AMN Reviews: Kevin Hufnagel – Kleines Biest (2015; Bandcamp)

I wasn’t too familiar with Kevin (I’ve heard about 30 seconds of Gorguts ages ago) so I’m coming in neophyte status here.  That being said…

…this is what else I’m going to say…

I absolutely adore music when I’m able to discern and appreciate the little details.  There are a lot of little details here…in fact, the whole album is “little details.”  I’m going to postulate that he spent many hours assembling this thing…hell…this monolithic edifice.

How can I break this down?  Start with a raw slab of metallic guitar noise and start molding.  Add some extended techniques here, some multi-track guitars there.  Throw in some drone to taste, maybe a little extreme noise just for some flavor…and garnish it all off with a nice big steaming dollop of darkness.

Yes, darkness, darkness pervades this release.  I’m not talking about the creepy crawly kinda darkness you might hear on an early “Univers Zero” record.  What I’m talking about is the scorched earth / blasted landscape / nuclear burn / Richard Pinhas sorta darkness.  This is the sort of darkness that closes in on your psyche, the kind of darkness that suffocates you as your oxygen tank wheezes out it’s last breath into your dying lungs…that kind of darkness.  Just to clarify, this darkness is aiming to blot out, deface and vaporize any thought of that long walk on the beach on that fresh Spring day with your best girl.


Got bludgeoned lately?  This is a fine and beautiful way.

Michael Eisenberg

AMN Reviews: Meanza / De – OU (2015; Aut Records)

This is what happens when you cross electro-acoustic with psychedelia—Hint:  It’s all good!

This is what I’ve noticed after listening to this record a few times:

1-The sum of Sitar player Filipe Dias De + electronic manipulator  Bob Meanza = a mind blasting trip through the baby-like silk smooth-bathed in newborn innocence /virginal / milk-fed brain of the unsuspecting listener.

2-At some point during this trip, the above soul (mentioned in #1) consciously realizes that he is quite powerless/helpless/hamstrung/fucked resulting in the above mentioned virginal/milk-fed brain to morph in upon itself, change its chemical and physical constitution in order to come out (safely) on the other side (albeit as a blackened smoldering, viscous mound of semi-cognizance).

3-The above mentioned semi-cognizant mind, in order to achieve adequate regeneration must immediately consume the essential salts (go downstairs, eat cold pizza) and, in a post-haste fashion curl up in bed for a hopefully dreamless (but probably not due to the lingering effects of #2) nights sleep.

That’s what I’ve noticed after listening to this record a few times.

(It’s really good, it’s really unusual and, as a post thought…there is a point when a highly manipulated / processed voice started talking in an unrecognized tongue on this recording…I believe this voice was mocking me for even thinking I can survive this and come out intact.  It was right.)

Recommended for the intrepid psychonaut.

Michael Eisenberg

DMG Newsletter July 3rd, 2015

English: Tyondai_Braxton, moers festival 2008

From DMG:

Otomo Yoshihide Solo Guitar! Scott Robinson Spacetette: Marshall Allen/Henry Grimes/Kevin Norton! Tyondai Braxton Hive1! Tisziji Munoz/John Medeski/Ra-Kalam Moses! Mat Maneri/Russ Lossing/Ed Schuller/Chris Bacas/Pete Davenport!

Jon Lundbom Big Five Chord! Elektra Kurtis & Ensemble Elektra! Stephenson & Zarzutzki! Michael Foster & Ted Byrnes! Gnom! Metal Chaos Ensemble! Sylvaine Helary Spring Roll/Printemps! Grateful Dead & Willie Nelson on Vinyl! And even more..!


The DMG FREE Weekly In-Store Concert Series Continues With:

Sunday, July 5th – Special Holiday Weekend Sets at 2 & 6pm:
2pm: The NU Band: MARK WHITECAGE/THOMAS HEBERER/JOE FONDA/LOU GRASSI + ERHARD HIRT – Rare US appearance of this great FMP Guitarist!
6pm: ROCHUS AUST – Trumpet & Devices/ JONATHAN GOLOVE – Theremin-cello & devices / JOKUBAS AUST – Electric Devices!

Sunday, July 19th:
6pm: RAS MOSHE & LEX SAMU – Reeds & Trumpet!

Sunday, August 9th – Tuba Double-Header:
6pm: CARL LUDWIG HUBSCH – Solo Tuba!
7pm: BEN STAPP – Solo Tuba!

Wordless Music Fall Schedule (New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles)

From Wordless Music:

Just announced: Stars of the Lid with string quartet in Brooklyn + LA
This fall, Wordless Music presents two exceedingly rare U.S. live appearances by the legendary Kranky ambient/drone duo Stars of the Lid, who will perform with string quartet and projections in Brooklyn and Los Angeles this September. Of special note: Brooklyn’s show will take place at a new venue for us: the spectacular St. Agnes Church in Carroll Gardens, an acoustic and architectural jewel to which we hope to return. All-ages tickets go on sale starting Friday.

Just announced: Beasts of the Southern Wild in New Orleans
This fall, in partnership with Court 13 and the New Orleans Film Society, Wordless Music presents our first show in New Orleans — and it’s going to be a memorable one. On Saturday, October 10, at the historic Saenger Theatre downtown, Wordless Music Orchestra performs a live score with screening to the extraordinary 2012 film BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD. Joining us for this very special performance will be Louisiana’s own Lost Bayou Ramblers, along with conductor Ryan McAdams. Tickets are now on sale.

Winner of 75 awards internationally, including top prizes at Sundance and Cannes, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD was directed by first-time filmmaker Benh Zeitlin, and takes place in a south Louisiana bayou community called the Bathtub. starring child actor Quvenzhané Wallis in an unforgettable role that would make her the youngest nominee for Best Actress in Oscar history. To say we are honored to bring this show down to New Orleans would be a ridiculous understatement. It’s hard to improve on Roger Ebert’s words: “Sometimes miraculous films come into being, made by people you’ve never heard of, starring unknown faces, blindsiding you with creative genius.”

September 22, 2015
Stars of the Lid
Christina Vantzou
St. Agnes Church (433 Sackett Street, Brooklyn)
7pm doors / 8pm show / all ages / tickets on sale Friday

September 24, 2015
Stars of the Lid
Ken Camden
The Regent Theater DTLA (448 South Main Street, Los Angeles)
Co-presented with Spaceland Productions
7pm doors / 8pm show / all ages / tickets on sale Friday

October 10, 2015
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Screening + live film score with orchestra
Wordless Music Orchestra
Lost Bayou Ramblers
Ryan McAdams, conductor
Saenger Theatre (1111 Canal Street, New Orleans)
7pm doors / 8pm show / all ages / tickets now on sale

July at Spectrum

From New York’s Spectrum:

– Live 45 feat. Fjola Evans (July 7)

– Melody and Company Chamber Series curated by Melody Fader (July 9)
Melody Fader, Keats Dieffenbach, Emily Popham Gilliins & Hamilton Berry

– Gabriel Zucker presents Thursdays on the Spectrum (July 9)

– Jen Kutler (July 10)

– Aaron Roche (July 10)

– Mick Rossi’s Outliers series returns with 4k4: Andy Laster, Peter Hess, Charles Waters & Rossi (July 11)

– Zach Seely’s (con)temporary (in)sights series featuring Rane Moore (July 11)

– Early/Late Series with Seth Gilman (July 12)

– the cellar and the point Series feat. Oren Fader (July 16)

– ArtsDirect (July 17)

– Glenda Bates (July 18)

– Hans Tammen’s Dark Circuits Series feat. Matthew Ostrowski (July 18)

– Ramin Arjomand’s Reinterpretations series (July 19)

– Vox Temporum curated by Brian Erickson & Lester St. Louis feat. Gabriel Zucker & Nathan Braginsky (July 19)

– Eleonor Sandresky’s Retes Series continues with 12-Tone Drone feat. Randy Gibson (July 24)

– Late Night with The Brothers Balliett (July 25)

– Anne Goldberg (July 26)

– Well-Tempered Clavier, Book One in honor of the 265th Anniversary of Bach’s death with 24 piano superstars (July 28)
Adam Tendler, Blair McMillen, Joan Forsyth, Joseph Kubera, Kathleen Supove, Phyllis Chen,
Taka Kigawa, Lisa Moore, Jed Distler, David Holzman, and many more

– Max Johnson, Kamala Sankaram, Kelli Kathman, Fung Chern Hwei & Claudine Hickman (July 31)

– Lorin Roser Trio with Tim Cramer, John Mairino & Roser (July 31)