Vital Weekly Reviews 998

Source: Vital Weekly.

She Spread Sorrow – Rumspringa (Cd by Cold Spring Records) *
Sir Ashleigh Grove – the Nimply Power Sessions Parts I-vii/audio Memoirs of a Gentleman Aesthete (Cd by Siren Records) *
Stepmother – Calvary Greetings (Cd by Megaphone/knock ‘M Dead)
Decoder Ensemble Für Aktuelle Musik (Cd by Ahornfelder)
Olan Mill – Cavade Morlem (Cd by Dronarivm) *
Kostis Kilymis – Bethnal Greener (Lp by Rekem Records)
Sebastian Strinning – Kerrin (Lp by Wide Ear Records)
Psywarfare – Throw Away the Ocean (7″ by the Tide of the End)
Svartvit – Burned the Candle at Both Ends (Cassette, Private)
Vertonen – Send the Call out Send (Double Cdr by Ballast) *
Ujif_notfound – [Pre] (Cdr by Kvitnu) *
Jean-louis Huhta – No History No Future (Cdr by Glistening Examples) *
Jason Lescalleet – This Is What I Do Volume Ten (Cdr by Glistening Examples) *
Jela Bauer &Amp; Martyn Schmidt – Obwohl Kein Schall Zu Hören Ist (Cdr by Des Etudes Blanches) *
Martin Lau – Numen (Cdr by Atemwerft) *
Lärmschutz – Re: Review (Cassette by Barreuh Records)