August in Portland

From Portland’s Creative Music Guild:

Outset Series Programming
August 2015

Turn Turn Turn
8 NE Killingsworth
All shows begin 8 PM (ends by 10)
Sliding Scale $5-$15. All ages.

August 5 – Doug Detrick, Patrick McCulley
August 19 – Stephanie Lavon Trotter, D O L P H I N M I D W I V E S

Doug Detrick
Douglas Detrick is a Portland, Oregon-based composer, trumpet player, and arts consultant whose work in these diverse areas is distinguished by its quiet thoughtfulness and its embrace of good ideas from unconventional sources. He was awarded the 2011 Chamber Music America New Jazz Works and Presenting Jazz grants for his work with his chamber-jazz quintet Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble, and the commissioned work “The Bright and Rushing World” was premiered at New York’s Jazz Gallery in 2012, performed throughout the United States, and released on CD with Parma Recordings in 2014. He is currently the Executive Director of the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble, and performs in Portland, Oregon as well as touring nationally. (

Patrick McCulley
Patrick McCulley is Portland based saxophonist, educator, and composer with a B.A. and M.M. in music performance. Patrick utilizes the variety of tones, timbres, and techniques capable on the saxophone to compose music with distinct emotional flavor and depth. He uses his music to explore the complexity of human nature and emotion through sound. (

Stephanie Lavon Trotter
Stephanie Lavon Trotter is a classically trained vocalist, also skilled in extended vocal technique. She composes scores for movement, sound, and audience participation; improvises with electronics and acoustically; in ensembles and solo; and blends all of these things together to create unforgettable performances. She has a MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College. (

DOLPHIN MIDWIVES is the solo project of California/Hawaii refugee, Sage Fisher. DOLPHIN MIDWIVES uses effected harp, vocals, non-traditional percussion and microtonal zither to perform experiments in ambient and spiritualized oceanic and devotional harp. harp loops and dreamscapes. healing intentions. understanding, revealing and shifting the laws of physics. futurist. new age but with howl. post new age. moon gate opening. (