Lampo Fall Schedule

Lampo’s programs are chosen with careful consideration to make a balanced season of events. These programs, many of which feature rare Midwest appearances, attract a broad and diverse audience and give the public opportunities to directly experience the work of music’s leading innovators.

Source: Chicago’s Lampo.

LE REVELATEUR (Sabrina Ratte & Roger Tellier Craig)
Thursday Sep 24 – 7PM
Gene Siskel Film Center
In partnership with Conversations at the Edge; support provided by mediaThe foundation inc.

Le Révélateur is Montreal-based video artist Sabrina Ratté and musician Roger Tellier-Craig (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Fly Pan Am). Using digital and analogue tools, the two produce mesmerizing audiovisual performances of pulsing light corridors, abstract color washes, spaced out synths and jump-cut rhythms—paying homage to the pioneers of electronic and computer art, while exploring entirely new dimensions. In this special program, the duo performs a new, long-form composition and screens a selection of Ratté’s short videos, including Activated Memory (2011), Littoral Zones, Landfall, and Habitat (all from 2014), with sound by Tellier-Craig.

Friday Oct 9 – 8PM
Chicago Cultural Center
In partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial and the Goethe-Institut Chicago

Florian Hecker will premiere Reformulations, an ambitious multichannel work created for Lampo and the Chicago Architecture Biennial, offering an auditory dramatization of the space in Preston Bradley Hall. Hecker, who lives and works in Kissing, Germany, and Edinburgh, United Kingdom, develops sound installations and live performances. With 17 speakers under the Tiffany dome, this will be his largest Chicago project to date.

Saturday Nov 21 – 8PM
In partnership with the Graham Foundation; support provided by the the American-Scandinavian Foundation

Norwegian artist Stine Janvin Motland presents her solo project In Labour. In this piece, the remarkable vocalist challenges the concert format and raises questions about how we listen. With an omnidirectional, wireless microphone, she moves between rooms outside and around the performance space. Her vocal abstractions and the surrounding ambience are transmitted live to the audience, offering the concert as a sort of live radio play with a remote narrator. Motland also will perform a solo improvisation.

Saturday Dec 12 – 8PM
In partnership with the Graham Foundation
In his Chicago debut, artist James Hoff presents new 4-channel work using computer viruses as agents within his composition process. Specifically, he uses viruses to infect beats, where the mutated results become the building blocks for new compositions. Hoff’s interest in computer viruses lies in their ability to self-distribute through (and ultimately disrupt) networks of communication, and Hoff’s agency as an artist centers on placing these parasitic forms into pre-existing genres, such as dance music.