Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival 2015 Schedule

From the Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival 2015:

Sant’Anna Arresi
01 – 06 September 2015

Conduction: Welcome back Butch
The concerts

1 September
Piazza del Nuraghe
Sant’Anna Arresi
h. 21.00

Set in Stone European Premiere
Evan Parker solo
Evan Parker (sax)

NU GRID European Premiere
Vernon Reid (guitar), Graham Haynes (trumpet),
J.P.Bourelly (guitar & machines) & DJ Logic (turntables)

02 September
Piazza del Nuraghe
Sant’Anna Arresi
h. 21.00

Galactic Parable #79 for Butch Morris Original Project
Rob Mazurek Solo
Rob Mazurek (trumpet)

CARVED IN THE AIR World Premiere
Keith Tippett (piano), Julie Tippett (voice, percussions), Cristiano Calcagnile (drums), Roberto Ottaviano (sax alto & soprano), Giovanni Maier (c bass)

Filu ‘e Ferru Original Project
Sant’Anna Arresi Quintet
Evan Parker (sax), Alexander Hawkins (piano), Peter Evans (trumpet),
John Edwars (c bass), Hamid Drake (drums&percussions).

03 September
Piazza del Nuraghe
Sant’Anna Arresi
h. 21.00

Sound Beyond Sound European Premiere
Graham Haynes Solo
Graham Haynes (trumpet)

Homage to Butch Morris Original Project
Large Ensemble
special guest William Parker
Evan Parker (sax), Alexander Hawkins (piano), Peter Evans (trumpet),
John Edwars (c bass), Hamid Drake (percussions), Paul Lytton (drums), Barry Guy (c basso), Walter Prati (computer), Giancarlo Schiaffini (trombone), Pat Thomas (piano/electronics), Caroline Kraabel (sax), Orphy Robinson (vibes), Sam Pluta (computer), Hannah Marshall (cello), William Parker (c bass).

04 September
Piazza del Nuraghe
Sant’Anna Arresi
h. 21.00

Evan Parker Quartet Original Project
Evan Parker (sax), Peter Evans (trumpet), Paul Lytton (drums), Barry Guy (c bass)

The Long Goodbye World Premiere
conduction n.1
Nublu Orchestra
Directed by Kenny Wollesen
Ilhan Ersahin (sax), Graham Haynes (trumpet) , Doug Wieselman (guitar), Jonathon Haffner (sax alto), Michael Kiaer (bass), Brandon Ross (guitar), Kenny Wollesen (drums).

05 September
Piazza del Nuraghe
Sant’Anna Arresi
h. 21.00

Parker/Dikeman/Drake Trio Italian Premiere
William Parker (c bass), John Dikeman (sax), Hamid Drake (drums)

Tribute to Butch Morris World Premiere
conduction n.2
Nublu Orchestra
Ilhan Ersahin (sax), Graham Haynes (trumpet) , Doug Wieselman (guitar), Jonathon Haffner (sax alto), Michael Kiaer (c bass), Brandon Ross (guitar), Kenny Wollesen (drums).

06 September
Piazza del Nuraghe
Sant’Anna Arresi
h. 21.00

Wildbirds and Peacedrums Italian Premiere
Mariam Wallentin (voice, guitar), Andreas Werlin (drums),

Fire! Orchestra Premiere
Directed by Mats Gustafsson
Mariam Wallentin (voice), Mats Gustafsson (sax tenor), Johan Berthling (e bass), Andreas Werlin (drums), Niklas Barnö (trumpet), Goran Kajfes (trumpet), Mats Äleklint (trumpet), Per Åke Holmlander (tuba), Anna Högberg (sax alto), Jonas Kullhammar (sax baritone), Finn Loxbo (guitar), Martin Carl Hederos (keys), Mads Forsby (drums), Julien Desprez (guitar), Mette Rasmussen (sax alto).

Copenhagen Jazz Festival Reviewed

From The Quietus:

Habitable Exomusics is Jacob Anderskov on piano, Nils Davidsen on bass and Gerald Cleaver on drums, the latter clicking out an organic robo-techno repetition that fluctuats gradually, before ending up deep in the abstract realms. The Per Oddvar Johansen Trio play compositions with a ritual emanation, establishing a suspended state of spatial awareness. Cleaver returns for the late set, this time inhabiting a more aggressive field of conventional free jazz, with Danish saxophonist Lotte Anker and Norwegian bassist Ingebrigt Haker Flaten.

Chicago Scene: July 18-25, 2015

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This is a weekly overview live avant performances in the Chicago area.  Contact us if you’d like your shows listed.

Saturday, July 18th 2015

8:00PM at a house concert ($20 donation)
Colour and Sound Trio : Jimmy Bennington, Fred Jackson Jr, Brian Smith — RSVP for details

Sunday, July 19th 2015

7:00PM at Sugar Maple, 441 E Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee WI, 414.481.2393
Tim Barnes, Ken Vandermark

8:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western ($10-$5)
Austin Wulliman with guests Clara Lyon, Doyle Armbrust, Russell Rolen, David Scholl, Michael Lewanski, Jonathon Kirk — music by Augusta Read Thomas, Lee Hyla, Marcos Balter, Pablo Chin, Austin Wulliman

Monday, July 20th 2015

7:00PM at the Redline Tap, 7000 N Glenwood, 773.465.8005 (wheelchair-accessible)
Jimmy Bennington, Fred Jackson Jr

9:00PM at Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont, 773.281.4444 (wheelchair-accessible)
Extraordinary Popular Delusions : Jim Baker, Mars Williams, Brian Sandstrom, Steve Hunt

9:00PM at Elastic, 3429 W Diversey, #208, 773.772.3616 ($10)
Aram Shelton, Frank Rosaly
Loris : James Davis, Tim Stine, Jeff Greene, Frank Rosaly

Tuesday, July 21st 2015

5:30PM at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 E Chicago, 312.280.2660 (wheelchair-accessible)
Tuesdays on the Terrace
Fred Anderson Legacy

9:00PM at Elastic, 3429 W Diversey, #208, 773.772.3616 ($10)
Fred Lonberg-Holm‘s Fast Citizens, with Josh Berman, Keefe Jackson, Aram Shelton, Anton Hatwich, Frank Rosaly

Wednesday, July 22nd 2015

9:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western (Free)
Jason Stein Quartet, with Keefe Jackson, Joshua Abrams, Frank Rosaly
Sound Of The City Workshop

Thursday, July 23rd 2015

7:30PM at Café Logan, 915 E 60th, 773.702.ARTS ($10 suggested donation)
Steve Coleman with Local Musicians

Friday, July 24th 2015

7:30PM at the Logan Center Performance Penthouse, 915 E 60th, 773.702.ARTS ($15-$10)
Steve Coleman and Five Elements — performance and post-show discussion

9:00PM at Elastic, 3429 W Diversey, #208, 773.772.3616 ($10)
Jason Ajemian’s Folklords/Highlife

Saturday, July 25th 2015

7:00PM at the Rhythm Room, 1715 Maple Ave, Evanston IL, 847.491.9723 (Free)
Jimmy Bennington Colour and Sound Trio

8:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western ($22-$18)
Dawn of Midi

For more information, such as directions, as well as upcoming performances, see:,,,,,,,,,,,,

The Freedom Principle Exhibit Reviewed

Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago.

From The Guardian:

If all it were remembered for was its engagement with musical history, then The Freedom Principle – an astounding new exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago – would already stand as a landmark. In telling the story of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, a radical organisation of jazz artists founded in 1965, it does a better job than any show I have ever seen at analysing music and conveying its cultural importance. But The Freedom Principle, curated by Naomi Beckwith and Dieter Roelstraete, does even more than that. It shows how the themes of black cultural nationalism in the 1960s – an art engaged with political struggle, and unafraid to speak in a collective voice – continued a modernist artistic tradition of merging art into daily life. And it pushes into the present day, discovering the legacy of an important but under-appreciated musical tradition in contemporary art worldwide, from American sculptors to Albanian video artists. It fuses the history of music and the history of art into a single, more complete narrative, and makes it look easy.

DMG Newsletter July 17th, 2015

Paul Dunmall

From DMG:

Roscoe Mitchell/Tomeka Reid Qt! Dick Griffin Sun Ra Tribute! New from Rogue Art: Matt Shipp Qt: Sabir Mateen/William Parker/Gerald Cleaver! The Turbine!: Harrison Bankhead/Hamid Drake..! William Parker Conversations II 500 Page Book!

Ivo Perelman with Matt Shipp/Mat Maneri & Joe Morris/Whit Dickey! Wayne Horvitz Septet! Tony Wilson/Peggy Lee/Jon Bentley! Ron Anderson Oblique Qt! Paul Dunmall & Tony Bianco Trane 2 CD Set! Yoni Kretzmer & Andrew Drury! Merzbow! 3 from Eighty Pound Pug!

Plus Historic Discs from: Hugh Hopper Vol Seven: Elton Dean/Sophia Domancich! Robert Wyatt/Dave McRae/Gary Windo/Richard Sinclair! Third Ear Band! Iskra 1903 Chapter One! Art Zoyd! Plus LPs from Joe McPhee! Mike Cooper! Mulatu Statke! Big Maybelle! Return to Forever! Herbie Hancock! Patti Smith and much more..!


The DMG FREE Weekly In-Store Concert Series Continues With:

Sunday, July 19th:
6pm: RAS MOSHE & LEX SAMU – Reeds & Trumpet!

Sunday, July 26th:

Sunday, August 9th – Tuba Double-Header:
6pm: CARL LUDWIG HUBSCH – Solo Tuba!
7pm: BEN STAPP – Solo Tuba!

Sunday, August 16th Early Double-Header:
5pm: LEAP OF FAITH: PEK-clarinets, saxes, double reeds/GLYNIS LOMON-cello, aquasonic/STEVE NORTON-clarinets, saxes/YURI ZBITNOV-drums!