Creative Music in DC

Thursday, June 25 @ 7pm
Jonah Parzen-Johnson :: Microkingdom :: Dan Gleason :: Chang / Manheimer / Schaffer / Scheible / Stewart
Jonah Parzen-Johnson (One-man solo electro-bari sax, NYC)
Microkingdom (High-Energy Improvised Music, Baltimore)
Dan Gleason (mem. of Young Rapids’ Experimental Electronic Solo project, DC)
Chang/Manheimer/Schaffer/Scheible/Stewart (Audio/Visual/Dance Collective Ensemble, DC)
Four Five Three Florida Ave
453 Florida Ave NW
Enter through the back door via the alley connecting 4th and 5th NW. Look for a rainbow flag

Every Monday @ 7pm
Creative Music Workshop
The Creative Music Workshop brings together some of DC’s most dedicated Creative Musicians together. Each session features an opportunity to explore various aspects of improvised music and experimentalism.
Artists of any discipline welcome!

Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE
Wednesday, July 1 @ 8pm
Circuit Des Yeaux :: Janel Leppin :: Laughing Man
Circuit des Yeux (Experimental Folk, Chicago)
Janel Leppin (Experimental Dream Pop, DC)
Laughing Man (Art-punk with old-school R&B, DC)
Suggested Donation $9
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE

Every 2nd Sunday of the Month
CapitalBop’s DC Jazz Loft
The DC Jazz Loft showcases and stimulates the talent and forward-focused creative thought that is occurring in the DC Jazz community. On the second Sunday of every month, at Union Arts DC, a variety of idioms and approaches to Jazz are presented by members of the diverse local scene.
Union Arts DC
411 New York Ave NE
Enter through the loading dock off the corner of 4th and Penn Street NE

Anthony Braxton’s Sonic Genome at Turin’s Jazz Festival Reviewed

From All About Jazz:

The Sonic Genome is maybe the most thrillingly ambitious experiments by Anthony Braxton: its goal is the creation of an interactive musical environment. For eight continuous hours, fifty-plus performers use the compositions and improvisational languages developed by Braxton through his forty years of artistic investigation to create a living sound world. The Ghost Trance Music serves as the connecting principle for the musical structure. Ensembles form and split apart like cells dividing and reforming into new organisms; likewise, the members of the audience (or “friendly experiencers,” as Braxton would call them) are invited to be active participants, choosing who and what to listen to as they move about the space. Described as “less a compositional strategy, and more a utopian model for an ideal democracy,” Anthony Braxton’s music finds its definitive expression in the Sonic Genome. The entire body of around sixty musicians was divided into 12 ensembles, named after the characters in Braxton’s “Trillium” opera, 12 like the language types that the composer long ago identified as building blocks of his music. Each performer can pull from throughout Braxton’s rich oeuvre, from solo and duet music to operas and compositions for creative orchestra. Musicians can improvise in reaction to the sounds around them, choose to remain silent and simply listen, or walk out, but the activity in the space continues unabated. Braxton was assisted by choreographer Rachel Bersen, and by his ex-sudents, now major musicians in their own right,Taylor Ho Bynum and James Fei, conducting and coordinating.

AMN Picks of the Week: Hu Vibrational / Brett Carson / Jaga Jazzist / DarkMatterHalo / Jeremy Gill

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Hu Vibrational – The Epic Botanical Beat Suite (2015)
Brett Carson – Quattuor Elephantis (2015)
Jaga Jazzist – Starfire (2015)
DarkMatterHalo – Darkness Interrupted (2015)
Jeremy Gill – Capriccio (2015)

AMN Reviews: Craig Pedersen Quartet – Ghosts (2015)

ghosts-coverOn Ghosts, trumpeter Craig Pedersen leads his quartet through 18 minutes of composed avant-jazz. Also featuring Linsey Wellman on sax, Joel Kerr on bass, and Eric Thibodeau on drums, the five tracks of this release are dense with ideas and texture. An immediate comparison can be made to Albert Ayler, though Pedersen captures more of Ayler’s spirit than sound.

The group alternates between discordant, horn-driven pieces and more introspective, antebellum efforts. But even on the quieter pieces, there is a subtle tension boiling beneath the surface that occasionally explodes into a free blow-out. With none of the tracks reaching five minutes, Pedersen and company force themselves to make a statement then walk away. Ghosts is a compelling statement, both haunting an energetic. Let’s hope that this quartet returns for more.

Leo Records New Releases

From Leo Records:

Frank Gratkowski / Alexey Kruglov / Simon Nabatov / Oleg Yudanov – Leo Records, 35th Anniversary, Moscow
Trio Lost Frequency; Giancarlo Nicolai / Mina Fred / Benjamin Brodbeck – Found Frequency
Zooom Trio; Christian Lorenzen / David Helm / Dominik Mahnig – What’s for Dessert?
Andrea Buffa / Stefano Bataglia / Fiorenzo Bodrato / Dario Mazzucco – Pow-bee
Arrigo Cappelletti / Furio Di Castri / Bruce Ditmas – Homage To Paul Bley

Vital Weekly Reviews 988

From Vital Weekly:

Homogenized Terrestrials – Shadows Think Twice (Cd by Aubjects) *
Amalgamated – Solve Et Coagula (Cassette by Aubjects)
Dog Hallucination – Mitzi (Cassette by Aubjects)
Nichelodeon/insonar – Ukiyoe Mondi Fluttuanti’/francesco Paolo Paladino – Quickworks and Deadworks (Cd &Amp; Dvd by Snowdonia)
Erling Wold – Certitude and Joy (Cd by Minimax Music)
Saturn’s Rival – Saturn’s Rival (Cd by Pfmentum)
Eduardo Polonio – Edicion Antologica 1969-2014 (Double Dvd by Luscinia Discos)
Vertonen – Utterer (Cdr by Ballast) *
Bamboo Stilts – Beneath the Bark (Cdr by Eilean Records) *
More Eaze – Stylistic Deautomatization (Cdr by Kendra Steiner Editions) *
Fossils &Amp; Bill Shute – the Florida Nocturne Poems (Cdr by Kendra Steiner Editions) *
Gift Fig: Alfred 23 Harth &Amp; Carl Stone – Stellenbosch (Cdr by Kendra Steiner Editions) *
David Evans – Transitions (Cdr by 3leaves) *
Voidmorf – Beyond all the Light (Cdr by Exabyss Records) *
Earth Burial – all Shall Be Dead all Shall Be Not (Cdr by Exabyss Records) *
the Eternal Malcontent (Cassette Compilation by Exabyss Records)
Core Shift – Far Beyond the Stars (3″cdr, Private) *
the Intuitive P’arty (Dvd-r by P-art)