DMG Newsletter July 17th, 2015

Paul Dunmall

From DMG:

Roscoe Mitchell/Tomeka Reid Qt! Dick Griffin Sun Ra Tribute! New from Rogue Art: Matt Shipp Qt: Sabir Mateen/William Parker/Gerald Cleaver! The Turbine!: Harrison Bankhead/Hamid Drake..! William Parker Conversations II 500 Page Book!

Ivo Perelman with Matt Shipp/Mat Maneri & Joe Morris/Whit Dickey! Wayne Horvitz Septet! Tony Wilson/Peggy Lee/Jon Bentley! Ron Anderson Oblique Qt! Paul Dunmall & Tony Bianco Trane 2 CD Set! Yoni Kretzmer & Andrew Drury! Merzbow! 3 from Eighty Pound Pug!

Plus Historic Discs from: Hugh Hopper Vol Seven: Elton Dean/Sophia Domancich! Robert Wyatt/Dave McRae/Gary Windo/Richard Sinclair! Third Ear Band! Iskra 1903 Chapter One! Art Zoyd! Plus LPs from Joe McPhee! Mike Cooper! Mulatu Statke! Big Maybelle! Return to Forever! Herbie Hancock! Patti Smith and much more..!


The DMG FREE Weekly In-Store Concert Series Continues With:

Sunday, July 19th:
6pm: RAS MOSHE & LEX SAMU – Reeds & Trumpet!

Sunday, July 26th:

Sunday, August 9th – Tuba Double-Header:
6pm: CARL LUDWIG HUBSCH – Solo Tuba!
7pm: BEN STAPP – Solo Tuba!

Sunday, August 16th Early Double-Header:
5pm: LEAP OF FAITH: PEK-clarinets, saxes, double reeds/GLYNIS LOMON-cello, aquasonic/STEVE NORTON-clarinets, saxes/YURI ZBITNOV-drums!