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AMN Reviews: Meanza / De – OU (2015; Aut Records)

This is what happens when you cross electro-acoustic with psychedelia—Hint:  It’s all good!

This is what I’ve noticed after listening to this record a few times:

1-The sum of Sitar player Filipe Dias De + electronic manipulator  Bob Meanza = a mind blasting trip through the baby-like silk smooth-bathed in newborn innocence /virginal / milk-fed brain of the unsuspecting listener.

2-At some point during this trip, the above soul (mentioned in #1) consciously realizes that he is quite powerless/helpless/hamstrung/fucked resulting in the above mentioned virginal/milk-fed brain to morph in upon itself, change its chemical and physical constitution in order to come out (safely) on the other side (albeit as a blackened smoldering, viscous mound of semi-cognizance).

3-The above mentioned semi-cognizant mind, in order to achieve adequate regeneration must immediately consume the essential salts (go downstairs, eat cold pizza) and, in a post-haste fashion curl up in bed for a hopefully dreamless (but probably not due to the lingering effects of #2) nights sleep.

That’s what I’ve noticed after listening to this record a few times.

(It’s really good, it’s really unusual and, as a post thought…there is a point when a highly manipulated / processed voice started talking in an unrecognized tongue on this recording…I believe this voice was mocking me for even thinking I can survive this and come out intact.  It was right.)

Recommended for the intrepid psychonaut.

Michael Eisenberg