Bob Drake in Denver Previewed

English: Bob Drake with the Peter Blegvad Trio...

From Westword:

Bob Drake is playing his first-ever all-solo show in nearly four decades of performing music internationally. Hardly a pop star, Drake is nevertheless a legend in Denver avant-garde music circles and an accomplished sound engineer whose production flourishes grace the work of mainstream artists. He grew up in Ohio and Illinois, but when he moved to Denver in 1978, he met people who shared his interest in progressive rock, particularly the truly experimental Henry Cow. One of his new acquaintances was Mike Johnson, and the two played together in cover bands before forming Thinking Plague in 1982. That band and like-minded artists formed a loose community that made Denver a mini-hotbed of strange yet artistically respectable music in the early ’80s.

Frank Zappa’s Family Plans Massive New Release Schedule

Records on wheels, Toronto, sept. 24 1977

From Rolling Stone:

Although the final album that Frank Zappa worked on before his death came out earlier this year, the rock legend’s family has many more releases planned. A new partnership between the Zappa Family Trust and Universal Music Enterprises will allow for new product releases, film and theatrical productions and trademark licensing.

Ultimately, I’m somewhat disappointed by the posthumous Zappa releases to date. Sure, there are some great ones, but after 21+ years, the Zappa Family Trust is either holding back material or slow-rolling the releases. Let’s hope this new partnership brings forth new high-quality material at a rapid pace, rather than focus on reissues.

Book Review for Giving Birth to Sound: Women in Creative Music

From All About Jazz:

Every time a book about music is written, the history of music is also rewritten and musicians are included or left out, and old and new myths rejected or confirmed. This is something that many authors are conscious about, but seldom an issue that is addressed. Therefore, it is refreshing when a book like Giving Birth to Sound: Women in Creative Music pops up. It is a text that is conscious about putting a spotlight on women in creative music, since there is tendency to focus less on women and more on men when the history of music is told. The sleeve of the book humorously points this out, saying the book is about her-story, as opposed to his-story.

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

From Free Jazz:

Jakob Bro – Gefion (ECM, 2015) ****
Lama & Joachim Badenhorst – The Elephant’s Journey (Clean Feed, 2015) ****½
John Russell / Phil Durrant / John Butcher – Conceits (Emanem, 2015) ****
Vox Arcana -Caro’s Song (Relay, 2015) *****
Chicago Reed Quartet – Western Automatic (Aerophonic, 2015) ****
Ted Daniel’s Energy Module –Innerconnection (NoBusiness, 2015) ****
Máximo Endrek – Extraño Hábitat (Self, 2014) ****

Fred Lonberg-Holm Summer Residency in Chicago and Interview

Fred Lonberg-Holm in 2002

From Chicago’s Elastic Arts:

Fred Lonberg-Holm July/August Residency celebrating 20 years in Chicago

July 7th: Lightbox Orchestra
July 14th: Amen (Lonberg-Holm/Mazzarella/Hatwich/Ra)
July 21st: Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Fast Citizens
July 28th: Vox Arcana Freestyle w/ Marvin Tate

Stirrup (Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello, Nick Macri – bass, Charles Rumback – drums

Aug 4th: Stirrup with special guest Avreeayl Amen Ra – drums
Aug 11th: Stirrup with special guest Russ Johnson – trumpet
Aug 18th: Stirrup with special guest Jen Clare Paulson – viola
Aug 25th: Stirrup with special guest Peter Maunu – guitar; Avreeayl Amen Ra – drums

Fred Lonberg-Holm is the Elastic Arts Musician-in-Residence this summer. He’s also the first subject of the Now Is Podcast, a new Chicago-focused music podcast, hosted by, in which musicians are played music without knowing what they’re going to hear, and asked to react in whatever way they see fit.

On July 3rd, 2015, Ben Remsen sat down with Fred Lonberg-Holm in his house in the Ukranian Village neighborhood of Chicago, petted his dog, and played him eleven tracks by his friends, collaborators, teachers, and peers. This is what he had to say.

Creative Music in DC

Upcoming Performances of
Creative Music in DC

Friday-Saturday, August 7-8 @ 8pm
William Hooker – Trios
William Hooker is a veteran of New York City’s jazz, free-jazz and experimental music communities where he is one of the leading innovators in the fabled Loft Scene and Downtown Scene. A highly influential drummer with over 60 recordings to his credit spanning a career lasting over 40 years, he has lead ensembles that have included Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Elliott Sharp, David Murray, Billy Bang, David S. Ware, Zeena Parkins, DJ Olive, Glenn Spearman, DJ Spooky, Jim O’Rourke, Andrea Parkins, Christian Marclay, Alan Licht, and Sabir Mateen, among many others. Each of his performances are meant to inspire and take the audience and artists to the highest level possible. At Twins Jazz in DC, William Hooker presents two nights of music for two different Trio projects. Musicians include Mark Hennen, Luke Stewart, Anthony Pirog and the legendary Philly tenor titan Joe Rigby.
Admission $15
Twins Jazz
1344 U Street NW
Located off the corner of 14th and U Streets NW

Every Monday @ 7pm
Creative Music Workshop
The Creative Music Workshop brings together some of DC’s most dedicated Creative Musicians together. Each session features an opportunity to explore various aspects of improvised music and experimentalism.
Artists of any discipline welcome!
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE

Saturday, August 15 @ 8pm
Jason Ajemian’s Folk Lords
FOLKLORDS (Graphic Scores and Improvisation, Brooklyn/Chicago)
Nate Scheible (Percussion and Tape Loops, DC)
Admission $10
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE


Tuesday, August 11 @ 8:30pm
Items in Space :: Luke Stewart
The Red Fetish
Items In Space (space drone / post-noise)
Luke Stewart (DC free jazz nobleman)
The Red Fetish (experimental compositions)
Suggested Donation $$$
The Black Squirrel
2427 18th Street NW
Located in the heart of Adams Morgan

Friday, August 14 @ 12noon
Janel Leppin (Mellow Diamond)
Cello virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist Janel Leppin is an architect of acoustic and analog sound, a haunting and almost mythic singer with a sharp political consciousness. Leppin showcases her solo work as Mellow Diamond with her solo debut entitled Treaty.
Admission FREE
Martin Luther King Jr. Library
901 G Street NW

Friday-Sunday, September 18-20 @ 7:30pm
Sonic Circuits Festival
By all measures Sonic Circuits should be dead. How many weird music scenes last this long? Typically things putter out after 2.5 years, and maybe experience a wave of nostalgia and experience a short lived second go round. Sonic Circuits grew from a slap dash festival to a regular concert series of unhip, uncommercial, “music.” Regular gatherings of misfits who listen to misfit sounds. With an emphasis onlistening.

Every 2nd Sunday of the Month
CapitalBop’s DC Jazz Loft
The DC Jazz Loft showcases and stimulates the talent and forward-focused creative thought that is occurring in the DC Jazz community. On the second Sunday of every month, at Union Arts DC, a variety of idioms and approaches to Jazz are presented by members of the diverse local scene.
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE