New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival Schedule for June 25-28

From the NYCEMF, this festival runs June 21-28. The final four days of concerts are listed below.

Thursday, June 25

Paper Presentation 3: 10:30-11:30 AM, New York University, room 303
Giorgio Nottoli, Composing “Traiettoria tesa”, for flute and live electronics

Concert 14: 1:00-3:00 PM, Experimental Theater
Francesco Bossi, First I was Afraid #8 (8:01)
Peter Hulen, Organum on St. Denio (3:42)
Michael Dzjaparidze, Extase 4 (Version) (14:03)
Ignacio Pecino, Boids (8:09)
Claudia Robles-Angel, La-bas…(There…) (14:29)
John Walker, Z (3:28)
David Granstrom, Prism (17:46)
Sune Mattias Emanuelsson, It took me a long time to learn not to be sad (7:30)
GiO Janiashvili, :Non-Conformist Object (6:32)
Daria Biaocchi, Plasma (6:40)

Concert 15: 3:30-5:45 PM, Playhouse
Stephanie Moore, LCROSS 2009-10-09 (7:35)
Leng Censong, Jiang Xue (Snowy River) (6:59)
Yu-Chung Tseng, Fantasy (8:50)
Christopher Poovey, Gift of Flame (5:22)
Kenn Mouritzen, Tempestuous Breaths (A Girl in Her Garden) (9:59)
Tommy Wahlström, 2014 Invention for E.A. no. 14 (6:00)
Lin Liang-Yu, Remains (3:00)
Louis Goldford, Travertine Hybrid #3 (11:05)
Giovanni Costantini, il battito del respiro (7:00)
Annelie Nederberg, Ayvalik Amd/act (14:59)
Ying-jung Chen, Mirage (4:30)
Anna Terzaroli, Dark Path #2 (7:35)
Shawn Crouch, Pocket Life (7:05)
Jorge García del Valle Méndez, no sun, no moon (9:20)

Concert 16: 8:00-10:30 PM, Playhouse
Takuto Fukuda, Centrifugal Melodies (10:07)
Thomas Dempster, Congaree Voices (10:55)
James Croson, We Interrupt This Breaking News (6:23)
Robert Taylor, The Synesthetic Conjurer (10:00)
Dominique Schafer, Cendre (9:21)
Roberto Ventimiglia, Ten Lilac Ghosts in the Dooryard Gloom (10′)
Cort Lippe, Music for Vibraphone and Computer (11:33)
Christian Banasik, Ik’ (9:03)
Neil Rolnick, O Brother! (11:15)
Kevin Ernste, Nisi (“island”) (13:00)
Gerald Eckert, Cer (7:00)
Robert McClure, now our grief is put away (14:00)

Friday, June 26

Paper Presentation 4: 10:30-11:30 AM, New York University, room 303

Concert 17: 1:00-2:00 PM, Playhouse
Curated concert: The Known World
Music for piano and mixed media for and from a changing climate
Chryssie Nanou, piano
Matther Burtner, Iceprints (25′)
Panayotis Kokoras, West Pole (9′)
Chris Chafe, Siren Cloud (10′)
Victor Gama, Impact on strings #2, #0, #14 (10′)

Concert 18: 2:30-3:30 PM, Experimental Theater
Ursula Meyer-König, allears (8:00)
Matthew Harder, In Metal (5:00)
John Coulter, While the Sun Shines (12:00)
Jerod Sommerfeldt, Crystalline (3:00)
Andrew Babcock, Transformations (9:26)
Mercè Capedevila, Fons de Mar (8:47)
Kyle Vanderburg, Reverie of Solitude (10:00)
Barry Roshto, Zwischen den Zugen (7:04)

Concert 19: 4:00-5:45 PM, Playhouse
Haruka Hirayama, Translucency (8:33)
Derek Kwan, Shoebox Memories for Kalimba and Supercollider (6:04)
Charles Nichols, Il Prete Rosso (6:21)
Nat Grant, With the Inside where the Outside Should Be (8:10)
Eli Stine, Ring (1:30)
Lucas Smith, Talos (5:12)
Stephen Bailey, The Uncurling Nautilus (6:52)
Javier Garavaglia, Duo Spectralis (14:00)
Stuart Cunningham, LSD No. 2 (1:04)
Momilani Ramstrum, Standing While Dreaming (6:42)
Carlos D. Perales, Danzon (6:25)

Concert 20: 8:00-10:30 PM, Playhouse
Sylvia Pengilly, Sometimes I Forget to Breathe (8:07)
Michael Roades, Amber Orbs in a White Infinity (17:26)
Maurice Wright, sweet; picturesque (7:40)
Robert Scott Thompson, Flora of Fynbos (14:42)
Wan-Ting Liao, Neurosis (4:23)
Katharine Norman, Making Place (15:00)
TRIONYS, Protuberanzen (25:00)
Jacob Sudol, Vanished into the Clouds (10:34)
Kirsten Volness, River Rising (8:04)
Dan Van Hassel, Camouflage (11:04)

Saturday, June 27

Paper Presentation 5: 10:30-11:30 AM, New York University, room 303

Concert 21: 1:00-2:45 PM, Experimental Theater
Diana Salazar, Rewind (modus operandi) (11:36)
Damian O’Riain, Configurational Energy Landscape No. 9 (20:08)
Ioannis Andriotis, Shades of Life: Negative Space (2:59)
Kari Besharse, Omphalos (12:58)
Hoyong Lee, Mirage (5:43)
Hans Tutschku, Firmament-Schlaflos (20:23)
Cheng-Ya Cheng, Dishes Ensemble (5:55)
Nicola Casetta, Piano Simulacrum (10:41)

Concert 22: 3:30-5:45 PM, Playhouse
Phillip Schuessler, Driftwood Box Puzzle (14:10)
Samuel Wells, stringstrung (5:20)
Yuanyuan (Kay) HE, On the Threshold of a Drizzly Reality (9:22)
Wei Dai, If I’m Lost Now (5:20)
Naotoshi Osaka, Morphing Collage for Piano and Computer (10:47)
Paolo Rotili, e nel tempo si desperde (10:30)
Hanna Lisa Stefansson, Star Map (7:50)
Chet Udell, Jornetta Stream (11:00)
Dominic Thibault, Inner_Wires (15:00)
Elizabeth Comninellis, White Birds (4:06)
Eva Li, Weather the Storm (10:00)
Adam Vidiksis, Things that Live in the Whirligig (6:41)

Concert 23: 8:00-10:30 PM: Playhouse
Ivo Nilsson, Gedeckt (14:00)
Akira Takaoka, Twelfth Aitake for sho and computer (5:50)
Rainer Bürck, Alleluja (12:12)
Russell Pinkston, Vox Clamantis (7:38)
Hubert Howe, Inharmonic Fantasy No. 4 (9:00)
Giorgio Nottoli, Traiettoria tesa (15:32)
Simone Cardini, Potlach (electric) (9:24)
Michael Pounds, Breathing 2: Re/Inspiration (7:02)
Joo-Won Park, Large Intestine (8:02)
Ambrose Seddon, Pellere (13:36)
David Taddie, Triptych (12:01)

Sunday, June 28

Concert 24: 1:00-2:00 PM, Playhouse
Curated concert: “HOT, A Swedish Circus on Merciful Inferno”, presented by Opera Factory Sessions
Alannah Robins
Ewert Ekros
Jenny Soep
Sören Runolf
Cecilia Josefson
Girilal Baars
Louise Djurberg
Fredrik Johnasson
Rose Marie Andersson

Concert 25: 2:30-3:30 PM, Underground Theater
Thomas Beverly, Telepresent Storm: Rita (6:43)
Ursel Quint, Troubled Bridge over Water (11:45)
Charles Nichols and Joan Grossman, This Edge (5:38)
Nancy Bogen and Hubert Howe, Sunday Inharmonic (19:41)
John Thompson, Accretion Flows (6:11)
Linda Antas, All that Glitters and Goes Bump in the Night (7:39)

Concert 26: 4:00-5:45 PM, Playhouse
Nathan Corder, Seppuku (8:12)
Christopher Biggs, decoherence (10:00)
Matthew Schoen, Track #1 (4:00)
Mercedes Blasco, Electronic Improvisations with Lobatus and Espongina (15:00)
Ana Paola Santillan Alcocer, Oneirophrenia (2:22)
Julian Hoff, Cameos of Light (5:54)
Mario Peña y Lillo, Sous (6:00)
Joshua Mailman, Improvising FluxNOISations (10:00)
Eli Stine, Gear (1:30)
Michael Gogins, Telamon (8:20)
Antonio D’Amato, Sphere within a Sphere (3:15)
Yu Shih, Ring (5:28)
Robert Mackay, Equanimity (6:46)

Concert 27: 8:00-10:30 PM, Playhouse
Kotoka Suzuki, Shimmer, Tree in Memoriam Jonathan Harvey (15:05)
Gil Dori, Phase One (4:40)
Mara Helmuth, From Uganda (7:56)
Gary DiBenedetto, Improvisation on A Drop in the Bucket (5:00)
Theodore King-Smith, Winter’s Summer (5:17)
Barry Schrader, Fallen Sparrow (20:00)
James Dashow, Soundings in Pure Duration no. 2b (12:26)
Eric Honour, Handcrafted Ale (7:04)
Anthony Marasco, Weld (5:40)
Carter Rice, Code Fragments (6:15)
Nicole Carroll, Everything in its Place (13:00)