Vital Weekly 985 Reviews

From Vital Weekly:

Joyfultalk – Muuixx (Cd by Drip Audio) *
Jean-claude Eloy – Le Minuit DE LA Foi (2cd by Hors Territoires) *
Sky Dive Trio –Sun Moee (Cd by Hubro)
Finland – Rainy Omen (Cd by Hubro)
Resonancias (Cd Compilation by Cmmas)
Marinos Koutsomichalis – Ereignis (Lp by Holotype Editions) *
Kapser T. toeplitz &Amp; Jean-noël Cognard &Amp; Jac Berrocal – Dissemines Sa Et LA (Lp by Bloc Thyristors)
Drone-mind/mind Drone Volume 4 (Lp by Drone Records)
Rodger Stella – the Final Programme (7″ by I Dischi Del Barone)
Frank Rothkamm – Wiener Process (24cdr Box by Baskaru) *
Grisha Shakhnes – all This Trouble for Nothing (Cdr by Glistening Examples) *
a.f. jones &Amp; Derek Rogers – Repetend, Parallax (Cdr by Glistening Examples) *
Jason Lescalleet – This Is What I Do Volume 7 (Cdr by Glistening Examples) *
the Pine-a-tune Project – Folk Music from Outer Space (Cdr, Private) *
Francesco Gagliardi – Lissajous (Software by Audiobulb)
Fake Nr 1 (Magazine and Cdr)