AMN Reviews: Praxis – Sound Virus (2015; MOD Technologies)

By Michael Eisenberg

unnamedBill Laswell / Buckethead / Brain, featuring John Zorn, Mick Harris, and Yamatsuka Eye

This hasn’t left the smart phone for a good couple weeks, that’s how much I’m digging it! Having not heard Praxis in a while, upon hearing this one it all came back, and I don’t think much has changed over the years.

Lots of shredding by Buckethead, but actually lots of very melodic passages as well. I think the very fact that it isn’t a 100% shred-fest was the record’s greatest appeal to me. Oh it’s there, believe me, it’s there big time. But there is some really beautiful / tuneful guitar playing popping up all over the place too.

Of course there is the patented Laswell woofer ripping dub-ified bass lines but we are also getting a whole bunch of little audio easter eggs (that I guess can be attributed to BL) that made me smile…lots! What I’m talking about are some of the random studio fuckery bits that are dumped into this recording. Things you would probably miss if you weren’t listening carefully. I’m still hearing new things after several listenings and I think this aspect is very cool.

Zorn makes a few cameos squealing away on his sax and you also get Eye in there blubbering and blathering in some indecipherable tongue, but thats cool…it kind of adds a Naked City vibe a little. Mick Harris…I have no idea where he is but the drumming throughout is solid of course.

In the end…good stuff. If you are even a casual fan of any of these guys, this release comes highly rec’ed!