AMN Reviews: Ralf Meinz, Karolina Ossowska & Mikołaj Pałosz Play Giuseppe Tartini, La sonata il sol minore al terzo suono (Populista)

R-7142925-1434671347-9763.jpegIn 1754, composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini published Trattato di musica secondo la vera scienza dell’armonia, in which he provided mathematical evidence of the pitch of a third tone as either the sum or the difference between two other, articulated tones. Rather than one occluding the other, the alchemical hum brings forth a third sound, a third idea. More than two hundred and fifty years later, this Polish trio searches for the third tone in Tartini´s own music by repeating a few, selected bars of his La sonata il sol minore al terzo suono over and over again, a slow-mo approach which serves to both reveal both unimagined depth and breadth and in the process create a new work altogether.

The stormy blue of Mikołaj Pałosz´ cello is striated by the noctilucence of Karolina Ossowska´s violin, with Ralf Meinz recording and capturing every quivering nuance. Despite only breaking off fragments of Tartini´s sonata, they not only reproduce his findings in a modern laboratory, they discover a new world bursting with passion within the work of a master baroque violinist, thoroughly delightful to contemporary ears.,populista/85,Meinz_Ossowska_&_Pałosz_play_Giuseppe_Tartini_La_sonata_il_sol_minore_al_terzo_suono,en.html

Stephen Fruitman