Tyondai Braxton Profiled

English: Tyondai_Braxton, moers festival 2008

Source: Wilmette Week.

As an experimental musician, Tyondai Braxton is aware that once he starts talking about one of his projects, he is susceptible to sounding like an asshole. It comes with the territory, really. Whenever an artist working along the avant-garde fringe is pressed to explain inscrutable ideas, there’s a risk of making the music even more impenetrable—and of coming off like a total wanker.

But for Braxton, explaining himself is part of his process. As he sees it, interviews are a gesture of inclusiveness, a way of opening up the music rather than walling it off to anyone who isn’t a composition major. If he seems, as The New York Times observed, “openly self-conscious of any pretension” when discussing his art, it’s because he’s careful not to violate the spirit in which it was made.