Vision Festival 20 Overview

English: Photograph of last set of second day ...

From Blu Notes:

The Vision Festival has long stood as this country’s essential gathering of avant-garde improvising musicians—yet that description is neither entirely accurate nor complete. First off, the festival involves dancers, poets and visual artists. Also, even the sloppy signifier “avant garde” fails to sum up even a single night of the event. Any given five hours at the Judson Church—each night presented a half-dozen or more performances—ranged wildly in sound and texture.

Arbitrary Milestones and the “Like”

I just noticed that we passed 3000 likes on Facebook. We have a commensurate number of followers on Twitter (~2830 as of today).

While I’m not saying that this means much of anything other than 3000 people clicking on a button, it is a pretty cool milestone. About 5 years ago we had only 300 likes on Facebook, and I mentioned to a friend that this was probably as much as we could expect to get. After all, who in their right mind is interested in all of this weird music enough to actually want to receive information about it in their news feed?

I was only off by an order of magnitude, and the upwards trend has continued steadily.

So…please keep proving me wrong. I don’t mind at all.

Ensemble Mise-En Premiers on August 24 in NY

From Ensemble Mise-En:

A Co-Presentation with I-Park + the cell

The Final Concert of I-Park Composer + Musicians Collaborative Residency

ENSEMBLE MISE-EN performs works by
Daniel Fishkin (U.S.)
Eun Young Lee (South Korea/U.S.)
Pascal Le Boeuf (U.S.)
Hakan Ulus (Germany/Austria)
Rafael Amaral (Brazil)
Sang Song (South Korea/U.S.)

Date and Venue:
August 24 @ the cell (8pm)

The month of August brings an end to the 2014-2015 season after a successful year and an amazing summer music festival ( The last concert will be August 24, 2015 at the cell and will begin at 8pm. New music will be showcased from our ensemble-in-residence collaboration with I-Park, an international art colony in East Haddam, CT. Six composers have been invited to write a semi-complete composition written specifically for this instrumentation. The work will be brought to completion in collaboration with the ensemble during the residency and will present 6 new pieces.

The six composers completing residency with I-Park are as follows: Daniel Fishkin, Eun Young Lee, Pascal Le Boeuf, Hakan Ulus, Rafael Amaral, and Sang Song. Fishkin has performed as a soloist on modular synthesizer with the American Symphony Orchestra, developed sound installations in freight elevators and abandoned concert halls. Young’s work has received the first prize at Tsang-Houei Hsu International Music Composition Award and the 2008 Max Di Julio Prize at the Nevada Encounters of New Music (N.E.O.N.) Festival. Le Boeuf has established himself as a leading figure in the next generation of jazz artists with three albums as “Le Boeuf Brothers”, several studio projects as a sideman, and countless worldwide performances. Amaral has been awarded with 1st place in the classical music category and with the mentoring prize in the general arts category in the University Competition Arts, Program Nascente. Song is a Korean-born composer based in New York City. He is a graduate of Seoul National University (B.A. in Aesthetics), Columbia University (Ph.D. in Philosophy) and Yale Law School (J.D.).

The music being featured will be a result of I-Park hosting an experimental, onsite Composers + Musicians Collaborative Session from August 16 to 24, 2015. The goal is to enrich the traditional creative process involved in bringing a music project from concept to concert. The program will pull together a group of composers, our performing ensemble and our music director, Moon Young HA in an intimate, immersive residency setting.

Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

T-1: A live essay by Evan Calder Williams
Tuesday, July 21 – 8pm – 7:30 doors
Artists Space Books & Talks: 55 Walker St., NYC 10013
(Free, $10 suggested)

A new live essay composed from video, text, and voice, T-1 assembles an intertwined montage from three discrete histories: ice, compromised vision, and colonial geography. The first presentation of Evan Calder Williams’ 2015 ISSUE Project Room residency, T-1 takes its name from an enormous roving Arctic island initially classified as “Top Secret” by the US Air Force. Incorporating video shot in both a modernist dollhouse and a melting spring forest, the performance moves widely among sites and texts, ranging from Anna Kavan’s slipstream novels to the nineteenth-century Caribbean and from fascist glacial cosmology to ghost ships allegedly crewed by cannibal rats. In this work, Williams continues to explore the blurry ground separating the speculative and the historical, seeking a visual and sonic language adequate to film and to speak what remains stuck in the middle.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
& Ariel Kalma
Saturday, August 8 – 8pm ($15-12)
Artists Space Books & Talks: 55 Walker St., NYC

French-born Ariel Kalma’s boundary-blurring electronic music spans free-jazz and spoken word trips to his infinite modular synthesizer and analogue drum machine meditations, often laden with wistful sax melodies. A pioneer in the field of modularly synthesized electronic music, Kalma finds an ideal collaborator in Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, who has gained renown for hypnotic modular and voice improvisations as Lichens.

Tue, Aug 11
Ora Clementi: crys cole & James Rushford / Vito Ricci

Mon, Sep 14
Bill Orcutt & Circuit Des Yeux / Loren Connors