Bestia Festival, Curated by John Zorn, December 5-6 in Mexico City

From Bestia Festival, a rough translation follows.

The 3rd edition of BEAST Festival is curated by John Zorn, one of the most influential artists of the scene avant-garde New Yorker of the past 4 decades. While the first edition of the Festival was set as the closing of the international tour of the celebrations of its 60th anniversary, Zorn at 60 , performed in prestigious and landmarks such as the MOMA, MET, Guggenheim and Diego Rivera Museum Anahuacalli in Mexico where he presented and he led his ensemble Moonchild (Mike Patton, John Medeski, Trevor Dunn and Joey Baron).

This time the festival expands its program with the support and co-production of the National Auditorium and alternate forum Lunario under marathons Zorn made ​​this year to comprehensively present their work. The Masada Marathon to perform in Bogota for the first time in Latin America as well as presented at LACMA ( LA County Museum of Art ), inspired programming BEAST 2015.

This year more than 25 national and international musicians of first level as Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Fantomas), Bill Laswell, Secret Chiefs 3, Abraxas and Klezmerson, among others, involved with Zorn in the interpretation of Masada, as well as proposals jazz, rock and improvisation.

The closing of the Festival will be held with the Latin American premiere of the film most representative of German Expressionism, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari , restored and performed live by John Zorn who see first run the version monumental organ of the National Auditorium : the largest instrument of Mexico, Latin America and the seventh in the world in an event especially to highlight the organ as equity.