie Agnel & John Butcher

DKV Trio
Hamid Drake, Kent Kessler,
Ken Vandermark

Solo Concerts by
Thomas Lehn
Mats Gustafsson
Agnes Hvizdalek
Franz Hautzinger

Stick Men Tour Dates

Source: Stick Men.

STICK MEN featuring TONY LEVIN, MARKUS REUTER & PAT MASTELOTTO is on the tour in Europe for 3.5 weeks.

Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto have just finished the first leg of King Crimson shows and as soon as the Stick Men tour is over, King Crimson is on tour again. A very busy season for Tony and Pat.

Sept. 30 – Verona (Italy) – Il Giardino
Oct. 1 – Sofia (Bulgaria) – HDK Hall 11 (Lumiere Cinema)
Oct. 2 – Delemont (Switzerland) – Centre Culturelle Regional
Oct. 3 – Sala (Switzerland) – Rockland
Oct. 5 – Oslo (Norway) – Buckley’s
Oct. 6 – Malmo (Sweden) – Moriska Pavijongen
Oct. 7 – Göteborg (Sweden) – Nefertiti
Oct. 9 – Bergen (Norway) – Sardinen USF
Oct. 10 – Opole (Poland) – Dom Expo
Oct. 11 – Wroclaw (Poland) – Zaklete Rewiry
Oct. 12 – Prague (Czech Republik) – Lucerna Bar
Oct. 13 – Reichenbach (Germany) – Bergkeller
Oct. 15 – Bonn (Germany) – Harmonie
Oct. 16 – Zoetermeer (Netherlands) – Cultuurpodium Boerderij
Oct. 17 – Münster (Germany) – Hot Jazz Club
Oct. 18 – Hertogenbosh (Netherlands) – W2
Oct. 20 – Verviers (Belgium) – Spirit of 66
Oct. 21 – Karlsruhe (Germany) – Substage
Oct. 22 – Reutlingen (Germany) – Kulturzentrum FranzK