Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 18/2015

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Iskra 1903 Chapter One: Paul Rutherford, Derek Bailey, Barry Guy

John Russell with…: John Ruddell, Guitar with Various Musicans

Matt Lavelle
Sumari: Matt Lavelle, Tp, Cornet, Flglhrn, a Cl/ Jack Desalvo/ Tom Cabrera

Line Art Records
Bill Payne, Cl/ Eva Lindal, Vln/ Carol Leibowitz, P

Every Sunday: Jason Roebke, B/ Marcus Evans, Dr/ Matthew Schneider, G

a Kind of Zoo: Paulo Mesquita, P/ Pedro Oliveira, Dr

Friction: Daniel Levin, Cello/ Nate Wooley, Tpt/ Matt Moran, Vib/ Torbjorn Zetterberg, B

Urban Furrow: Frantz Loriot Manuel Perovic Notebook Large Ensemble

David Panton

Live at Aston University: One Music Ensemble

One Music Ensemble 1976 &Amp; 78: David Panton/ Anthony Pither/ Nick Solomon

Mike Mahaffay
East Meets West: Tres Gone Ensemble

Meta Records
13 Episodes: Susanna Dill/ Gilbert Paeffgen

Rich Halley
Creating Structure: Rich Halley4

35th Anniversary Moscow: Gratkowski/ Kruglov/ Nabatov/ Yudanov

AMN Reviews: Alberto Novello & Flavio Zanuttini – Le Retour des Oiseaux [bandcamp]

a2144835138_16John Cage may have had a book titled For the Birds, but his contemporary, Olivier Messiaen, often composed from the birds. Messiaen’s adaption of birdsong to art music was the foundation of his work from the early 1950s onward, and this provides the inspiration for Alberto Novello and Flavio Zanuttini’s Le Retour des Oiseaux.

To be sure, Novello, an Italian sound artist currently residing in the Netherlands, is no ornithologist, though he does bring a rigorous scientific background to music. Originally trained as a nuclear physicist in Trieste, he eventually obtained a doctorate in music psychology after taking a master’s degree in a multidisciplinary program in art, science and technology. His work addresses the interaction of sound and perception and the associations that result—a kind of musical phenomenology afforded by the application of new technologies to sound production. Le Retour des Oiseaux is consistent with this program; on it Novello, who goes by the name JesterN, works with real-time electronic manipulation of sound to devise an aural plasticity that plays on the listener’s attentiveness, memory and willingness to recognize the audio uncanny in the deliberate distortion of sound properties. Joining him is Udine flugelhornist Flavio Zanuttini, a musician whose background embraces big band jazz, free improvisation, contemporary art music and points beyond. He and Novello worked together previously on a 2013 remake of Don Cherry’s Complete Communion, undertaken by Zanuttini’s punk-jazz group Arbe Gabe. Their collaboration on Le Retour des Oiseaux is a more cerebral affair, rooted as it is in the tradition of the electroacoustic avant-garde. The result is a set of masterfully constructed, coloristic works emerging from the fecund meeting of acoustic brass and the technological imagination.

Each of the five pieces is named for one of the letters spelling out “BIRDS,” a bit of language play that alludes perhaps to what the musicians describe as their philological interest in Messiaen’s aesthetic. Novello and Zanuttini’s own aesthetic consists in the complex aggregation and separation of Zanuttini’s live and recorded flugelhorn with Novello’s electronic inventions. The resulting music is texturally rich and highly spatialized, though apparently the recording is only a partial representation of the original live performance, which involved a quadrophonic sound system and a visual component as well.

But what of the birds? Oblique refigurations of birdsong do weave in and out of the pieces, whether as the ambiguous chirpings of electronics or in the short, repeated motifs of the flugelhorn. From the very first track we hear an electronic simulacrum of distant masses of birds engulfed by rising winds; the flugelhorn comes in with a three-note melody that serves as the core of an accelerating improvisation. Assisted by Novello’s real-time recording, playback and superimposition, Zanuttini takes this compact cluster of tones and combines, reiterates and varies them, much as a calling bird might do (albeit a particularly deep-throated one). The overall pattern holds for I, where Zanuttini plays fragments of the whole tone scale, adding and subtracting chromatic tones as he develops his line, while Novello contributes samples of birdsong—or electronic mimicry of birdsong. The piece builds up to an atmosphere as dense as an impending summer storm. In a deft play of contrast R follows with a kind of industrial adagio, which sets up a subsequent contrast with the hyperactive, pixillated D, sounding something like the hypothetical inner life of a ricocheting pinball in a game gone mad. S exploits the microtonal nuances of the flugelhorn through looping and layering, culminating in an otherworldly fanfare of timbral distortion.


Daniel Barbiero

Origins: Life and the Universe Concert in Seattle

From Origins: Life and the Universe:

The mysteries of the cosmos will be explored in an innovative multi-media concert of symphonic music called Origins: Life and the Universe. The concert will be held Sat., Nov. 7, 2015, at 2 p.m. at the S. Mark Taper Foundation Auditorium, Benaroya Hall, Seattle, Wash.

Featured composers include:
Nan Avant
​Barry Dowsett
Glenna Burmer
Kohl Hebert
Eric Goetz ​​
Stan LePard
Howard Mostrom
Tim Huling

New Ghosts Fall Series in Cleveland

English: description: Ken Vandermark photograp...

From Cleveland’s New Ghosts:

FR 8/28 – Tomeka Reid Quartet @ Mahall’s Locker Room 9pm
“A cellist of wide musical interests and deepening achievement as composer and improviser” (Chicago Tribune), Reid brings with her quartet, who worked together in the Sun Ra tribute project Living By Lanterns (Cuneiform Records), some of the most in-demand players in new music: guitarist Mary Halvorson, bassist Jason Roebke and drummer Tomas Fujiwara.

WE 9/2 – Ken Vandermark & Paal Nilssen-Love Duo w/ Oblique Orchestra @ Beachland Tavern 8:30pm
Formed in 2002 after their work together in the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentett, the duo of Nilssen-Love (drums) and Vandermark (reeds) have toured internationally every year, this time to promote their eighth album. Their approach to the duo context is ferocious in its intensity, combining extreme rhythmic velocity with formal deconstruction and re-assembly.

FR 9/11 – Cortex @ Guide To Kulchur 9pm
Cortex (Thomas Johansson, trumpet; Kristoffer Berre Alberts, saxophone; Ola Høyer, bass; Gard Nilssen, drums) is “one of the greatest bands currently working in Norway” (AllAboutJazz.com) and delivers “high-velocity improvisations that fall somewhere between the tempo-shifting alacrity of John Zorn’s Masada and the harnessed chaos of Hal Russell’s NRG Ensemble” (The Chicago Reader).

FR 9/18 – The Chicago Plan (Swell / Ullmann / Lonberg-Holm / Zerang) @ Survival Kit 9pm
Collaborating for ten years, this group teams Berlin saxophonist Gebhard Ullmann and New York trombonist Steve Swell with one of Chicago’s finest rhythm sections: Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello/electronics) and percussionist Michael Zerang. This truly international collaboration breaks new ground for what Jazz and New Music ensembles’ approach to what creative music can be.

FR 9/25 – Tipple (Gjerstad / Watson / Norton) @ Bop Stop 8pm
A 40-year veteran reed man and regular visitor to Cleveland with his ongoing traditional trio, Norwegian Frode Gjerstad brings a new trio this time that features David Watson (electric guitar) and Kevin Norton (vibes, drums), who “allow him to develop a group sound that’s as flexible as a large orchestra but also highly mobile” (Brian Morton, Point of Departure).

WE 9/30 – The Thing @ The Bop Stop 8pm
This Scandanavian power trio (Mats Gustafsson, reeds; Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, bass; Paal Nilssen-Love, drums) began as a tribute to Albert Ayler’s legendary trumpeter Don Cherry but quickly moved into hard rock terrain, covering tunes by The Sonics, P J Harvey and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as well recording with avant-rock luminaries like Thurston Moore, Jim O’Rourke and Neneh Cherry.

SA 10/10 – Christoph Erb (Switzerland) / Frank Rosaly / Jim Baker w/ Bbob Drake – Ben Bennett Duo @ Mahall’s Locker Room 9pm
Christoph Erb is an explosive reedist from Switzerland, who has maintained strong ties with Chicago players since visiting there in 2011. This trio teams him with James Baker, a pianist and ARP synth master, and highly acclaimed drummer Frank Rosaly. The group offers “a multi-vectored convergence of aesthetics and energies” (Bill Meyer) evoking Sun Ra, Roscoe Mitchell and Jimmy Giuffre.

TH 10/22 – Rempis Percussion Ensemble @ Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern 9pm
This quartet is a free-improvising whirlwind that draws inspiration from a shared interest in West African and Latin American rhythms, American funk and free jazz. All group members have played Cleveland recently in different contexts: Rempis (Renga Ensemble, Ballister) on reeds, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (The Thing) on bass, and both Frank Rosaly and Tim Daisy (Vandermark 5, Vox Arcana) on drums.

WE 11/4 – Jack Wright / Zachary Darrup @ Guide To Kulchur 9pm
Described twenty years ago as an “undergrounder by design,” Wright has been an avant-garde saxophone improviser traveling through the US and Europe since the early 80s in search of interesting partners and playing situations. This tour finds Wright teamed with Zachary Darrup, an improvising guitarist in the rural coal region of Pennsylvania and currently living in Philadelphia.

MO 11/9 – Tim Daisy “On The Ground” / Warchester @ The Bop Stop 8pm
On The Ground is a solo project by Chicago-based percussionist Tim Daisy, exploring connections between acoustic and electronic sounds repurposing traditional and miscellaneous found sound objects. Multi-instrumentalist Anna Webber is an integral part of a new wave of the Brooklyn avant-garde jazz scene whose Warchester trio includes saxophonist Nathaniel Morgan and synthesizer by Liz Kosack.

All About Jazz Reviews

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From All About Jazz:

Dre Hocevar Trio
Coding Of Evidentiality (Clean Feed Records)

Carlos Santana Extended Analysis
Light of the Supreme: Carlos Santana’s Devadip Trilogy (Columbia Records)

Shai Maestro Trio
Untold Stories (Motema Music)

Thollem McDonas / Michael Wimberly / Nels Cline
Radical Empathy (Relative Pitch Records)

Enrico Rava Quartet With Gianluca Petrella
Wild Dance (ECM Records)

Stephan Micus Extended Analysis
Stephan Micus: Nomad Songs (ECM Records)

Satoko Fujii Orchestra Berlin
Ichigo Ichie (Libra Records)

In Gardens Fall Schedule

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From New York’s Arts for Art

InGardens is Arts for Art’s annual celebration of innovative art in local community gardens. For three weekends In Gardens bring free performances of cutting edge creative music, poetry into our community gardens. In a city full of concrete venues, our performers and audiences too rarely have the chance to experience art in beautiful, open, green spaces.

Saturday 09/19 at Children’s Magical The Sandra Bland Series
2pm Anais Maviel Solo voice, percussion
3pm Cristian Amigo guitar / Juan Pablo Carletti drums
4pm Yoni Kretzmer sax / Max Johnson bass

Sunday 09/20 at Children’s Magical The Sandra Bland Series
2pm Juan Quinonez Quartet
Hayes Greenfield alto / Larry Roland bass / Jackson Krall drums / Juan Quinonez guitar
3pm Ras Moshe sax / John Pietaro vibes / Luke Stewart bass
4pm Juan Pablo Carletti Trio :
Daniel Levin cello / Brandon Lopez bass / Juan Pavblo Carletti drums

Saturday 09/26 at Children’s Magical The Sandra Bland Series
2pm Nick Lyons Group
3pm While We Still Have Bodies’
Michael Foster: reeds,objects,samples / Ben Gerstein: trombone,samples
Sean Ali: bass,samples / Flin van Hemmen: percussion
4pm Michael Wimberly Solo

Sunday 09/27 @ 6BC Garden Earth Justice
2pm Lamb/Dulberger Duo
Andrew Lamb sax / Shayna Dulberger bass
3pm Todd Nicholson bass / Newman Taylor Baker drums
4pm Jonathan Finlayson trp / Brian Settles sax

Saturday 10/3 @ 6BC Garden Earth Justice
12pm Steve Dalachinsky words
1pm Vincent Chancey french horn / Ken Filiano bass
2pm Bisio / McPhee Duo
Joe McPhee – sax trp / Michael Bisio bass

Sunday 10/4 @ 6BC Garden Earth Justice
2pm Jason Kao Hwang violin / Anders Nilsson guitar
3pm Steve Swell trombone / Chad Taylor drums
4pm Whit Dickey drums / Daniel Carter reeds

Saturday 10/10 @ FIRST STREET GREEN the Un-Columbus Celebration
2pm Kirk Knufke trumpet / Karl Berger vibes
3pm Bill Cole double reeds / Lisette Santiago percussion
4pm Dance Yoshiko Chuma

Sunday 10/11 @ FIRST STREET GREEN the Un-Columbus Celebration
2pm Fay Victor Trio
Fay Victor – voice / Sam Newsome – soprano sax / Reggie Nicholson – drums
3pm JD Parran’s ‘ Harlem Reunion’
Sharif Kales trumpet / Baba Donn Eaton perc. / Alexi Marcelo piano
Brad Jones bass / J D Parran -tenor
4pm ‘Resurrection Revolution’(R&R)
Patricia Nicholson & Jason Jordan dance
TA Thompson drums / Jason Kao Hwang violin
4:30 Zak Sherzad Solo

Monday 10/12 @ FIRST STREET GREEN the Un-Columbus Celebration
2pm Larry Roland The Neo-Urban Folk Project
Larry Roland bass, words / Michael Moss reeds / Michael Wimberly drums
3pm James Brandon Lewis Trio
James Brandon Lewis sax / Luke Stewart bass / Warren Trae Cruddup III drs
4pm Michael TA Thompson Trio
Michael Attias sax / Ken Filiano bass / Michael TA Thompson drums