In Gardens Fall Schedule

English: Jason Kao Hwang live at Saalfelden 20...

From New York’s Arts for Art

InGardens is Arts for Art’s annual celebration of innovative art in local community gardens. For three weekends In Gardens bring free performances of cutting edge creative music, poetry into our community gardens. In a city full of concrete venues, our performers and audiences too rarely have the chance to experience art in beautiful, open, green spaces.

Saturday 09/19 at Children’s Magical The Sandra Bland Series
2pm Anais Maviel Solo voice, percussion
3pm Cristian Amigo guitar / Juan Pablo Carletti drums
4pm Yoni Kretzmer sax / Max Johnson bass

Sunday 09/20 at Children’s Magical The Sandra Bland Series
2pm Juan Quinonez Quartet
Hayes Greenfield alto / Larry Roland bass / Jackson Krall drums / Juan Quinonez guitar
3pm Ras Moshe sax / John Pietaro vibes / Luke Stewart bass
4pm Juan Pablo Carletti Trio :
Daniel Levin cello / Brandon Lopez bass / Juan Pavblo Carletti drums

Saturday 09/26 at Children’s Magical The Sandra Bland Series
2pm Nick Lyons Group
3pm While We Still Have Bodies’
Michael Foster: reeds,objects,samples / Ben Gerstein: trombone,samples
Sean Ali: bass,samples / Flin van Hemmen: percussion
4pm Michael Wimberly Solo

Sunday 09/27 @ 6BC Garden Earth Justice
2pm Lamb/Dulberger Duo
Andrew Lamb sax / Shayna Dulberger bass
3pm Todd Nicholson bass / Newman Taylor Baker drums
4pm Jonathan Finlayson trp / Brian Settles sax

Saturday 10/3 @ 6BC Garden Earth Justice
12pm Steve Dalachinsky words
1pm Vincent Chancey french horn / Ken Filiano bass
2pm Bisio / McPhee Duo
Joe McPhee – sax trp / Michael Bisio bass

Sunday 10/4 @ 6BC Garden Earth Justice
2pm Jason Kao Hwang violin / Anders Nilsson guitar
3pm Steve Swell trombone / Chad Taylor drums
4pm Whit Dickey drums / Daniel Carter reeds

Saturday 10/10 @ FIRST STREET GREEN the Un-Columbus Celebration
2pm Kirk Knufke trumpet / Karl Berger vibes
3pm Bill Cole double reeds / Lisette Santiago percussion
4pm Dance Yoshiko Chuma

Sunday 10/11 @ FIRST STREET GREEN the Un-Columbus Celebration
2pm Fay Victor Trio
Fay Victor – voice / Sam Newsome – soprano sax / Reggie Nicholson – drums
3pm JD Parran’s ‘ Harlem Reunion’
Sharif Kales trumpet / Baba Donn Eaton perc. / Alexi Marcelo piano
Brad Jones bass / J D Parran -tenor
4pm ‘Resurrection Revolution’(R&R)
Patricia Nicholson & Jason Jordan dance
TA Thompson drums / Jason Kao Hwang violin
4:30 Zak Sherzad Solo

Monday 10/12 @ FIRST STREET GREEN the Un-Columbus Celebration
2pm Larry Roland The Neo-Urban Folk Project
Larry Roland bass, words / Michael Moss reeds / Michael Wimberly drums
3pm James Brandon Lewis Trio
James Brandon Lewis sax / Luke Stewart bass / Warren Trae Cruddup III drs
4pm Michael TA Thompson Trio
Michael Attias sax / Ken Filiano bass / Michael TA Thompson drums