Thinking Plague Kickstarter

Thinking Plague in 1998 From the left: Dave Ke...

Thinking Plague is a long-time favorite around AMN Central. I was introduced to their music about 25 years ago, and had the pleasure of seeing them live in the late 1990’s. The band carries on the great tradition of the progressive rock art song, a genre explored by Henry Cow, Art Bears, and others.

Thinking Plague’s Mike Johnson is asking for backers to support the recording and mastering of the album. They need about $8000 and have launched a Kickstarter project. I’ve personally donated, and I hope you will too. Check out the link for a short sample of one of the new tracks.

From Kickstarter:

Thinking Plague’s Mike Johnson has composed approximately 45 minutes of new music, in the form of 6 ‘art songs’, varying in length from roughly 4 to 14 minutes. The music has been written specifically for two guitars, reeds, bass, accordion/piano/ organ, drums/percussion and vocals, which reflects the current band members. The plan is for minimal overdubs so that the music, as recorded, should be easily reproduced live. The album *may* be entitled “Hope Against Hope”, and its conceptual themes, developed by Elaine di Falco and Mike Johnson, will deal with the dreams, hopes, disappointments, and heartbreaks of life in our modern-yet-inhuman world.

Sonic Transmissions Festival in Austin

Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten2

From Austin’s The North Door:

Sonic Transmissions, curated by internationally renowned bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (The Thing, Atomic), is a three-day showcase that gives equal weight to some of the globe’s best free jazz, post-punk, experimental hip-hop, and improvised music. The three-day bash – scheduled to take place from Thursday, September 10 to Saturday, September 12 – includes performances by Joe McPhee, Alvin Fielder, The Young Mothers, Spray Paint, Guilla, and more nationwide artists.

Perseph One Feat. Moon Gun
Spray Paint
Guilla and Android Genius
Alvin Fielder
Avreeayl Ra
Plutonium Farmers
Orgullo Primitivo
Nick Mazzarella
David Dove
Damon Smith
Jonathan Horne
Frank Rosaly
Jason Jackson
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten
the Young Mothers

Carla Bley and Steve Swallow Profiled


When confronted with crowds, Ms. Bley, a pioneer of modern jazz composition, prefers to let her songs do the talking. That is especially true when Steve Swallow, her first-call bassist and life companion, is on hand to guide the musical conversation, as he was that night, anchoring a quartet in a wry rendition of her “Ups and Downs.”

“I was not meant to be in the socially gracious world,” Ms. Bley said recently, her eyes peeking out from under her signature shock of gray hair as she and Mr. Swallow relaxed at the kitchen table of their home in Willow, near Woodstock.

Vital Weekly Reviews 994

English: Michael Byron

From Vital Weekly:

Glück (Cd by Mikroton Recordings) *
Chas Smith – Twilight of the Dreamboats (Cd by Cold Blue Music) *
Michael Byron – in the Village of Hope (Cd by Cold Blue Music) *
Peter Garland – After the Wars (Cd by Cold Blue Music) *
K. leimer with Bill Seaman – the Pale Catalog (Cd by Palace of Lights) *
Toy Bizarre – Kdi Dctb 257 [a] (3″cd by Auf Abwegen) *
Tom Jones Scott &Amp; Andrew Chalk – Calluna (Lp by Skire Records)
Jacek Sienkiewicz – Instynkt (Lp by Bocian Records/recognition)
Brutter (Lp by Hubro Music)
Masters – Rutger Hauer/scatman Crothers (7″ by Adaadat)
Trade &Amp; Distribution Alamanac Vol. 4 (Cd Compilation by Adaadat)
Platform – Folded Horizon (Cdr by Minimal Resource Manipulation) *
Matthew Atkins – Geometric Decay (Cdr by Minimal Resource Manipulation) *
Ian Douglas-Moore &Amp; Paul N Roth – Mediumloud Noise Music for Saxophone/guitar (Cdr by Earwash Records) *
Ian Douglas-Moore – Three Fate Tales (Cdr by Earwash Records) *
Faint Glow – Dust in the Sun (Cdr by Chaosynod) *
Rez Epo – Reprorea (Cdr by Chaosynod) *
Walls of Benin (Cdr by Chaosynod) *
Paul Abbott – Vagus (Cdr plus Booklet by Porta) *
Jliat – Pop Goes Reason (2cdr plus Booklet by Jliat) *
Hms – Prie (Cassette by Small Scale Music)
Nigredo – Lunas Negras (Cassette by Small Scale Music)
Pigeon Breeders – Concrescence (Cassette by Shaking Box Music)
D.f. w/ K.b.d &Amp; J.g. – a Chance Happening 27/08/14 in Brasserue Beaubien (Cassette by Shaking Box Music)
Lo Flopper (Cassette by Music a LA Coque)

Mario Diaz de León in New York Reviewed

From The New York Times:

A handful of listeners sat in almost total darkness at the late show at the Stone on Tuesday evening, as the composer Mario Diaz de Leon used a laptop to perform electronic works he described as his “most extreme music,” written while an undergraduate at Oberlin. A cacophony of haunted-house sounds — ghostly moans, thrashing noise and foreboding textures — filled the space as the various pieces, with names like “Alchemy of Breathing” and “Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey,” unfolded without pause.

Duo Exchange, Lost Civilizations experimental music project, and Utenzil in DC August 16

On August 16, the Duo Exchange poetry project, the Lost Civilizations experimental music project and Utenzil will perform at the Tap Room of the Black Squirrel, which is located at 2427 18th St NW, Washington, DC.

The Duo Exchange Poetry project consists of Rod Smith and Dan Gutstein, both towering figures in American poetry.
Rod Smith is the author of Deed, and several other collections of poetry, and is the publisher of Edge Books. He has taught at a number of colleges and was visiting writer at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 2010. He is editing, along with two other writers, The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley. Rod is the manager of Bridge Street Books in Georgetown.

The Lost Civilizations experimental music project is a collaboration between Mike Sebastian (Tenor Sax, Saxello and Baritone Sax) and T. A. Zook (BassCello). Although it is essentially a duo and performs most frequently as such, it often features guest performers. When complex schedules permit, it now performs with Doug Kallmeyer on bass and electronics, Jerry Busher on percussion and electronics, Sam Lohman on drums, Larry Gomez on percussion, Patrick Whitehead on horns and Emily Chimiak on vocals and violin. This project began performing in 2008. Sam Lohman will be featured at this performance, and Patrick Whitehead is also scheduled to appear.

Utenzil is the solo project of Michael McMorris, which brings together fitful decades of musical experience/experiments plus software, laptops, mixer and instruments which include various controllers, a DIY double neck midi guitar, live guitar and voice. This event is no cover/no minimum (donations are always welcome!) and all ages.

The performance begins at 8 pm.

For more information:
Facebook Event: