AMN Reviews: Matt Turner – Virion Impasto [Icker Records IR004]

With this set of eight highly unorthodox improvisations for cello played with hairless bow, Matt Turner offers his own perspective on a kind of acoustic concrete music. On all eight tracks, Turner concocts sounds that one would be hard put to assign to a cello. In this general atmosphere of wood on wood frottage some gestures do seem to reveal themselves as having been played on a string instrument: On the final track at least, the sound of plucked or struck strings above and/or below the bridge emerge. Elsewhere rising and falling frequencies seem to signal the circular motion of the bow on an unidentifiable surface, while other sounds—of scratching, gnawing and assorted varieties of friction–approach the purely acousmatic.

Doek Festival Blog #4

From the Doek Festival:

Misha Mengelberg turned 80 yesterday, an event surrounded by some fanfare. Today, tweede mishadag, there’s a Mengelberg symposium in the Bimhuis (see you there), and music ahead on the same stage tonight. Yesterday afternoon there was an informal reception/preview for him in Amstelveen, where Koeien is rehearsing—his unfinished opera, newly realized and already sold-out: Mengelberg words and music, edited by Cherry Duyns (who wrote in a character who speaks in Misha interview quotes) and Guus Janssen, who added some operatic elaborations on Mengelberg melodies—literal soprano solos.

Moers Festival 2015 Reviewed

From All About Jazz:

The well-known festival, founded in 1971 and reshaped in 2005, now lacks the word ‘jazz’ in its name. In three decennia the name ‘Moers’ grew into a synonym for cutting edge music of a broader interest and acclaim so that its name could be reshaped into the neologism ‘moers festival‘ (with lower-case letters). It freed from the programming-compromises of customary classical ‘jazz’ festivals and constituted corresponding expectations of its visitors and audiences. Indicated positively moers festival presents every kind of challenging, cutting-edge and vital music crossing or leaving behind all kind of mental boundaries. Every year anew it obliges to operate along a consequent line setting the right new vigorous and pugnacious accents. It does not aim at allaying people but makes them focus on fractious, unruly, astounding, amazing, elevating, uplifting and deeper cathartic experiences. This can be accomplished by a variety of musical means and means of performance. Contrast and controversy is one of the main pillars of moers. Through contrast the audience gets chances to rebalance, calm down or lift up, identify, reconsider etc. moers festival triggers stark, heavy contrasts all through in a productive way. Also moers festival presents ‘only’ one stream of concerts. You simply have to decide when to join in and when to opt out—no escape to other acts or chasing after names.

24-hour Marathon of Serious Immobilities in New York

Erik Satie (1866-1925) cropped
Erik Satie

From the West Park Presbyterian Church:

ComposersCollaborative, Inc. and The Center at West Park are presenting a free 24-hour Marathon of Serious Immobilities beginning on Saturday, June 20th at 8am and concluding on Sunday, June 21st at 8am. Serious Immobilities will be performed in its entirety consisting of two layers: the late Arthur Jarvinen’s Serious Immobilities, 840 Variations on Erik Satie’s Vexations for piano solo paired with Randall Woolf‘s Spineless Dog, variations on Satie’s Vexations for MIDI keyboard controller, MAC computer and electronics. Featured performers include Jed Distler, Eve Beglarian, James Irsay, Kathleen Supove, Adam Tendler, David Witten and many more. This will mark the first time Serious Immobilities has been performed in New York since its 1998 premier at The Kitchen.

Saturday, June 20th at 8am through Sunday June 21st at 8am
West Park Presbyterian Church
165 West 86th St. (bet. Amsterdam & Columbus Aves.)
New York, NY
Subway: 1/B/C to 86th St.

Coming to the Vortex Jazz Club

Keith Tippett

From London’s Vortex:

MON 8 JUNE / 20.00 / £6
Known for its wild, totally free evenings of challenging and uplifting improvisations, Freedom will see an opening set from a specific ensemble and that will be followed by a constantly shifting set of soul­stirring improv session open to all.

TUE 9 JUNE / 20.00 / £11
Known widely for his lynchpin roles with Phronesis and Marius Neset, effulgent beacon of contemporary jazz piano Ivo Neame takes a side­step from his octet and other projects to release this exciting new quintet title Strata. Collaborating again with luminaries including Tori Freestone (saxes/flutes), Jim Hart (vibraphone), Tom Farmer (bass) and Dave Hamblett (drums), this collection of eight Neame originals gyrates energetically with complex written grooves and varying instrumental colors to spark opportunities for adventurous improvised blowing.

THU 11 JUNE / 20.00 / £15
A welcome return for one of our most important and iconic musicians of recent years. “A significant reprogramming of the language of the piano” – Penguin Guide To Jazz On CD