Vital Weekly Reviews 999

Merzbow, prominent Japanoise musician, in 2007

Source: Vital Weekly.

Akira Sakata &Amp; Jim O’rourke Withd Chikamorachi &Amp; Merzbow – Flying Basket (Cd by Family Vineyard) *
Loren Connors – Live in New York (Cd by Family Vineyard) *
Jose Maceda – Field Recordings in Philippines (2cd by Concrete) *
Sqid (2cd by Mikroton) *
Mural – Tempo (3cd by Sofa) *
Troum &Amp; Raison D’être – DE Aeris in Sublunaria Influxu (Cd by Essence Music) *
Elliott Shrap – the Boreal (Cd by Starkland) *
Michael Begg/human Greed – Hivernant (Cd by Omnempathy) *
Jocelyn Robert – the Maze (Cd by Fragment Factory) *
Miki Yui – Oscilla (Cd by My) *
Guy Harries &Amp; Yumi Hara Cawkwell – Sonic Rituals (Lp by Migro Records)
Guy Harries &Amp; Yumi Hara – Wheels Within Wheels (Cdr by Sombre Soniks) *
Protovulcan – Stakes Is Low (Cdr by Toy Moon) *
Nick Schofield & Stefan Christoff – Reves Sonores a Montreal (Cdr by Howl Arts) *
Marco Ferrazza – Inextricable (Cdr by Luscinia Discos) *
Xu[e] – Brown Jenkin (Cdr by Thirsty Leaves Music) *
…Should Be Feared (?) Thirsty Leaves Music Presents Vol. 1 (Cdr by Thirsty Leaves Music)
Modelbau – Getaway (3″cdr by Korm Digitaal) *
Modelbau – Hyphen (Cassette by Powdered Hearts Records) *
Ex You – Whatknot (Cassette by Small Scale Music)
Le Foret Rouge – Hors DE Tout Doute Deraisonnable (Trilogie Du Doute Ii) (Cassette by Small Scale Music)