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AMN Reviews: Øe – Unseed (2015; Hanami)

R-7063745-1434617664-6960.jpegA field recording inching through bucolic digital optic fiber. Unseed is the first in the Hanami Series by Arboretum Records, which plans to release a single, spartanly designed album sometime betwen April and May each year, when the cherry trees blossom (tucked into its gatefold, a few seeds of the perennial to plant). “Hanami” is a Japanese term denoting the bittersweet awareness of the transient beauty of such natural phenomena. Øe, Fabio Perletta´s minimalistic but melodic ambient guise, has perfectly captured this remit with a set of sincere pieces swaying heliotropically, gently following the oscillating light in aerosol ambience. The clock of spring is ticking, counted by fat drops of water plunging into a trough through an intermittent rain of glitches. Containing gingerly repurposed samples from Perletta´s Transfer (2012), Unseed´s illusory but sensate garden stimulates emotions e.e. cummings would have called “authentic and delirious.”

Stephen Fruitman