Arts for Art Profiled

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This is founder Patricia Nicholson Parker’s last year as executive director at Arts for Art (AFA) in New York, but she’s not stepping away from her involvement with the organization. “There’s so much that we’re trying to do and have been doing and we don’t want to lose it,” she said in an exclusive interview with Examiner. Though she is handing over her role to bassist Todd Nicholson next year, Parker will continue to support the artistic community that AFA cultivates as its artistic director. Arts for Art is an organization from New York that supports diversity in music, dance, art, community and creative free expression. Arts for Art produces Vision Festival, a multi-arts event which just completed its 20th year. Vision Fest showcases experimental work in music, dance, visual arts, poetry, and more. It’s a festival that exemplifies AFA’s mission which is to support diversity in music, dance and art and to “cultivate ideas that embrace improvisation as a means to transform artist and audience.”