AMN Reviews: Aqua Dentata – The Cygnet Procambarus (Beartown)

R-6097523-1410991042-8195.jpegListening to The Cygnet Procambarus is like undergoing treatment for some now discredited neurasthenic distemperance with the fanciest new technology the Victorian era can offer. Londoner Eddie Nuttall generates two parallel lines of drone, high pitched and low, perfectly balanced, then weaving in and out of one another like the hands of a Thai dancer. The machinery warms up, dials are twiddled, and the electric stimulus oscillates, xylophones up and down the spine, and agitates the black bile of melancholy right out of the pores, thereby balancing the four humors. You can hear it dripping irregularly into copper pans, as the machinery purrs down and the leather straps are loosened.