AMN Reviews: Aqua Dentata – The Cygnet Procambarus (Beartown)

R-6097523-1410991042-8195.jpegListening to The Cygnet Procambarus is like undergoing treatment for some now discredited neurasthenic distemperance with the fanciest new technology the Victorian era can offer. Londoner Eddie Nuttall generates two parallel lines of drone, high pitched and low, perfectly balanced, then weaving in and out of one another like the hands of a Thai dancer. The machinery warms up, dials are twiddled, and the electric stimulus oscillates, xylophones up and down the spine, and agitates the black bile of melancholy right out of the pores, thereby balancing the four humors. You can hear it dripping irregularly into copper pans, as the machinery purrs down and the leather straps are loosened.

Paper Balls and the Lost Civilizations Experimental Music Project in DC on Sunday

On Sunday, June 28, PAPER BALLS and the Lost Civilizations experimental music project with Sam Lohman on drums will perform at Arlington’s iconic Galaxy Hut, which is located at 2711 Wilson Blvd. The performance begins at 9 pm; admission is $5, all of which goes to the musicians.

PAPER BALLS is a new improvising trio featuring Jeff Barsky, Lucio Menegon and David Grollman. All three are active in the improvised and composed music scenes in NYC and Washington DC, with groups such as Insect Factory, Blister, Plums, Prehistoric Horse and numerous spontaneous collaborations. From wall-of-sound to mellow deep headspace, this particular twin guitar, snare drum with mild theatrics and special surprise guests adventure will satisfy many abstract desires.

The Lost Civilizations experimental music project is a collaboration between Mike Sebastian (Tenor Sax, Saxello and Baritone Sax) and T. A. Zook (BassCello). Although it is essentially a duo and performs most frequently as such, it often features guest performers. When complex schedules permit, it now performs with Doug Kallmeyer on bass and electronics, Jerry Busher on percussion and electronics, Sam Lohman on drums, Larry Gomez on percussion, Patrick Whitehead on horns and Emily Chimiak on vocals and violin. This project began performing in 2008.

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Rudresh Mahanthappa Upcoming Concerts

From Rudresh Mahanthappa:

Jun 23, 2015 New York, NY
Blue Note Jazz Club

Jun 23, 2015 New York, NY
Blue Note Jazz Club

Jul 3, 2015 Iowa City, IA
Iowa City Jazz Festival

Jul 8, 2015 Reno, NV
Reno is artown

Jul 11, 2015 Krefeld
Germany Kulturfabrik

Jul 12, 2015 Rotterdam
Netherland North Sea Jazz Festival

Jul 21, 2015 Berlin
Germany Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Jul 21, 2015 Plano, TX
Colin College

Jul 23, 2015 Washington, DC
Smithsonian Museum of Asian Art

Jul 29, 2015 New York, NY
The Stone

Aug 2, 2015 Newport, RI
Newport Jazz Festival

Aug 23, 2015 NEW YORK, NY
Charlie Parker Jazz Festival

All About Jazz Reviews

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