Chicago Scene: August 22-28, 2015

English: Mary Halvorson, Jazz guitarist; Pictu...

This is a weekly overview live avant performances in the Chicago area.  Contact us if you’d like your shows listed.

Saturday, August 22nd 2015

4:00PM at Experimental Sound Studio, 5925 N Ravenswood, 773.769.1069 ($10-$8, $25 series pass)
SummerSonic 2015
Spirit Writing : Jon Mueller, Jaime Fennelly, Fred Lonberg-Holm
Moon Bros.

7:00PM at the Rhythm Room, 1715 Maple Ave, Evanston IL, 847.491.9723 (Free)
Jimmy Bennington Colour and Sound Trio

Sunday, August 23rd 2015

Jimmy Bennington Colour And Sound, Artie Black, Dustin Laurenzi, Mike Harmon
9:30PM at The Whistler, 2421 N Milwaukee (Free) (wheelchair-accessible)
Glad Cloud Ambient Music Series
Reid Karris, Dan Bitney
Muyassar Kurdi

Monday, August 24th 2015
7:30PM at Experimental Sound Studio, 5925 N Ravenswood, 773.769.1069 ($10-$5)
Option Series
Silvia Bolognesi, Avreeayl Ra

9:00PM at Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont, 773.281.4444 (wheelchair-accessible)
Extraordinary Popular Delusions : Jim Baker, Edward Wilkerson Jr, Brian Sandstrom, Steve Hunt

9:00PM at Elastic, 3429 W Diversey, #208, 773.772.3616 ($10)
Rob Clearfield Trio with Curt Bley, Quin Kirchner
Keefe Jackson Quartet with Mr Highland, Joshua Abrams, Mikel Avery

Tuesday, August 25th 2015
5:30PM at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 E Chicago, 312.280.2660 (wheelchair-accessible)
Tuesdays on the Terrace
Tatsu Aoki’s Miyumi Project

9:00PM at Elastic, 3429 W Diversey, #208, 773.772.3616 ($10)
Stirrup : Fred Lonberg-Holm, Nick Macri, Charles Rumback, special guest Peter Maunu, Avreeayl Amen Ra

Wednesday, August 26th 2015

7:00PM at the Cobra Lounge, 235 N Ashland Ave, 312.226.6300 (wheelchair-accessible)
Jimmy Bennington Colour and Sound, With Fred Jackson Jr, Devin Foster

7:30PM at Comfort Station, 2579 N Milwaukee ($5 donation)
Josh Berman, Jason Stein, Aaron Zarzutzki
Mercedes Landazuri

8:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western ($10)
Tomeka Reid, Mary Halvorson, Jason Roebke, Tomas Fujiwara

9:00PM at Elastic, 3429 W Diversey, #208, 773.772.3616
Dave Rempis, Joshua Abrams, Avreeayl Ra

Friday, August 28th 2015

9:00PM at Elastic, 3429 W Diversey, #208, 773.772.3616
The Hunger Of Erysichthon : For electronic music ensemble
Michael Zerang, with Jim Baker, Todd Carter , Jacob Kart, Joseph Kramer, Brian Labycz, Joseph Clayton Mills, Jason Soliday, Aaron Zarzutzki

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Alec K. redfearn & the Eyesores to Tour US and Europe

From Cuneiform Records.


Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores includes:
Alec K. Redfearn: vocals, accordion
Ember Schrag: vocals, organ, guitar
Christopher Sadlers: upright bass, vocals
Ann Schattle: French horn
Matt McLaren: drums, percussions

August 22 – Beacon, NY, USA
Quinn’s – 330 Main St, Beacon, NY

August 23 – New York, NY, USA
Trans Pecos – 915 Wyckoff Ave, Queens, NY

September 16 – Toulouse, FR
Les Pavillons Sauvages – Toulouse, FR

September 17 – TBA

September 18 – Toulouse, FR
Le Bol Rouge – Toulouse, FR – Alec K. Redfearn solo

September 19 – Albi, FR
Albi, FR (House show)

September 20 – Carmaux, FR
Rock In Opposition Festival – Carmaux, FR

September 21 – Galgan, FR
Galgan, FR (Peyrator + Vespre)

September 22 – TBA

September 23 – Frankfurt, DE
Dreikoenigskeller – Frankfurt, DE

September 24 – Bruxelles, BE
Centre Vincent Van Gogh – Bruxelles, BE

September 25 – Liège, BE
L’An Vert – Liège, BE

September 26 – Dunkerque, FR
Fructôse – Dunkerque, FR

September 27 – Moyen, FR
Un Peu de Piment – Moyen, FR

September 28 – Metz/Nancy, FR
TBA – Metz/Nancy, FR

September 29 – Lille, FR
La Malterie – Lille, FR

September 30 – Paris, FR
L’Alimentation Générale – Paris, FR

October 24 – Providence, RI, USA
Steelyard Iron Pour – Providence, RI

Winter & Winter Label Profiled

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Record companies are routinely depicted as the music business’s evil exploiters, with many a tale of rip-offs, mismanagement, bullying and cocaine. Thankfully there are also many people from multinational and independent labels who are driven to promote the music they love. Oddly, given the breadth of the musical world, two who particularly stand out are both Munich-based. One is ECM Records‘ Manfred Eicher​ and the other Stefan Winter, who this year celebrates 30 years as a producer, firstly for his JMT (Jazz Music Today) imprint, then since 1997 for Winter & Winter.

Eddie Prevost, Evan Parker and John Edwards at Cafe Oto Reviewed

British saxophonist Evan Parker

From All About Jazz:

“There won’t be any tunes.” That was the response to the inquiry from a passing tourist as to what to they might expect. A fairly accurate answer you might think given the line up of saxophonist Evan Parker, drummer Eddie Prevost and bassist John Edwards. But what was anticipated in the place of hummable ditties was clearly proving a draw as a long queue stretched back from the door into north London’s Cafe Oto. Given that Parker appears at least once a month in the capital, courtesy of his regular gig at the Vortex just up the road, the line was testament to the drawing power of this particular aggregation.