Driff Records Fest This Weekend in Boston

English: Jeb Bishop, moers festival 2010
Jeb Bishop

From Driff Records:

Friday June 19

7:30 Matchbox
Jorrit Dijkstra-alto sax/lyricon, Pandelis Karayorgis-piano, Nate McBride-bass, Curt Newton-drums

8:15 Quartet
Taylor Ho Bynum-cornet, Jeb Bishop-trombone, Pandelis Karayorgis-piano, Nate McBride-bass

9:00 Duo
Tony Malaby-sax, Jeb Bishop-trombone

9:45 Bathysphere
Taylor Ho Bynum, Forbes Graham, Dan Rosenthal-trumpets, Jeb Bishop, Jeff Galindo-trombones, Josiah Reibstein-tuba, Jorrit Dijkstra, Tony Malaby, Charlie Kohlhase, Seth Meicht-saxes, Pandelis Karayorgis-piano, Nate McBride, Jef Charland-basses, Luther Gray-drums, Andrew Neumann-Buchla Music Easel, Katherine Young, bassoon

10:45 DJ Kohlhase

Saturday June 20

7:30 Quartet
Eric Rosenthal, Luther Gray-drums, Nate McBride, Jef Charland-bass

8:15 Duo
Taylor Ho Bynum-cornet, Eric Rosenthal-drums

9:00 Quartet
Tony Malaby-sax, Jorrit Dijkstra-lyricon, Ra-Kalam Bob Moses-drums

9:45 Bathysphere
Taylor Ho Bynum, Forbes Graham, Dan Rosenthal-trumpets, Jeb Bishop-trombone, Josiah Reibstein-tuba, Jorrit Dijkstra, Tony Malaby, Charlie Kohlhase-saxes, Seth Meicht-saxes, Pandelis Karayorgis-piano, Nate McBride, Jef Charland-basses, Luther Gray-drums, Andrew Neumann-Buchla Music Easel

10:45 DJ Kohlhase

Aram Bajakian at the Vancouver Jazz Festival

b07dd5d4bcb65e3af2c6c4029a958From Aram Bajakian:

Saturday June 20, 11:30 PM @ the Ironworks: Aram BAJAKIAN and Julia Ulehla’s Dálava.


Sunday June 21 @ the Vogue, 7PM, the Aram Bajakian Trio opening for Snarky Puppy.

Saturday, June 27 @ 11:30 PM. Music Inspired by theColor of Pomegranatesat the China Cloud.


June 22 with the singer Ayelet Rose Gottlieb.
June 23 with trombonist Samuel Blaser and bassist Torsten Mueller
June 24 with Handmade Blade, Peggy Lee on cello and JP Carter on trumpet.

AMN Reviews: Dario Palermo – Difference Engines [AMRN040]

amrn040_cover_hiThis, the first CD dedicated entirely to work by composer Dario Palermo, features three substantial electroacoustic works written between 2009 and 2012.

Palermo (b. 1970) has been involved with the use of new technologies in music since the early 1990s. His background includes studies with Giorgio Colombo Taccani and Giovanni Verrando and others, including Gerard Grisey, as well as in orchestral and chamber performance. His work, as typified in the three pieces presented here, is built around the confrontation of electronics with acoustic instruments or the human voice.

RO-Premiére danse de la lune (2012), the newest composition represented here, is for amplified drum kit and real-time electronics. The individual pieces of the kit are treated as separate instruments within an ensemble, each of which can be differentiated in terms of their characteristic ranges and timbres. The electronics tend to enhance rather than erase the sonic signatures of the drums and cymbals—there’s added resonance from reverb or delay but very little outright dismantling of the native sounds. Percussionist Milo Tamez leverages both conventional and expanded techniques in order to explore the available timbres to the fullest extent, often exploiting color variety by opposing the high and low frequency sounds of cymbal and tom-tom.

The nearly half-hour long The Difference Engine (2010-2011) is, fittingly, the centerpiece of the recording. This work for amplified string quartet with real-time electronics and mezzo soprano served as the soundtrack for a multimedia theatrical production, also called The Difference Engine, staged in London in October 2011. The piece, given a bravura performance by the Arditti String Quartet, is a fragmentary yet coherent construction of more or less saturated passages of arco and pizzicato playing, many of which make dramatic use of the instruments’ extreme upper registers. Microtones and glissandi make for a highly fluid tonal ground constantly shifting underfoot. Mezzo soprano Catherine Carter, who appeared in the London stage production, blends in with the strings as a kind of fifth instrument, playing with and against the strings’ lines.

Trance-Five abstract stations (2009) for the solo voice of Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg and live electronics is in a sense the mirror image of RO. Just as the latter piece employs electronics to underscore the essential sound of the drum kit, Trance uses them instead to distort and rearrange the voice—to alienate it from itself as it were, and make it into an abstract other.


Bill Laswell Releases Two New Albums and Curates The Stone in NYC

From Bassplayer:

PRAXIS – Sound Virus, with Buckethead (Guitar), Bill Laswell (Bass), Brain (Drums) with John Zorn (Sax), Mick Harris (Drums), Yamatsuka Eye (Vocals)

JUNE 23-28, 2015

Tuesday, June 23
8 PM
Blue Buddha
Louie Belogenis (sax) Dave Douglas (trumpet) Bill Laswell (bass) Tyshawn Sorey (drums)
10 PM
Blue Buddha with Graham Haynes
Louie Belogenis (sax) Graham Haynes (trumpet) Bill Laswell (bass) Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

Wednesday, June 24
8 & 10 PM
James Blood Ulmer, Bill Laswell, Don McKenzie and Adam Rudolph
James Blood Ulmer (guitar, voice) Bill Laswell (bass) Don McKenzie (drums) Adam Rudolph (percussion)

Thursday, June 25
8 PM
Bill Laswell and John Zorn Duo
Bill Laswell (bass) John Zorn (sax)
10 PM
Bill Laswell and Milford Graves
Bill Laswell (bass) Milford Graves (drums)

Friday, June 26
8 & 10 PM
Method of Defiance Column 3
Henry Kaiser (guitar) Dr Israel (voice) Grandmixer DXT (turntables) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Bill Laswell (bass) Guy Licatta (drums) Adam Rudolph (percussion) and many special guests

Saturday, June 27
8 & 10 PM
The Last Poets
Abiodun Oyewole, Umar Bin Hassan, Babatunde

Sunday , June 28
8 & 10 PM
Method of Defiance Column 6
Foday Musa Suso (kora) DJ Logic (turntables) Dominic James, Bill Buchen (guitars) Bill Laswell (bass) Guy Licata and more

The Stone
Avenue C & 2nd Street
New York City

Sunn O))) uploads dozens of concert bootlegs to Bandcamp

Logotype of the Drone Metal Band Sunn O))) and...

From Factmag.

Sunn O))) have uploaded more than 60 “tapers’ & fans’ audience recordings,” promising “raw & live” sets from the group’s archives. Some of the shows date back to 2002, and concerts from around the world are included. Head to Bandcamp to stream/download your favorite shows. Last we heard, the group was working on a new album this year to follow up 2014’s collaborative albums with Norwegian experimental collective Ulver and veteran musician Scott Walker.


Jenny Scheinman at the Village Vanguard in July

From Jenny Scheinman:

Jenny Scheinman, Myra Melford, Doug Wieselman & Rudy Royston

Tuesday, July 21 through Sunday, July 26
Set 1: Doors 7:30pm / Show 8:30pm
Set 2: Doors 10pm / Show 10:30pm
Reservations & Additional Info

Village Vanguard
178 7th Ave S
New York, NY 10014
(212) 255-4037

Jenny Scheinman returns to the hallowed New York City jazz mecca, Village Vanguard, for a six-night engagement running July 21 through July 26. The acclaimed violinist, composer and bandleader will be leading a new quartet specifically assembled for these performances that presents old friends and longtime collaborators: pianist Myra Melford, saxophonist/clarinetist Doug Wieselman and drummer Rudy Royston.