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AMN Reviews: Kevin Hufnagel – Kleines Biest (2015; Bandcamp)

I wasn’t too familiar with Kevin (I’ve heard about 30 seconds of Gorguts ages ago) so I’m coming in neophyte status here.  That being said…

…this is what else I’m going to say…

I absolutely adore music when I’m able to discern and appreciate the little details.  There are a lot of little details here…in fact, the whole album is “little details.”  I’m going to postulate that he spent many hours assembling this thing…hell…this monolithic edifice.

How can I break this down?  Start with a raw slab of metallic guitar noise and start molding.  Add some extended techniques here, some multi-track guitars there.  Throw in some drone to taste, maybe a little extreme noise just for some flavor…and garnish it all off with a nice big steaming dollop of darkness.

Yes, darkness, darkness pervades this release.  I’m not talking about the creepy crawly kinda darkness you might hear on an early “Univers Zero” record.  What I’m talking about is the scorched earth / blasted landscape / nuclear burn / Richard Pinhas sorta darkness.  This is the sort of darkness that closes in on your psyche, the kind of darkness that suffocates you as your oxygen tank wheezes out it’s last breath into your dying lungs…that kind of darkness.  Just to clarify, this darkness is aiming to blot out, deface and vaporize any thought of that long walk on the beach on that fresh Spring day with your best girl.


Got bludgeoned lately?  This is a fine and beautiful way.

Michael Eisenberg