Broadcloth and Others Tonight in Connecticut

From The Uncertainty Music Series.

Broadcloth plus song-based improv trio
Improvised music trio Broadcloth returns for a summer show
The Uncertainty Music Series
Wednesday 22 July 2015
Broadcloth + Bontrager, Ludwig, Wiegand

Ball & Socket Arts Garage
530 West Main St
Cheshire, CT

Broadcloth performs improvised music with a nod to various compositional outlets. Using a unique instrumentation of voice, cello and accordion/recorders, the trio plays from notated, graphic, embroidered, and textual scores in addition to completely spontaneous pieces. Without shying away from virtuosity, Broadcloth creates music that reflects the order of composition and the risk of unpredictable musical interactions. Emphasis lies on establishing a holistic sound that favors cooperation over hierarchy.

The trio of Bontrager, Ludwig, and Wiegand perform song-based improvised music on a collection of early music instruments and homemade electronics.

Upcoming Creative Music Releases

English: Bill Laswell at the Moers Festival 2006

From Fully Altered Media:

AUGUST 2015:

Louie Belogenis’ Blue Buddha – Blue Buddha (Tzadik) – Tenor saxophonist Louie Belogenis plays with a luminous open heart, and a tone reminiscent of Albert Ayler. Cutting his teeth with masters such as Rashied Ali, Sunny Murray and Borah Bergman he has recorded several CDs under his own name, and now presents his most unique and adventurous group to date. Featuring an all-star ensemble of three of the most exciting musicians working today–Dave Douglas, Bill Laswell and Tyshawn Sorey –this brilliant group performs as if part of a sacred ceremony, seamlessly weaving together diverse traditions. Uncompromising improvisational music that speaks to the spiritual. Out August 21.


Mike Reed’s People, Places and Things – A New Kind of Dance (482 Music) – The formidable Chicago drummer and composer Mike Reed has been a catalyst and architect for new music in Chicago since the early 2000s. Still freshly anointed as chairperson for the Chicago Jazz Festival and founder of the performing arts venue Constellation, Reed takes time to offer the sixth release by his long running quartet, People Places & Things. By combining Reed’s penchant for playful melodies and a love of deep swing, People Places & Things steps forward, while firmly rooted in Chicago’s jazz lineage. Additionally, guest pianist Matthew Shipp and guest trumpeter Marquis Hill offer plenty of space to keep the quartet (Greg Ward, alto sax; Tim Haldeman, tenor sax; Jason Roebke, bass) on their toes. Out September 25th.


Dave Douglas Quintet – Brazen Heart (Greenleaf) – Dave’s longstanding quintet, one of the best bands working in jazz today, featuring Jon Irabagon (saxophones), Matt Mitchell (piano), Linda Oh (bass) and Rudy Royston (drums). Brazen Heart is a heart-felt remembrance of Douglas’ brother, featuring a batch of great new original compositions, as well as two spirituals, “Deep River” and “There Is A Balm In Gilead”. This new material grew out of the band’s extensive travels around the United State and Europe in Douglas’ 50th birthday year. Out October 2nd.

Erik Friedlander – Oscalypso (Skipstone) – Erik Friedlander has long been recognized as a pioneer of the cello in jazz, improvised and chamber musics. For his latest project, Oscalypso, Friedlander pays tribute to the work of his idol and jazz-cello pioneer Oscar Pettiford, with his all-star band of saxophonist Michael Blake, bassist Trevor Dunn, and drummer Michael Sarin. Out October 9th.

Mike Sopko – Sopko, Laswell, Pridgen (Self-Released) – Guitarist Mike Sopko, a fixture in the Bay Area who’s just returned to his native Cleveland presents a ferocious studio document which captures his rapport with drummer Thomas Pridgen (formerly of The Mars Volta) and bassist Bill Laswell, a musical hero to many including Sopko himself. Balancing free improvisation, collective composition and inventive post-production, the trio encounter proves to be as uninhibited and rhythmically charged as it is focused and refined. Out October 16th.

Bill MacKay’s Darts And Arrows – Altamira (ears&eyes records) – Chicago-based guitarist Bill MacKay helms the group Darts & Arrows, one of the most promising bands on Chicago’s experimental rock and new music scene. Darts & Arrows features some of Chicago’s most in-demand musicians: alto-saxophonist Nick Mazzarella, AACM violist Renee Baker and drummer Frank Rosaly. Altamira is the quartet’s most fully realized effort, retaining the edgy vitality of their improvised work while painting beautifully textured sonic pictures on a series of through-composed pieces. Out October 16th.

Jacob Garchik – Ye Olde (Self-Released) – Trombonist Jacob Garchik embarks upon a bold conceptual adventure through a Brooklyn that never was, replete with imagined castles and gargoyles coming alive. He envisions his sidemen as a band of heroes, navigating this fictional universe he’s created. Ye Olde features guitarists Mary Halvorson, Brandon Seabrook, and Jonathan Goldberger along with drummer Vinnie Sperrazza and the leader on trombone. Out October 23rd.

Scott Jeppesen – Wonders (Self-Released)- In musical explorations of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, saxophonist and composer Scott Jeppesen releases Wonders, an adventurous set of original works conjuring imagery of grandeur. No less grand is the supporting cast featuring guitarist Larry Koonse, pianist Josh Nelson, bassist Dave Robaire, drummer Dan Schnelle, and saxophonist/producer Bob Sheppard. Out October 23rd.

Nicole Mitchell/Tomeka Reid/Mike Reid Trio – Artifacts (482 Music) – After 15 years of music collaborations in a variety of ensemble contexts, the all-star trio of Nicole Mitchell, Tomeka Reid and Mike Reed have come together to celebrate their long-term relationship and their common cultural and aesthetic threads. All are members of Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, and served on the organization’s executive board from 2009 to 2011 (holding the positions of Chairperson, Treasurer and Vice Chairperson, respectively). It’s more than appropriate that the trio would also celebrate some of the music composed by AACM members over the past 50 years: Its forthcoming record dips into the fathomless well of the AACM’s musical history, and furthers the organization’s motto of “Ancient to the Future.” Out October 30th.


Adegoke Steve Colson – Tones For (Silver Sphinx Records)
Veteran AACM pianist Adegoke Steve Colson releases his first solo piano record (2 CDs) of his 40 year career, which began in Chicago at Northwestern University as a classical pianist and has continued for the last three decades in the New York area as an guest lecturer and Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University. Over the last 30+ years, he has collaborated extensively with his wife, Iqua Colson, saxophonist David Murray, drummer Andrew Cyrille, the late poet Amiri Baraka and countless others. One of the second wave of AACM musicians, his original Colson Unity Troupe included bassist Reggie Willis, percussionist Dushun Mosley, multireedist Wallace McMillan and wife Iqua on vocals. Out November 19th.

The Whole Shebang Improv Festival in Philadelphia This Weekend

From Archer Spade.

Archer Spade Presents: The Spectrum
Saturday 7/25 And Sunday 7/26 8pm

A two-day improvised music festival, The Spectrum is intended to foster new musical relationships in Philadelphia by presenting two nights of concerts featuring 17 members culled from across Philadelphia’s music community.

Following a one-day workshop intensive, on July 25, Archer Spade will produce/curate the night’s concert of small unique groups performing short sets. The following night, July 26, the night’s concert will be produced collectively by the group, creating new lineups and combinations in a collective musical decision-making experiment. Each night’s concert starts at 8pm and will include an intermission, running approximately 2 1/2 hrs.

For more info or questions email

Check out the FB event here:

Featured Musicians:
June Bender
Dan Blacksberg
Eric Carbonara
Quinn Dougherty
Zachary Devereux Fairbrother
Ryan Frasier
Bonnie Kane
Jesse Kudler
Alex Kulick
Julius Masri
Nick Millevoi
Kyle Press
Connor Przybyszewski
Matt Stein
Ashley Tini
Scott Verrastro
Mike Watson

Fire Music Free Jazz Documentary Kickstarter

English: Thurston Moore at the 2008 Brooklyn B...

A new Kickstarter is up and looks worthy of contribution:

“Free Jazz is liberation, is the excitement of the new and now,” says Thurston Moore, executive producer of FIRE MUSIC. “It is with respect, passion and knowledge that Tom Surgal captures the significance of it. His work, like its subject, shines for the collective call of beauty and unity.”

FIRE MUSIC, directed by Tom Surgal and produced by Dan Braun with Executive Producers Thurston Moore and Nels Cline, reveals the story behind the irrepressible art form that has inspired generations of fans the world over.

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

English: Elliott Sharp live at Saalfelden 2009...

From Free Jazz:

Sylvaine Hélary: Spring Roll ▪ Printemps (Ayler Records, 2015) *****
Frantz Loriot – Reflections On An Introspective Path (Neither Nor, 2015) ****
Itaru Oki & Axel Dörner – Root Of Bohemian (Improvsing Beings, 2015) ****½
Devin Gray – RelativE ResonancE (Skirl, 2015) ****
The Scrambling Ex (FMR, 2015) ****
John Butcher &Amp; Andy Moor – Experiments with a Leaf (Unsounds, 2015) ****½
John Dikeman &Amp; Dirk Serries – Cult Exposure (Tonefloat, 2015) ****½
Hamir and Ben – Clarinet and Drums (S/r, 2015) ****
Henry Kaiser and Scott Amendola – Leaps (2015) ****
Elliott Sharp &Amp; Scott Fields – Akra Kampoj (New Atlantis, 2015) ****
Bill Mckay &Amp; Matt Lux – December Concert (Eyes and Ears, 2015) ***½
Cheryl Pyle and Biggi Vinkeloe – Flute Duo / Raw Sound Sweden (S/r, 2015) ***½
Denny Zeitlin &Amp; George Marsh – Riding the Moment (Sunnyside Records, 2015) **½
Tyler Damon – Softened Skull Cd-r (Yoke, 2015) ***½
Hyrrokkin – Sephfus 7” (New Atlantis, 2014) ****
Upsilon Acrux – Sun Square Dialect Cd (New Atlantis, 2015) ****½
lim – Disembodied (Koasetic Productions, 2015) ***½

Reviving a Harry Partch Work With Hubcaps and Wine Bottles

Harry Partch (c. 1969), from the cover of The ...

From The New York Times:

Some looked like Picasso’s wooden sculptures. A few others might have been designed by Rube Goldberg. In fact, the contraptions jumbled backstage at City Center this week were musical instruments — painstaking re-creations of the whimsical, ingenious instruments invented and built by Harry Partch, a truly unusual 20th-century American composer, theorist and tinkerer whose works created a unique soundscape based on a tonal system all his own.